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Teach English Abroad! In just 4 weeks you can become TEFL certified and begin teaching English here in Prague or Anywhere!

TEFL Worldwide is an American owned leading TEFL course provider offering the Accredited 120 hour 4-week TEFL certificate course in the heart of Europe, Prague! The TEFL Worldwide course comes highly recommended by our graduates.

To date TEFL Worldwide has nearly 3,000 graduates who have gone on to teach in 60+ countries! We provide lifetime job assistance, Alumni events and support before, during and well after the course. We are always here for you! Our dedication to our graduates is what sets us apart from other schools.


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I found my month long course here very satisfying and rewarding.

Everything you learn during the course is super interesting and useful. The teaching staff is great! They're knowledgeable and always ready to help.
The fact that you get the chance to experience hands-on teaching to various levels is great preparation for the real world. You receive constructive feedback from the teaching staff and peers who are observing you.
After this course I can say that I feel ready to start teaching!

You also meet a bunch of great and interesting people, that will likely end up being friends for life.

The workload is high, but it's all really interesting and fun to do. You'll have various assignments like analysing the needs and level of a one-to-one student, preparing a one to one lesson and grammar presentations. You'll learn so much from these assignments!

They also provide good job guidance and helpful info on how to get a job.

Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Worldwide Prague prepared me extremely well to work for language institutes, companies, and vocational schools in Germany. We learned many teaching techniques and practiced them while teaching to learners at all speaking levels. We also did a grammar refresher that served very useful. The training I received was instrumental to my success at companies, as well as in group settings and to one-to-one clients in Germany. Having practice-taught all levels and all classroom sizes (including one-to-one), I felt very confident in Germany. The repertoire of skills I gained at TEFL Worldwide Prague helped me ease into language schools quickly because of the breadth of knowledge and experience I gained during this one intense month at TEFL Worldwide Prague. I felt confident in Germany because of how authentic the practice teaching was in Prague. Furthermore, the feedback after our practice lessons was very detailed and constructive. The program was thorough, intense, and enjoyable. The staff was always available. Completing the course in the backdrop of Prague really felt empowering. The world truly opened up its doors upon completion of this course.

Yes, I recommend this program

Did the program in February of last year and have been teaching in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and now Tainan and Taichung, Taiwan. It's not easy but the course is definitely worth it. The course focuses on teaching adults but also provided a young learner workshop. There is plenty of support before, during, and after the course as well as a few Czech lessons. Prior to this I was teaching in America but teaching ESL is it's own unique challenge.

How can this program be improved?
Longer school hours for lesson planning
Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Worldwide Prague offers a month long TEFL course in Prague. Very close to the city center. The classes are very long and can be challenging at times. Time management is very important because there are many assignments and lessons to teach throughout the course. You are expected to develop lesson plans and teach as soon as you start the course. It can be uncomfortable at first but it provides you with hands-on experience so you can be ready when you are out there in the world. The program is very well set up and they help you with housing, job asssitance, and anything you need during and after the course. They offer lifetime job assistance.
Another great thing about the program is that even though you might come to Prague by yourself, you will be meeting lots of people during the course and possibly making some life long friends. Moving to Prague and studing at TEFL Worldwide Prague have been some of the best experiences of my life. I encourage you to do it too!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I took this TEFL course over four years ago. Fantastically designed classes that have helped me time and time again as an ESL teacher, trotting across the world. I still often pull out my TEFL class notes and slap myself in awe of their usefulness. If you want a thorough, multi-dimensional look at modern ESL teaching, go to TEFL Worldwide! Cannot recommend thoroughly enough. Just go.

PS: By the way, four years after earning my TEFL certificate, my current ESL job pays 26 euros an hour. It IS possible to have a long-term career in this field. There are thousands of opportunities for you!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program


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