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Kenny and his present
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Get Paid Teaching English Abroad! In just 4 weeks you can become TEFL certified and begin teaching English here in Prague or Anywhere!

TEFL Worldwide is an American owned leading TEFL course provider offering the Accredited & Internationally Recognized 125 hour, 4-week TEFL certificate course in the heart of Europe, Prague! The TEFL Worldwide course is highly rated and comes highly recommended by our graduates.

To date TEFL Worldwide has nearly 3,000 graduates who have gone on to teach in 60+ countries! We provide lifetime job assistance, Alumni events and support before, during and well after the course. We are always here for you! Our dedication to our graduates is what sets us apart from other schools.

Because of our reputation with language schools worldwide, our graduates are working 1-3 weeks after graduation, many times sooner! Language schools contact us regularly wanting to hire our graduates because of their solid training from TEFL Worldwide.

Apply Today!

  • Highly Rated, Accredited, Internationally Recognized and Externally Moderated Course.
  • Lifetime Job Assistance Worldwide!
  • Support before, during and well after the course. The trainers are dynamic and supportive. We are always here for you!
  • Join Our Alumni Network with over 3,000 graduates in 60+ countries!
  • Highly reputable course which was awarded as the Top TEFL Certification Program of 2018!

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9.77 Rating
based on 44 reviews
  • Benefits 9.1
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 8.6
  • Facilities 8.5
  • Safety 8.9
  • Instruction 9.9
  • Support 9.9
  • Value 9.8
  • Academic Rigor 8.4
  • Job Assistance 9.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

Exhilarating and Phenomenal Experience

TEFL Worldwide Prague were excellent training providers. The admin staff are extremely helpful and the teacher trainers have so much experience which helps you become an excellent teacher. During the course and even today with references and job hunting they always help you whether that is in Prague or around the world.

The course consisted of language awareness, teaching technique, observed lessons and theories of learning when it comes to foreign languages. It has opened so many doors for me - working in Prague for 6 months and now China for 2 years. Best decision I made. I have lifelong friends and experiences thanks to doing this course.

On the course you teach adults which is a great way to start and ease your way into teaching. The professionalism and guidance received is exemplary. And it prepares you extremely well if you want to pursue a career in teaching EFL or want to do it short-term. Also, Prague is a fabulous and beautiful place to learn and enjoy while doing the course.

I would definitely recommend it. It was difficult but extremely worthwhile. It has put me in good stead for realising my aspirations in both work and leisure. It was a very positive experience for me.

What would you improve about this program?
I felt that so much was covered in just 4 weeks. It is an extremely dense course that requires huge effort, energy and commitment in that time. Although worthwhile completely, it was exhausting for me.

I have no suggestions for improvement. If you want to take this course, just make sure you are ready and hungry for it. Because there are so many opportunities and a potentially extremely enjoyable life can await you upon completion.
Yes, I recommend this program

Well worth the time and money!

Kenny, the Course Director, is amazing and always helpful. The course is well structured and if you pay attention in the class and make notes, you will learn so much and write a lot!
Course gives you a lot of resources, including the extra resources from Young Learners Course, everyone is super helpful and will always try to find an answer for you.
When they give you advice, it is best to follow it, because the 4 weeks course is packed with things to do and teaching experience, so you’ll spend a lot of time working on your plans.
While you will have some free time, it is definitely not a vacation, so if you plan to take this course, be prepared that it will take up a lot of your time in Prague.
But it was worth it and I’d do it again! No regrets.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Don’t leave things to the last moment and be pro-active. It saves you from stress and you’ll get to sleep more 😆
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fulfilling, valuable TEFL Course

I completed the TEFL course in August 2019 and had an excellent experience throughout the entirety of the course. Prior to the course, Chelisa and Cheryl were in frequent contact with me to provide all the information I needed about the course and to answer any questions I had. Since my course was a bigger group, we were taught by two different trainers, Kenny and Jazmin. They were both excellent instructors. Input sessions covered a variety of subjects related to teaching English, and all of the sessions were very well prepared and informative. Even though trainees are thrown into teaching from the very first week of the course, I felt prepared to teach my first lesson. The course is very intense, but if you manage your time effectively it’s no problem completing all of the assignments. Feedback on teaching practice was accurate, helpful, and very constructive. Even when being more critical of a trainee, the feedback definitely felt like it was given to help us, not to make us feel bad. There was always a trainer available to help during office hours if we needed assistance with lesson planning or other information related to the course. There was a large focus on grammar, both in increasing our own awareness of it as well as learning how to teach it. Cheryl has been fantastic with providing job guidance and interview preparation, and since the program has such a good reputation in Prague it has been easy to find a job here within a few weeks of graduation. I’m not currently looking to teach children but I took the Young Learner’s Workshop in case I want to in the future, and that was a valuable aspect of the course as well. The office staff were always very kind and helpful. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at TEFL Worldwide and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to teach English abroad.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
If you have never taught before, the first time standing in front of students and teaching can be a nail-biting experience. However, the trainers have prepared you very well and if you take a deep breath and remember what you've been taught, you'll do lovely.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing course! One of the best decisions I've made.

