ISA Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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ISA Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study abroad with ISA in the culturally diverse city of Buenos Aires! The city boasts a mix of cultures and traditions, as a port town it historically received influence and customs from abroad. This provides the city with a welcomed juxtaposition of Latin culture and European architecture and cuisine.

There is never a lack of things to experience in Buenos Aires. From renounced restaurants, to incredible landmarks you’ll never tire of this vibrant city. ISA programs in Buenos Aires, students will have the opportunity to participate in several excursions to areas surrounding the city and to participate in cultural activities, like learning to Tango. Students come here to be immersed in Latin American culture and learn Spanish, and Buenos Aires is the perfect city to do both. ISA currently offers programs at the University of Belgrano and the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). Students at all levels of the Spanish language can participate on ISA programs in Buenos Aires.

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Bienvenido a Buenos Aires!!

My time in BsAs with ISA was the most exhilarating and liberating months of my college career. I got to be independent and adventurous while ISA took care of all the details.

As a student at UB, I got to meet several other international students who shared similar interests. Making friends with expats was easy, but making friends with locals was even more fun. Especially because the nightlife in Buenos Aires is AWESOME.

ISA's tours include many cultural excursions that are both culturally significant and interesting for young travelers. We got to stay at a resort at Iguazu Falls and spend a few days soaking up the absolute paradise of that area. This was a really cool chance to meet other friends in the program and boat under the falls at the meeting of three countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

ALSO: Argentinian food is savory and delicious. You will not be disappointed here.

BE WARNED: After a trip to BsAs, you'll catch a mad case of the travel bug and you'll never be able to get rid of it! :) <3

How can this program be improved?

More time in BsAs. I can't wait to go back!

Yes, I recommend
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Tango in the Streets, Alfajores for Treats

Buenos Aires is the most exciting city I have ever been. It breathes, laughs, and loves. The Argentine people are passionate and energetic, and once they get you within reach, you can't help but fall in love. I reencountered my love for soccer, dancing, and meeting new people. One of the best parts about my experience was my incredible host family. They taught me more about Argentine culture and history than any class could have, and I never would've found them without ISA.

I loved my program because they gave me the tools and knowledge to explore and learn on my own while still being safe and having a bit of a support system. I am so happy to have gone to Buenos Aires with ISA, and I would absolutely recommend them to any student looking for a life changing experience.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing about this program it would be to make it longer. I didn't want to be done with my program when the time came, and would've loved to stay a few more moths, or a few more semesters.

Yes, I recommend
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6 months in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina is an amazing, fun and beautiful city. If you are looking to improve your Spanish, learn about another culture, and eat delicious food, you'll be more than happy in Argentina! Although the different accent can be a little tough to get used to at first, the people and the culture are truly fascinating. The ISA staff is there to help you every step of the way, leaving you feeling safe and secure while away from your family.

How can this program be improved?

Although speaking Spanish was always encouraged, it would have been nice to speak more Spanish when with other Americans, although this depends more on the students than the program provider.

Yes, I recommend
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Buenos Aires 2014

The city of Buenos Aires has a lot to offer for students and travelers alike. There is always something to do whether its browsing shops in Palermo, roof top lunches, to taking part in cultural events. ISA offers excursions that truly make the experience one of a kind. We took a ferry to El Tigre and spent a day at a private island along El Rio De la Plata and we also visited one of the world's greatest destinations; Iguazu Falls. I recommend traveling through ISA because in any predicament, there will be somebody to assist you whether its on-site or via email (ISA headquarters is based out of Texas). Learning the Spanish language in Buenos Aires is truly an experience as well, you will develop a Porteno/a accent and have many opportunities to immerse yourself into the culture, which makes practicing the language easy and fun!

I attended the University of Belgrano for an entire semester as well as the language intensive month beforehand. I highly recommend the Spanish intensive month if you are wanting to learn Spanish. You spend time in class a few hours a day Monday-Friday.
The 5 months I spent in Buenos Aires, I ended up getting 19 credits to transfer back to my home university in Michigan. I was stressed about classes not being transferred back properly, but Belgrano works one on one with you to make sure there are not any issues!

The hardest thing for me was the change of diet. The majority of food consisted of red meat, bread, and potatoes. Although if you go in the summer- the fruit is amazing!

How can this program be improved?

Sometimes organization-wise, the ISA on-site staff was not efficient.

Yes, I recommend
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ISA Buenos Aires Intensive Spanish Summer Program

This was the best experience I have ever had. I learned so much more from this program that I could have imagined. ISA did a great job pairing me with a wonderful host family, school, and fun excursions. We took a trip to Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina that was beyond phenomenal and by far my favorite! Overall, I would do this again and again if I could. Amazing. I miss it so much!

How can this program be improved?

More clarity and information regarding public transit would have been nice, but it was manageable to figure out on my own. I also wish they would've emphasized how cold it gets in Buenos Aries in June! My host family' apartment hardly had heat, so it got very cold, especially during the nights. Pack warm clothes!

