AIFS Study Abroad in Salzburg: Semester or Academic Year
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AIFS Study Abroad in Salzburg: Semester or Academic Year

Earn up to 17 credits through a wide variety of courses studying at the world-renowned University of Salzburg. This program is ideal whether you’re looking to become more fluent in the German language or looking for an elegant European city as a backdrop for your study abroad experience. No previous German language is required and courses are taught in English.

Live in Student Residence Hall, with an Austrian family in a homestay or, for an additional fee, a shared apartment. A 2-week German language orientation course is offered to help students from Beginner to Advanced adjust to life in Austria.

You’ll enjoy cultural and social activities such as Austrian cooking classes, an Austrian pastry seminar, and visits to the Werfen Castle and Hellbrunn Palace among others.

Few countries could be more exciting to study in than Austria, a peaceful democracy with cultural and economic ties in both eastern and western Europe. With the Alps at your doorstep for outdoor fun and the works of Mozart, Haydn and Strauss in the background, Austria is an unbelievable study abroad destination.
  • Visit to Hellbrunn Palace and the Trick Water Fountains
  • Tour of Werfen Castle
  • Dachstein Ice Caves and Hallstatt
  • Austrian cooking class
  • Soccer game featuring Salzburg's Red Bull Team
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AIFS is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Comprehensive fees cover tuition and housing with $800,000 in scholarship and grant funding available each year. A meal plan, tours and excursions, insurance and 24-hour emergency service are also included. Coordinated AIFS Flight Packages are available.
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  • Academics 7.3
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 8.8
  • Housing 9.2
  • Safety 9.8
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Better Than I Could Have Imagined

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is impossible not to fall in love with every inch of the small city. AIFS is a fantastic program with lots of perks. My living situation was absolutely perfect and the other students in the program were a blast. The excursions to Munich, Vienna, Innsbruck, and Prague were a great combination of fun and educational, and the cultural excursions in and around Salzburg were great because they were all at hard to access places, so I wouldn't have gotten to them by myself. I definitely recommend studying in Salzburg through AIFS.

How can this program be improved?
The only change I would make would be to make it easier to take classes with Austrians. I enjoyed having my classes be with other international students, but I would have liked studying with natives too.
Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience in Salzburg

The excursions were a great part of the experience with being able to hike Hohenwerfen, and to visit Munich, Vienna, and Innsbruck. The cultural excursions were a nice touch as well such as the sausage stand scavenger hunt, or the trip to the Christkindlmarkt. The housing accommodations in Salzburg are all great, especially the St. Sebastian Institute because it is situated within the city. I loved attending the University of Salzburg and enjoyed all of my classes. The course load is just enough that you can fulfill school requirements and still be able to enjoy your time in Salzburg. I would highly recommend this program especially because the AIFS Salzburg staff is amazing and supportive of their program members.

How can this program be improved?
I can't think of anything.
Yes, I recommend
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Fun, Educational and Long-term Friends

I had a great time during my study abroad experience in Salzburg. I shared an apartment with other participants and went to school with about 25 other US students -- some of those people I've now been friends with for over 12 years. A phenomenal program, a terrific educational experience, and a beautiful city.

Yes, I recommend
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Beautiful Salzburg!!

I absolutely fell in love with the city of Salzburg!! The city is filled with places like the Mirabell Garden, a castle called Hohenssalzburg, many beautiful mountains, a river, outdoor markets, historic landmarks and so much more. Having grown up watching the Sound of Music as a kid, it was fun to see many of the locations it was filmed at and to also learn more about Mozart as well. The place I lived in was centrally located & it was easy to get to other places by foot or by bus. The food was amazing in Salzburg with yummy things like schnitzel, sachertort, and many other Austrian specialties. Lots of great places to eat at that also including smaller vendors serving gelato, pretzels, and Kebaps. From the very start AIF’s is very helpful, anywhere from giving you a list of things to pack to helping you organizing your travel plans. Things you have to get use to while there are setting up appointments to wash your clothes, taking bags with you when you buy food, & having most stores being closed on Sunday, except restaurants and some tourist places. Thought at some times frustrating at first it was nice to have things quieter on Sundays and you soon get use to planning ahead for shopping & laundry. Austrians love to go on walks or sit in café’s, especially on Sunday. I absolutely loved the peacefulness about that aspect of their lives. You are surrounded by such beauty that it lifted my spirits daily and I found it so neat to be one minute in the new part of town, then a few minutes away the old part filled with great history, followed soon by breath taking nature that seems to frame it all in. During my time there I had two hours of German and two hours of culture class on every week day, though the times varied and the class rooms sometimes changed. It kept us on our toes and we had to make sure we paid close attention to our schedule. At first it was a challenge until we got use to it. Even their numbering system was very different at the university we took the classes at. 200 level rooms could be on the third floor, 300 level rooms on the second, and so on. The class it self was very informative and we enjoyed a few field trips were the learning became very hands on. The weekend excursions were so much fun and our tour guide went above and beyond as a host! From seeing the salt mines to day drips in other cities, such a Munich, we got to see many wonderful thing and had so much fun. You also will get some down time to go to places that you enjoy such as lakes, the Zoo, or even traveling to other cities or countries. If you ever get an opportunity to do your study abroad in Salzburg, it will be such a rewarding time. My main regret is that I didn’t do one of their longer programs. I participated in their short one month summer program and while it was a wonderful experience, it went by too fast. I left feeling like I had so much more that I wanted to explore and learn. At least I now have a good reason to go back someday! I could really go on and on about my time there but hopefully this gives you a glimpse into what your life will look like if you take on this adventure with AIFS! You will get a chance to grow, travel, learn, make great friends, and it is so worth the time and money you put into it!

