IFSA: Argentine Universities Program
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IFSA: Argentine Universities Program

Located in one of the world's most exciting and cosmopolitan cities, the Argentine Universities Program (AUP) offers students the opportunity to enroll in up to four prestigious universities in Buenos Aires. Between classes, enjoy theatre, music, films, sports and museums, or simply people-watch while sipping coffee at one of the numerous sidewalk cafes.

IFSA offers a semester and yearlong program for the advanced Argentine Universities Program (AUP) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On the AUP, you can choose between two different program structures in order to meet your academic needs and interests. You can participate either in the general academic program or choose to focus your area of study in a specialized academic concentration. All students will enroll in the mandatory Advanced Spanish and Argentine Culture course offered only to IFSAparticipants. In addition to taking courses in Spanish, students participating on the program will live with a host family.

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IFSA doesn't believe in the nickel-and-dime approach to the study abroad experience. All of our programs include events and excursions exclusively for our students throughout their time abroad. We see these extras as a part of the larger academic experience. There are no hidden fees or expenses on an IFSA program. All of our fees, deposits and any supplemental charges such as meal plans are clearly outlined in our program fees.

IFSA has awarded millions of dollars in merit- and need-based scholarships over the past five years. Awards range from $500 to $5,000. We also believe that study abroad should be within the reach of every student, so we offer a wide range of scholarships and financing opportunities for our students.
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  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 9.1
  • Housing 9.1
  • Safety 8.7
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Best 6 weeks of my life :)

So I went to Sri Lanka being in such a bad place and being soo nervous going alone! The first couple of days was all about nerves as expected but I made friends for life as soon as we all settled in. I class these girls as some of my best friends even though we won't see eachother again for a long time! All the staff were amazing - we all became really close like a little family no doubt about it. I haven't felt that happy in my life ever! Ash and Manoj really cannot do much more to make you feel at home. Doing this programme made me realise how lucky I am to have what I have. The orphanage was just incredible - the girls are the most beautiful children inside and out. They will hold a place in my heart forever and I'm 100% going back. I felt safe and secure knowing Ash and Manoj were always looking after us. The sisters were a real blessing to have also, They made us breakfast, lunch and tea every day!! The love we received there was just amazing everything was so humble and just a beautiful experience. Colby joined right when I was leaving but she managed to make such a strong bond with me and always wanted to help us have the best experience we could aka fun games and activites to do in our spare time! I cannot recommend this programme enough!

Yes, I recommend
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Great introduction to Buenos Aires

IFSA Butler did an amazing job helping my peers and I get acclimated to live in not just Buenos Aires, but to Argentina in general. From informal culture classes to free tango lessons, Mario and his team really go above and beyond to make sure all participants are maximizing their time in the city. We learned valuable safety tips within our first few days, and I always felt fully supported. This program also allows for flexibility within one's schedule. I chose to study abroad with the Argentine Universities program because I wanted maximum immersion, but the program also has IFSA concentrations students can take, in which they are only studying with other IFSA students. It was nice to have the flexibility to choose how much we wanted to interact with the local community.

How can this program be improved?

I think the program could be improved by more thoroughly screening host families. It appeared that some families had not been reexamined in a while. While this never resulted in anyone feeling unsafe, it did allow for there to be a major disparity between some students' host family situations in regard to access to resources and facilities.

Yes, I recommend
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Go to Buenos Aires with IFSA- Butler!

This is a really great program which allows you to feel independent while still having access to help and support along the way. The IFSA-Bulter staff are an amazing group of people. They are all very caring and involved. This program allows you to take courses in different universities throughout Buenos Aires and thus offers an unlimited number of course options and potential experiences. I was able to take an art class, something I never would have done in the US!

How can this program be improved?

The class selection processes is overwhelming and very disorganized. It is hard to recommend a way to improve this process though because it would be a shame to reduce the variety of university options provided.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Six Weeks!

This program is great if you really want to immerse yourself in the culture. The second day you are there you'll be riding the 'colectivo' and the 'subte' like a 'porteño' and going home to a home-cooked meal.

Yes, I recommend
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Went by in the blink of the eye...

Loved the program coordinator, Mario. At the beginning of the semester he invited us all to his amazing house in Uruguay, on a lemon farm, where he cooked us delicious food and we hung by the pool for a day. It was unreal.

How can this program be improved?

I would have benefitted from a week or two of intensive spanish before classes begun.

Yes, I recommend
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The Life-Changing Poster at USAL

It was my third week in Buenos Aires and I was sitting in my first class of neurociencias (Neuroscience) at la Universidad del Salvador, I was extremely intimidated, being the only foreign student in the class. Looking around seeing all of the students speaking very quickly in a Spanish that was difficult for me to understand. A poster in the back of the room caught my eye, advertising tryouts for the university's women's soccer team. After much debate, I decided to go to the first day of tryouts that evening. Being on the soccer team changed my life. I now consider my teammates and coach to be my best friends and a part of my family. They helped me to become fluent in argentine spanish, learn the way of life and culture in Buenos Aires, and to eventually feel as though Buenos Aires was my home even more so than Chicago, IL where I had lived my entire life. They were the reason that I extended my stay from 5 months to a full year, July 2014-2015. My favorite memories with them include our weekend asados (Argentine BBQ) that lasted for hours, going together to professional soccer games, traveling with them to out-of-town tournaments in other areas of Argentina, getting dance lessons (salsa, cumbia, and bachata) from my teammates, and making them American foods that they had never tried before such as PB&J and pancakes. The lifestyle, culture, language, food, and people in Buenos Aires are my favorite in the world, and one of the hardest things I have ever done was to leave two months ago to return to the USA, but I still communicate with my team every single day and have grown in ways I could never imagine because of them.

How can this program be improved?

Orientation and class selection was extremely overwhelming. When just arriving to a totally new country with a language that was difficult for me to understand even though I had taken Spanish classes for many years, I felt very nervous and anxious during the first weeks.

Yes, I recommend
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IFSA Butler Buenos Aires

With a full academic schedule, I was always moving around the city. IFSA Butler gave me the support I needed and the activities I wanted to make the most of my time in Buenos Aires! It changed my life!

How can this program be improved?

The program was great! I would have loved to have had more group activities to spend more time with other participants but the ones we had were awesome! I especially loved Thanksgiving in Colonia

Yes, I recommend

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