Yes, I recommend
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Experience of a lifetime!

ISA was an amazing experience. Buenos Aires is an awesome city and the staff at ISA know how to make it better. ISA is experts on BA and all it has to offer. They were very caring and helpful when I had an emergency, and that is why I will always treasure this experience. My family was amazing and I felt like they actually cared about me. My teachers had wonderful lessons and I was excited to go to class each day. I learned so much and I felt so confident and valuable after I returned to the USA. The stories and experiences I have will last forever.

How can this program be improved?

More options/information to travel to hot spots during study abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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My only regret is not doing back-to-back semsters

The ISA program was an amazing experience and can't wait to do another trip abroad!!

First off everything from ISA is absolutely first class. When I originally called inquiring about the program everyone was so nice and informative. They probably talked to me for 30 minutes over the phone about the program; what to expect and how it worked. This was all before I gave them a penny. After I registered the service was just as fantastic. The Argentina program team was fantastic and answered all of my questions. Believe me, I had a lot of questions but they were really fantastic. This was also the case for the program staff, in country. Guillermo and his staff was amazing. They helped me with everything from orientation type stuff to planning a trip to Mendoza. By the way, complete non-sequator, but if you have the chance then go to Mendoza. All the service I recieved from the ISA staff was first class all the way.

Now to the program itself... The classes are only US students, for the program I went to. I went to a month Spanish immersion program. The teacher only spoke Spanish. I learned more in the month of classes than in the 3 semesters of Spanish in school. I was in the basic class and really got a strong foundation. It had been about a years since I took classes so I didn't place where I needed to but it provided a great foundation.

The host family was an older couple. This is typical. Juan and Marta were great as could be. They were a sweet couple who sought to make me feel at home.

Buenos Aires is an amazing city. It is huge. If you don't do big cities BA may not be for you. Buenos Aires has everything you could ask for in a metropolitan city. If you want to eat a nice steak, they have the best steak in the world. They have possibly the best night life in the hemisphere. They have almost every type of musuem imaginable. Combine this with a mass transit system that is comparable to almost any western city and BA is a city that is hard to beat. I would completely reccomend this program to anyone.

How can this program be improved?

I thought maybe one of the excursions could have been changed. One of the excursions was to Iguazu Falls. Iguazu is on the border of Brazil in the subtropical rainforest. June is part of the rainy season an boy did it rain. We were rained on from 8AM-430 PM. The week directly following our trip the town was shut off because it was completely flooded.This was the only thing that put a damper on an otherwise great trip. I think that the summer may be a good time to replace that with something else. Perhaps Salta or Cordoba would be ncie places we could go without the threat of being poored on.

Yes, I recommend
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First Time Away in BA!

The only downside to my time in Buenos Aires with ISA was that the one month program was too short. I regretting not staying for the two month summer or a whole semester. We studied at the Universidad de Belgrano which is located a nice residential area. My host parents were a friendly older couple who only wanted to make my time in BA as enjoyable as it could be. They were 100% accommodating and made my transition into the city/culture really easy. They made me feel like home in their home. Our apartment was not the biggest but I was welcome to bring friends around and it was very cozy. We were located a few blocks from the metro which was great!

The university was not very far away from my apartment. I think around a 15 minute walk. It is not a typical "campus," more like a very tall building with classrooms in it. Upon arriving, we took placement exams to figure out what level Spanish class we would attend. This was only a suggestion because you could go up or down a level, depending on what you felt comfortable in. Unfortunately, I tested into a lower level but I should have taken the next level up because my classes were too easy. I also stayed at this level because I preferred the scheduling, I had more time in the afternoon to explore the city. I still learned a lot but would have improved more in a harder class.

The staff at ISA were very friendly and always there to help us when needed. They spoke as much Spanish as possible so we are able to practice and understand it more. When they spoke in English, it was only to clarify on important matters. Just to make sure we all understood. They encouraged us to speak Spanish as much as possible with locals as well as people in our group (even though we still mainly spoke English to each other). In the four weeks I was there we had a few different excursions and one weekend off, for free time. My favorite was the trip to Misiones and Iguazu Falls. We had taken a bus up to the falls and made a few stops on the way to different points of interest. After going to the falls we went to a few villages in the area. We had stayed at a nice hotel with a pool and also had time to explore with our friends. We flew back to BA.

I really liked working with ISA, they answered all my questions prior to signing up. The price was reasonable and it was really easy to pay. We had an airport pick up and the office was in a location of the office was convenient. I studied abroad a second time and I did use ISA again. They even offer a discount for people who have used them in the past. I signed up for their semester abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico as well as ELAP (volunteering). I would definitely recommend ISA to anyone. If you sign up for classes which are too easy, it is very easy to switch into a different one. Do it! Don't cheat yourself!

How can this program be improved?

