What is the average acceptance rate into this program, specifically with Travelbud before the job search?

Posted by Casey Cormier 5 years 8 months ago


Hi Casey, thanks for the great question!

Acceptance rates depend really on how many people applying meet the requirements for the program. I see that your question appears to be around our teach in South Korea program.

For this program things can be a little stricter than others where you'll need to meet requirements like holding a bachelor's degree (in any field), be of good physical and mental health (moving abroad can be a stressful experience an mental health treatment in Korea isn't as common as elsewhere in the world) and demonstrate that you have a good command of the English language, amongst other things. Usually if you meet these requirements we can guarantee you placement. The final decision is usually down to our placement partners in Korea who run your profile by the requirements of schools in-country to check that they could find you a match.

After that's done and you're accepted, you're guaranteed job placement, we'd then discuss your preferences and guide you through the interview processes before you receive a final offer from a school.

Click the "Get Started" button on our program page here on Go Overseas to get in touch with our enrolments team who can guide you through the process in more detail.