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Sol Education Abroad: Faculty Led Programs

This faculty led program takes care of all the faculty expenses, such as airfare, apartment & room & board, and much more in exchange for getting a group of students. This program can be from a week to an entire year. Sol Education Abroad will also organize classes at a prestigious local universities or language institutes. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish abroad or immerse your students in local Spanish culture.

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Oaxaca, Mexico
California State University- Fullerton

CSUF en Oaxaca


SOL did an amazing job in delivering a program with a focus in Child & Adolescent Development. Eva was very patient and considerate of our requests.
-The experiences with Saul in la Central de Abastos and el "Diablito de los Libros" was one of the highlights. Perhaps in the future our students can take part in the activities that they conduct with the children in el Mercado.
-CANICA was also a perfect fit for our students teaching their activities. It would have been great if there were more kids present, but we understand that attendance is lower in the summer vacation.
-All the tours and cultural experiences where great.
-Monte Alban is a great way to start the program, the tour guide was very detailed and knowledgeable.
-The lecture with the anthropologist was very informative and ideal for our groups interests.
-This time around we were lucky that all our students understood Spanish. It was comforting to see that if needed all activities could be conducted in English.

How can this program be improved?

My only request is that the program take place in the Spring instead of Summer, perhaps the week of March 24th. We would be able to recruit more students and airfare would also be less since its not during the Guelaguetza festivities.

My only concern is if our students will have access to experiences with children due to Easter vacation. The component of our students teaching activities to children is the most important since they receive class credit for this, this is the part that we refer to as service learning.

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21 years old
College Station, TX

Granada, Spain, Summer 2017


My study abroad experience was with Blinn College through Sol Education, and it took place in the summer of 2017 in Granada, Spain. The entire experience was great and truly eye-opening. In the past, I have traveled around the world with my family for vacations, but this particular trip was unlike anything I had experienced before. From beginning to end, whether studying or exploring, the study abroad trip was amazing.

The first few hours in Spain were a little bit shocking, due to the language barrier and new surroundings, but I was immediately mesmerized by the city of Granada and the beauty that it presented. After meeting my host family and settling myself in, I felt more relaxed, and overall it was comforting to know that I wasn't alone in feeling initial discomfort and awkwardness—the other students, the professors, and I were able to constantly communicate through Group Me, and we shared our thoughts, pictures, and individual experiences throughout the entire trip. Not only did I feel like I could depend on the other students and the professors for guidance and support, but I felt the same about the Sol Education staff. Our group's Sol director, Miguel Pinto, plus the rest of the Sol staff, were always available to lend their support or give assistance whenever or wherever needed. I am grateful for all the work that everyone did to make sure our group had a safe, fun, and successful trip abroad.

We were able to see and visit so many beautiful places in Granada and the Andalucia area. Although the summer heat was difficult to endure sometimes, the sights and views of Albaicín, Sierra Nevada, La Alhambra, Sevilla, Córdoba, plus many others, were completely worth the long hikes and sweat.

I want to encourage students to take the opportunity to study abroad, whenever possible, because I do believe it is a great experience to have, but that doesn't imply that everything will be smooth and easy going all of the time. The other students and I took two intermediate level Spanish classes while in Granada (over a span of one month), and it was hard work. It was easy to get sidetracked and forget about studying for class or for exams, especially when we were tired from long days, but it was important to keep pushing ourselves and figure out the best strategy for ourselves as individual students. Although studying abroad is fun and exciting, it's definitely not the time to slack off.

In general, here are some other tips that I would recommend for students planning to study abroad in Spain (or anywhere else where these tips may apply): pack a good pair of tennis shoes to protect your feet while walking and hiking; bring an insulated water bottle so you always have cold water when you're out; bring a decent amount of cash, or plan to withdraw from a trustworthy bank abroad, because shops and restaurants prefer quick payments by cash; pack a small table fan, or bring money to buy one, for the hot days when air conditioner isn't available; pack a power bank charger for your phone so you always have power for pictures or an emergency; consider purchasing an international phone plan for your time abroad, I used Travel Pass through Verizon that cost $10/day for unlimited talk, text, and data; and, bring a secure wallet, purse, or bag to carry in front of you to prevent easy pick pocketing. Also, try researching your abroad city before your departure date to find interesting or fun places to go on some of your free days. Or, ask your host family for suggestions and learn what they enjoy doing in their city.

And, overall, enjoy yourself. The most important thing I feel like I can say is to not be afraid to explore. I believe there is great importance in traveling, especially when there is an opportunity to not only discover a new culture, but also yourself through learning and interacting, or even just observing. Whether you're a student going out to participate in a cultural activity with your abroad group, or just a person going to walk the streets of your new, temporary home, you should always take time to absorb and appreciate whatever surrounds you. It seems there is never enough time to learn and to enjoy what stands in front of you, so fully experience every moment you have.

How can this program be improved?

No comment. Everything was great.

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19 years old
Katy, Texas
Texas A&M University

Granada, Spain


I was so blessed to be able to live in Granada for a month! This study abroad trip was the best month of my entire life thanks to Sol Education! The classes were challenging, but not terribly hard. I loved getting to live with a host family because it allowed me to communicate and learn Spanish, which I preferred over learning in the classroom. Sol was great at showing my class and I all of the beautiful and fun locations in the south of Spain! Since leaving Granada, I have decided to double major in Communication and Spanish. This trip gave me a new outlook on the world and it was all thanks to the staff at Sol Education.

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Sol Education Abroad (SOL) provides affordable study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, and Mexico. Sol Education Abroad prides itself in providing hands-on service to ensure an enriching experience abroad. It’s this unique approach that makes SOL both a leader and innovator in university