I have my Bachelor of Science in Art Education will that still count? Also, how do they feel about tattoos?

Posted by Andrew Rathlisberger 5 years 10 months ago


Hi Andrew, thanks for reaching out! Any Bachelor degrees are usually considered for South Korea, it needn't be something like a Bachelor of Education. We have had participants with everything from a BA in performing arts to law, to even a BSc in marine biology head over to teach. So long as you have a bachelor's degree certificate from a legitimate organization you should be usually be fine, provided you meet all other criteria.

Regarding tattoos, it's true that South Korea have a bit of an issue with them, if they're visible. A simple chest, back, leg or arm tattoo which can easily be covered by clothing usually will be fine, just don't show them off to your colleagues. We have had applicants with face and neck tattoos turned away though, this is unfortunately a no-no for teaching in pretty much all of Asia.

Hope this helps answer your question, just reach out to enrolments team with the Get Started button on our South Korea page to chat more to them about your options.