Yes, I recommend
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Salzburg, Austria - One of the best places on earth!

Before setting foot in Salzburg, Austria, one can underestimate the beauty they are about to encounter. Majestic alps, the sprawling walls of the fortress, historical buildings and shops - Salzburg is a city of true beauty. Nestled about the city are buildings constituting the University of Salzburg. Our classes were housed in a variety of buildings - old and new each one unique and different. While at the University we were able to meet students from all over the world in addition to the locals. I had the opportunity to spend a year in Salzburg living in an Internationale Studentenheim - a European version of an International Dorm. While living at the Internationales Kolleg - as it was called, I was able to make lasting friendships with other students whose real homes stretched all over the European continent. Creating these friendships helped to enrich my experience and deepen my connection with Salzburg.
The AIFS office is centrally located in the Stadtmitte or the City Center. Having spent a year abroad, I grew to know and appreciate having such an awesome staff to support me and provide assistance when needed. There was always a smiling face (and a tin of cookies) welcoming students for whatever their need may have been.
My friendships that I made with other Americans in the program are some of the longest-lasting and most sincere friendships I established during both my college career and life beforehand. I have gone to visit my friends and former roommate both with in the U.S. and abroad.
The travel opportunities within the program are excellent - educational and informative. We were able to see the sights in London, Vienna and Prague, as well as many locations in Austria - all inclusive with the program cost. As Austria is so centrally located within Europe, travel outside of the country is easy and uncomplicated.
Adjusting the the diet and culture is a pleasure in Salzburg. The Austrian custom of Gemuetlichkeit or hospitality, ensures that each experience within the service industry is efficient and satisfactory. The food is rich-tasting, fresh, and delicious. Much of the produce, poultry and meat is locally sourced - even at McDonalds!
With pristine lakes, breathtaking Mountains, and a culture rich in customs and tradition, the AIFS Salzburg experience is one not to be missed. Studying abroad here can only change your life for the better. You will learn more than you ever thought possible and meet some of the best people on earth!

Yes, I recommend
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Fall 2010

Study abroad was one of the best experiences ever! I couldn't have chosen a better place to study. Salzburg was a beautiful, quiet city that sits right on the Salzach River with the fortress sitting above the city. It was easy to travel around Europe and the train station was a 10min bus ride from most locations. I would highly recommend studying abroad in Salzburg because I feel as though it is one of those places that not many people have heard of before. I met so many people from the US as well as Europe while studying abroad and still talk to them on a regular basis.

Yes, I recommend
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Best semester

My semester in Salzburg was the best semester of my college career, not just that, it was the best few months of my life. I could not imagine a better study abroad experience. The staff were all helpful, without being overbearing in any way. The program included 3 weekend trips and a couple day trips that were all wonderful. I met some of my best friends during my time in Salzburg and I still keep in touch with a lot of people from my program. I would recommend AIFs Salzburg to anyone.

Yes, I recommend
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Die Semester wohne ich mit Mozart!

Salzburg, to me, was a forced choice. I wanted to study abroad through AIFS, but I needed German, so I came here instead of St. Petersburg or Prague. Best decision I think I've ever made. I've made such amazing friends and learned a language faster in four months than I -ever- did the three semesters I took at my home college.

Plus, Salzburg is close to a lot of very interesting cultures, and you can easily get to Italy, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. with a train ticket.

Basically, if you're interested in the Austrian culture (which is NOT the German culture, you'll be quick to learn that), and you want to travel and meet awesome people, then Salzburg is definitely for you!

Yes, I recommend
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AIFS: Salzburg

AIFS Salzburg was an extremely upbeat and fun program. The city itself is very safe and provides for a great social scene. The AIFS staff were simply amazing. They made sure that everyone was thrust into the European culture and they were always available for answers, tips and even just to chat. I had the best time of my life living in Salzburg and I couldn't have asked for a better program.

