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Sol Education Abroad (SOL) provides affordable study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, and Mexico. Sol Education Abroad prides itself in providing hands-on service to ensure an enriching experience abroad. It’s this unique approach that makes SOL both a leader and innovator in university study abroad programs.


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This trip kept the group connected to the culture and landscape with amazing and a perfect amount of excursions. They always kept me engaged with the trip and I learned so much. But there was an amazing balance of free time too. The class I took was so interesting and the perfect amount of challenge. The directors were very accommodating and nice. The price of the trip was very affordable as well.

How can this program be improved?
Nothing, I loved it.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I had the best time of my life in Costa Rica. Two weeks gave me the opportunity to visit many national parks, local shops/supermercados, and to learn about the culture outside of a touristic view. I definitely am already planning on my return trip back.
Future participants, make sure to bring clothes for every season. If you plan on being adventurous and love to enjoy natural beauty, hiking at one of the many local parques is always possible.
The food is fresh and locally grown, so do not hesitate to try a local tican-meal. My experience was unique in that I had free-time to go to the pacific ocean for the first time in my life. If you love animals, you can get within a few feet of sloths, iguanas, and monkeys!

How can this program be improved?
I could not really say much of anything on what could be improved about SOL.
Yes, I recommend this program

Sol's summer healthcare course in Buenos Aires is absolutely incredible! Staying with a host family is an amazing way to get immersed in the culture, as is attending all of the scheduled activities. Raul and Rodrigo take you to so many cool sights and are so supportive; not only teaching you how to navigate the city so that you feel confident commuting and exploring alone, but supporting you as you improve your spanish, meeting you at whatever level you are at, answering all of your questions and giving you tips. Go to all the Mate Club meetings that you can! They are a great way to practice the language, enjoy local cultural and meet cool portenos! And the medical shadowing was an absolutely priceless experience. For any pre-health students, the opportunity to see socialized medicin up close and personal and shadow so many different types of doctors and medical professionals, all while practicing your spanish, is simply unbeatable. Be sure to ask the doctors as many questions as you can think of! You would be surprised what you will learn.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I believe that the overall experience of Oaxaca was good. I understand that this was a school trip and that education and exposure to nursing in Oaxaca was important but I feel that going to the hospitals and doing the constant tours actually took away from my experience of the culture and over all life style of people who live in Oaxaca. I thought that Pricilla did an amazing job at exposing us to the culture and listening to our questions and giving us real life answers.My favorite part and where I think I learned the most was when volunteering at the shelter for families of those staying at the hospital. It really gave me since of what it was like to be sick or to have a sick family member in Oaxaca.

Yes, I recommend this program

The whole experience was amazing! I learned so much on this trip and it really opened up my eyes. It has helped me appreciate everything in life. The program is really flexible which was really beneficial with our group. I think some things weren’t really organized and I felt like it got annoying at times because our group was basically the first group to do a week long trip. Positive note, the city of Oaxaca was just amazing. The people and the culture is amazing there.

How can this program be improved?
I would improve certain thing on the agenda because some things felt really rushed and we weren’t able to enjoy some things especially during the city tour. I felt I wasn’t able to take it all in.
Yes, I recommend this program


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