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If you are looking for a city and university that has everything, look no further than the University of Sydney! Australia is a beautiful country, filled with friendly people, and an outstanding environment. Combine that with one of Australia's most prestigious universities that has a reputation for academic excellence and you have a recipe for a once in a lifetime experience. With over 4,000 courses available, the University of Sydney offers something for every student. The University of Sydney encompasses everything a student could want in a study abroad program, and with all of the support, excursions and services through IFSA, we are sure you will have an amazing study abroad experience.

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The University of Sydney is a gorgeous campus, the city of Sydney is a even more stunning, and the country of Australia as a whole will leave you breathless. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is even considering Australia. I made lifelong friends, engaged in cultural practices, and even learned to surf ( like a tourist). For me, it was the perfect choice because I wanted a place that was new from home, but also similar. It opened my eyes to the world and has led me to pursue a career in international relations. After taking a course called International Business Strategy and having the opportunity to asses the inner workings of an Australian based company, I realized that the only thing more rewarding than studying abroad would be working abroad. Please, if you have the chance, pursue this opportunity .

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I loved Fiona and Tom. They are the best! Just keep up the good work..
Yes, I recommend this program


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