That I took classes that were too easy. I feel like, I did not learn as much as I could have. In this particular program, the Argentinean and study abroad students were in completely separate classes. I suggest having classes with the Argentine students because there was definitely a separation between them and us. The ISA Guanajuato, Mexico, we were able to take classes with Mexican students which helped us make friends and learn more. We spoke less English and more Spanish.

Yes, I recommend
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ISA for UCSB student

Overall I had a very strong experience with the program back in 2007. The staff were very knowledgeable/ fun and helpful and their offices were a safe haven for us. Some of their staff even partook in our activities, ie skiing in Bariloche and traveling to Iguazu Falls with us.

All of the other ISA students in my program were from the US. I did not mind as I bonded closely with these individuals throughout that time.

Also, I went to UCSB, and the EAP program did not have an Argentina program. I was initially a little worried as UCSB could not guarantee that my ISA credits would go through. However, they finally did, after submitting the transcript and I was awarded 18 units for 1 semester!

How can this program be improved?

One thing is that my Argentinian family was caring, but at times, it did feel as if they were trying to make money off of me. The home cooked meals were not that great, but again this depends on the family.

Yes, I recommend
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The best experience of my life

I absolutely adored Buenos Aires and my experience with ISA. The staff was always considerate, and tried their best to make sure that we had an amazing overall experience. They kept everyone well informed of events that were happening in the city. They were concerned about our academics. They helped us 100% through the visa process. Even when I was sick, they gave me excellent advice on which doctor to go to and how to get my medicines. I love ISA!!

Yes, I recommend
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Bienvenidos a la Vida Buena!

The four months I lived in Buenos Aires truly were the GOOD LIFE! ISA is a proactive, helpful, and friendly program that had an office 5 blocks from campus in Buenos Aires which provided free printing, tutoring, computer/internet service, and any other advice needed about life abroad.

I studied at the University of Belgrano, where I took three distinct Intensive Spanish Classes. We were in class five days a week, but that schedule never prevented us from exploring the bustling city, enjoying the lively night life (which goes from 12 am to 8 am!), and travelling to some of South America's beautiful terrain like Patagonia.

One of my favorite memories abroad was on an ISA sponsored trip to Iguazu Falls at the border of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. We spent 3 days standing under thundering waterfalls, learning about the area's indigenous people, and bonding over Argentina's famous steak. Classes were intimate with about 10 students and were taught by energetic, passionate Argentine Professors. Most importantly, classes were great tools to improve my conversational, grammatical, and cultural understanding of the Spanish language. They were not academically challenging in the sense of workload, but everything was in Spanish which is a challenge in itself. However, most of my learning truly took place outside of the classroom.

Every day after class, my friends and I would eat Choripans (a delicious sausage-bread-sauce combo) in a park near campus, and then would go exploring through the city. Our afternoons would consist of riding bikes through the Ecological Reserve on the Rio Plata, enjoying free museums, and finding handmade crafts at vibrant street fairs. At night, we would often meet up with our Argentine friends we met on campus and would have "Asados," which is the local version of a BBQ. Argentines are generally very welcoming and personable, and were eager to make friends with us international students and help us with our Spanish speaking.

I lived in a home stay, and highly recommend it to anyone studying in Buenos Aires. My "mom" cooked me a delicious breakfast and dinner every night and was attentive to my needs. She was extremely helpful in helping me navigate the city and providing a place to call home, but also gave me complete freedom.

Another perk of the laid-back South American lifestyle is that things are relatively cheaper than the United States, except for electronics, which are very expensive. I would recommend bringing an extra camera charger/cord and computer battery in case anything happens (which is possible with different electric currents).

The only challenging aspect of life was is Buenos Aires is not the safest city. Pick-pocketing and armed robbery is common and so it is essential you are always alert of your surroundings and never walk anywhere alone. ISA and my host mom were both very knowledgeable of safe and unsafe neighborhoods, legitimate and illegitimate taxi cabs companies, and vigilance practices, and thus I never encountered any threatening situations.

Overall, Buenos Aires truly provides it all- an engaging academic environment, a thriving metropolis never lacking places to explore, a home, family and support group to guide you, a culture to learn about and enjoy, unmatchable natural beauty, and an opportunity to grow and adventure in ways you never could imagine. I would return to Argentina with ISA in a heart beat to relive la VIDA BUENA!

Yes, I recommend
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ISA all the way!

The ISA staff was extremely supportive, friendly, and accessible. If you were to find yourself in any sort of trouble, a staff member would make sure you were taken care of. For example, I got really bad food poisoning and a staff member took me to the hospital, and saw the doctor with me. They walked us through the student visa process while other programs left students to figure it out on their own. ISA even has an office very close to the university that has free computer use and is always open to students during normal business hours. The staff also provides free tutoring. ISA organized really fun excursions. A trip to Iguazu Falls was included in the program price, making it an exceptional deal. I highly recommend ISA for Buenos Aires. I had a lot of friends in other programs and they all told me how they wished they had done ISA instead.

Yes, I recommend

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