I live in Prague and took the course mainly to learn how to plan an English lesson. The course was amazing and surpassed all my expectations! I was expecting a difficult course that would better prepare me for teaching English, but I had no idea how enriching, enjoyable and fulfilling the experience would be! I was quite nervous before the course, as I had never really prepared a lesson and am not a native speaker. There was no need to worry though! After the first day of the course, I already felt like I had gained so much knowledge and it was a truly eye-opening experience. The course is taught by amazing English teachers and the lessons were very effective, fun, and interactive- I never felt bored in class. The course is intensive, but all the work is worthwhile- there were no unnecessary tasks or lessons, and it was definitely manageable. The trainers were always available and willing to help. All the staff members were very nice, pleasant, and helpful. They are ready to help with anything and provide ample job and accommodation assistance, even after graduating. On the last day of the course there was a job fair where Prague language schools came and presented themselves. Prague has many language schools that are looking for English teachers, so it is very easy to find a job here! I am so happy that I took the course. I feel very prepared to teach English now. Not only did I learn how to teach English, but I also became a lot more aware of the language. I also love that I have an international certificate, so that I can work and travel. It gives me security that I can find a job almost anywhere in the world. It is definitely one of the best investments I have made.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Language School!!

Wow! Tefl worldwide was an excellent programme that left me with the skills I needed to get a job locally and internationally. I have been happily working for 3 years with the skills they taught me. Highly recommended. The staff were top notch, the materials we accessible, up to date and useful. The only downside is the location of the school which is out of the city centre. It’s ideal if you like quiet, residential areas, but not great for those of us that like to explore the city. Otherwise, I was very satisfied with what I received. The certificate at the end is a very professional degree that is useful anywhere you choose to teach. I still receive continued support and opportunities from the school even though I’ve left :) you’ll be happy with this programme too.

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Yes, I recommend this program

teflworldwideprague July 2019

After deliberating over doing a TEFL course, approximately 3 years on and off, i eventually got round to doing it this year. Conscientious of the fact too that i had been away from school some 35 years by then i was naturally very apprehensive and unsure about going into it with no previous English teaching experience as it were.

I was in the TEFL Worldwide Prague class of July 2019 so have recently just graduated and it was a great experience and between the support of the staff and my peers there i have truly gained some great friends for life now, I have absolutely no regrets about my choice.

The classes and instructors (Kenny, Jazmin and Adrian) were extremely helpful and supportive throughout my time there and treated any queries or doubts i had along the way with sensitivity and patience. Every minute of instruction and preparation was meaningful, well thought out and presented in such a way to give us the best chance later in life which you will completely understand later. I could not have hoped for better help and guidance. The school has been very caring about all of us and the support is still ongoing in many aspects.

My certificate has offered me already no less than a dozen choices for TEFL opportunities between Moscow (where i live) Prague and Turkey to date which has more than exceeded my expectations after only 2 weeks from graduating.

I considered many different TEFL courses in the time leading up to my final choice with teflworldwideprague but it has exceeded, surpassed anything else i can imagine is out there and to study in a place that has no better a backdrop than the city of Prague. For anyone who hopes to be able to teach TEFL around the world, you need to learn from the best and this school has already a worldwide reputation that cannot be matched by any other school with it's support and FAMILY like atmosphere. This means doors will be opened that were unexpected by you. This is a program that excels above all others and is a choice that you will never regret.

Be prepared to work.....it's intense but well worth it.!!

All thanks to Cheryl, Dana, Chelisa and Veronika for all their organisation, support and later.... well earned downtime :)

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing that i can say or add at this time. The course/programme was thorough and covered everything needed to give confidence and ability to progress as TEFL teacher.
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Yes, I recommend this program


TEFL worldwide Prague course is an intense course. There is a lot of information that is taught in 4 weeks. The course curriculum includes a rigorous content and 21st teaching methods. The class program is structure and well delivered by the instructors. The teachers teach by asking students a series of questions, allowing the students to think quickly and logically to gather the answer for themselves. The instructors are experts in their field and delivered the information in a highly skilled, well organized, and very professional manner. The instructors were available and assisted us when we needed help with our assignments. There is an sufficient amount of time given for practice teaching which is very helpful. I am a slow learner, and yet by the end of the course my grammar skills improved and I learned skills needed to become a successful English as a second language teacher.

What was your funniest moment?
There was not one funny moment. The instructors incorporated humor in their teaching. They made the course fun and joyful at times.
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Yes, I recommend this program

It’s been the most intensive and productive 4 weeks of my life

The TEFL is one of the best school I studied at and it’s also one of my best choices so far.
I‘ve learned many good things and techniques at this course.
Our teachers Kenny and Jazmin are very experienced and knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in all the ways.
I also want to say thanks to Cheryl, Dana and Veronika for their help and support.
As a non-native speaker, I thought it will be hard studying with all of those native speakers. However, it was a big challenge for me and now, I can only say that I am really happy that I chose TEFL World Wide Prague!
The teachers taught me all main techniques how to become a good teacher. If you pass this English course, so it’s just up to you what you will do…after the course, you have all important experiences and knowledge about teaching English abroad. I would definitely recommend TEFL course to all future students.