Yes, I recommend
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Salzburg, Austria

Traveling with AIFS to Salzburg Austria was one of the best decisions of my life. My trip was truly unforgettable, I still constantly tell stories of my memories and experiences. My trip taught me a lot about myself and really helped me to be more independent and courageous. I highly recommend studying abroad to everyone, only in such instances do you truly learn things about yourself, society, and the world. Such life lessons can only be experienced abroad, outside ones comfort and community. Be bold, take a risk, and go for it! I'm sure glad I did!

Yes, I recommend
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Spring '08 review.

I really enjoyed my stay in Salzburg. The city is great and most of the places are reachable within walking distance. I loved the classes and how integrative they were. Coming to Salzburg with a little or no knowledge of German I was able to learn a lot and easily. I took two culture courses and a language class, all of the material learned in the classroom became useful instantly - I could order food, have small conversation and understand local traditions and ways of living. Outside of classroom - the hikes became a part of my daily routine, the city is surrounded with gorgeous nature - mountains, pastures, beautiful river walks and etc. Instead of taking a bus to class everyday, I would wake up early and just take my time and walk through the Hellebrunner allee. Fresh mountain air would get me very energized and ready for class. Also, every Thursday morning I would go to downtown farmer's market - and buy best sandwich meats ever! When weather got warmer, my friends and I started explore local public swimming pools, they are cheap and if you got nothing planned for the weekend, in terms of travel, best places to hang out. Also, I really took advantage of traveling to other cities in Europe, because of Salzburg's central location - it was very easy to take a train to Venice and Rome and Vienna. Many times I would just hop on a train and go to Munich for a weekend or to Munich airport and fly to places like Malta and Dublin. I do admit, if it was easy enough to get an Austrian citizenship - I would move there permanently! Best memories of my life!

Yes, I recommend
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Best College Experience

Studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria was by far the best experience of my college career. I met life long friends whom I would not otherwise have met. These friends and I were able to travel all over Europe experiencing everything it had to offer. Salzburg was a perfect place to study because of its central location and its perfectly preserved Alt Stadt. Salzburg is safe and there is something for everyone. I cannot speak enough about the program and the friends I have met. I recommend this to everyone I meet.

I would not trade this experience for anything in the world.

Yes, I recommend
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You will fall in love with Salzburg

Austria is not usually the first country in Europe you think you want to study abroad in, but the Salzburg program is one of the best experiences for the money. The city itself, while small, is enchanting and full of pubs, cultural experiences, and natural wonder. I enjoyed the historic iron signs on every corner, learning how the city coped during the fascist regime, and hiking/biking/skiiing in the alps.
The size of the program is comfortable, at 40 you can find people with similiar interests and get to know them while still having alone time if you wish. The courses are fantastic. Two of my favorite Professors of my entire undergrad experience were from the AIFS program. Some chose to take it easy and did not try very hard and still passed, but if you take the time to ask questions you can learn so much. (My focus was the International Relations path). Taking the Austrian culture course was a highlight, both because of the professor and because of how it enhanced my experience. I knew only a little German and felt comfortable in the city. The German booster course helped a lot when we first arrived even though I was not excited about it initially.
Make sure you make the most of the travel excursions. I LOVED the places we went and was glad for some direction, but enough free time to see what I was interested in.

Yes, I recommend
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One of the best semesters of my college career!!

I had a great time studying abroad with AIFS. The first few days of our program, they took us around the city to help us get aquainted with our surroundings. Salzburg is a gorgeous city, and I hope to go back and visit someday. The program was really helpful - setting up housing for us, giving us a meal stipend each month, and even taking us on a couple weekend trips. I made a lot of friends while on the program, even though I didn't know anyone when I started. The program also gave us great tips on where to shop and how to get around. You should definitely check it out!

Yes, I recommend
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Excellent program in a beautiful city!

Studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria with AIFS was the best decision I made during my college career. Once I was accepted into the program, any questions I had were answered quickly and thoroughly by the AIFS staff both in Stamford CT and Ingrid, Suzanna and Andreas in Salzburg. My biggest worry was the travel to London and Salzburg but the staff made it so easy to find them and truly put me at ease once I arrived. Throughout my 4 months in Salzburg, I knew the office door was always open to any questions or concerns I had, or even just to chat and have some cookies! Salzburg is such a unique and beautiful city and you can tell that the people who live and work there truly love it and take pride in their home atop the Austrian Alps. My professors at the University were very helpful and understanding of our different academic backgrounds. It was extremely interesting to hear about topics such as the Holocaust and Fascism from an Austrian perspective and we even got to visit a concentration camp which was both horrifying and educational. While I had class four days a week, I still was left with plenty of time to explore Salzburg and all it has to offer and to travel on the weekends. The opportunity to study abroad and truly immerse yourself into a culture is truly once in a lifetime and choosing to have this experience through AIFS gave me the support and guidance I needed to succeed without being overbearing or too protective. I will forever remember the places I visited in Austria and the surrounding countries and I will never again make a group of friends with such a close bond as my friends from Salzburg.

Yes, I recommend

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