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Come experience Shanghai - the center of China's economic growth and development. This dynamic city offers something for everyone; ancient history, business, art, dining, nightlife, shopping, and much more. The Education Abroad Network has partnered with the prestigious Fudan University to offer you an unforgettable study abroad experience.

Included in the program is a 5-day orientation program in Shanghai, guided cultural activities, an excursion to Beijing, and on-site staff to assist you. Explore China with TEAN as your guide - check the Education Abroad Network's website for more info!

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Program Reviews (12)

20 years old
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Pace University

Fantastic and Beyond

Overall 10

My experience with TEAN in Shanghai is beyond word. It was the best decision I have made and it was the best summer I have had. I left Shanghai richer in knowledge and wiser. I made lifelong friends from around the world and built so many connections that I cannot count it all. With 13 other TEAN students, we bonded and grew up together only within a month. We became family, we traveled together, climbed the Great Wall of China, ate local food (which we were told not to), tried every excursion that were available for us. The staffs were purely amazing, friendly, and helpful. Not only they were there to help me with everything (from using the washer to extending my visa), they showed me Shanghai and became my friends as well. I have learned so much about myself, the culture, and most importantly, I have developed strong communication and survival skills. This was my first time in China and not knowing the language was terrifying at first for me; however, TEAN made everything so much smoother and I blended right in.
Fudan University is a great university. The facility is beautiful and very secured. All classes besides the language ones are taught in English, the teachers are very nice and understanding. Although the courses can be a bit intensive, it is worthwhile.
I could go all day about how amazing this trip was but it’s always better to feel it yourself. I highly recommend this program to everyone, it truly changed my life and I know for sure it will change yours too.

22 years old
Iowa State University

A Dive into China

Overall 10

I loved my experience with TEAN in China. It was the best decision I made for visiting China for the very first time. The staff was super helpful and we had a blast both during the orientation and while being on excursions. We grew together as a group so much and made memories that will last forever from yodeling on top of the great wall to having Chinese hot pot with our language teacher. It was amazing to experience Shanghai up close and engage with different local and international students at Fudan University. We learned a lot about China and the Chinese people, but also created contacts with some many other people from different cultures. I was especially lucky to become close friends with local students who took me home with them and showed me their way of life. Making local friends was probably the greatest experience of my awesome adventure. Right after that comes traveling both with the TEAN group but also alone. It was fascinating to see Beijing and Inner Mongolia with a guided tour since we had such an easy time getting around and learned so much. But also really enjoyed my trip alone to Xi'an. But through out the entire time TEAN was always very helpful and there was not a problem we couldn't solve fast and easily. I would very much recommend going to China with TEAN.

22 years old
Moraga, CA

Deep in the East

Overall 10

As a returning student and traveler to Shanghai, China I can only reflect back on so many highlights of my trip. From traveling to attractions such as the great wall to just exploring the community where a resided in the Yangpu district. It was eye opening to see so many different features of life in person such as the architecture, culture, geography and lifestyle. At first I was a bit apprehensive about how my experience would unfold because of the my uncertainty. I asked myself if the cultural adjustment would be to great, notably things like the language and customs. Then after awhile, I grew more comfortable and confident being out on my own because I started to become really familiar with my surroundings and I could fulfill the day to day agendas I planned.

Fudan, was a great university to attend especially because it was very laid-back, but also very intense. Being a international I feel like one worry we share going into a traveling experience is the depth of the education we'll receive abroad. Fudan provided a huge amount of resources but it was interesting to explore a whole school database written in another language.

I can't stress enough how much TEAN has contributed to my experience with the inclusions and 360 degree support from start to finish. Highly recommend choosing to travel with them.

How can this program be improved?
TEAN had many pros and very little cons, but the most notable thing that I wish could have been improved was directory to some traveling attractions all over Mainland China. I felt it was hard at times to figure out where to go in that did not include the inclusion trips offered which we amazing, but perhaps more information provided on local museums, volunteer centers, etc.
23 years old
North East
Kean University

A worthy Investment

Overall 10

Choosing TEAN as my program provider for my semester abroad was the best decision I made. From the start of my application process through the end of my semester, I received help with everything I needed.

Academics: Due to my major, I took a lot of businesses classes and one beginner Chinese class to help me immerse myself within the culture. I had classes with many students from across the globe! The classes weren't too hard or too easy. You should be fine as long as you study and take notes.

Housing: I lived in an off-campus apartment five minutes away from Fudan. I found the location perfect because It was close enough to school and still in the center of the social scene. There were many restaurants and bars on the streets I lived on and a metro stop nearby if I wanted to go to other parts of the city.

Staff: The on-site resident director helped us with everything we needed. Responded to our questions in less than 24 hours! You don't realize how beneficial this is until you need help.

Social: There is ALWAYS something to do in Shanghai! You'd have to try really hard to be bored. Smart Shanghai is a great website resource to find things to do!

How can this program be improved?
23 years old
Boston, Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts- Boston

Best experience of my entire existence

Overall 10

My time in China was enriching to my soul, and food to my hunger for adventure. I was able to diverge myself into the local culture, along with flying off to neighboring countries to explore and compare different Asian cultures amongst one another, while attending classes. Shanghai is a beautiful province with a population of 23 million people. Its undergone enormous changes this past few decades, but its still managed to hold onto its cultural identity. The location and scope of the city is modern enough to be comfortable, but different in a sense that your in China! I would do it all over again with no hesitation.

23 years old
New York
Pace University

Take me back!

Overall 10

This semester was the most exciting I spent so far in my college life!
As for day to day experience, you live in an apartment a few minutes from campus, Chinese restaurants, a huge mall, walmart, and lots of street food places. The campus is very international with people from all around the world as well as Chinese students genuinely interested in western cultures. Shanghai is an amazing city with lots of things to do and to discover and very different architectures.

Highlights of the program:

-TEAN basically plans everything for you, so you arrive to China and just need to concentrate on visiting and your academics (sounds hard right?)
-The TEAN trips were definitely THE thing that made me chose the program. They were amazing, very well organized, great housing, and definitely showing you what you had to see in each city
-Health Insurance coverage: I got some medical problems and the staff there was incredibly helpful, going with me to the hospital + the insurance covers everything it's amazing

Difficulties: Refraining from eating huge amounts of street food on a daily basis

23 years old
Manchester, New Hampshire
Saint Anselm College

TEAN is what you're looking for.

Overall 10

I truly think that every student should study abroad sometime during their undergrad. Tackling a new language, experiencing a new culture, seeing famous & historical sites, meeting friends from far away places, and tasting different cuisines while traveling become your favorite memories. TEAN was the perfect choice for me- having their support, especially in a country as distant as China, was essential to making the process smooth and carefree. Also, the excursions they include in the package are awesome and would be incredibly difficult to pull off by yourself. For anyone looking to study abroad in China, TEAN in Shanghai is definitely the way to go.

How can this program be improved?
Any issues I had were resolved!
23 years old
Cincinnati, OH
University of Cincinnati

Great experience, would love to do it again

Overall 10

The program was great and had its share of fun, study, excursions, and yes, down time. Classes left sufficient time to explore the city and I was able to take quite a few weekend trips as well. Shanghai is an amazing city and offers a fast paced life if you want it. But slowing down, relaxing, and taking things more in stride is just as doable.

Our support coming into China as well as in China was great. You always had someone to answer questions on both ends and were never alone in the process. Especially being in a place as new and confusing as China, the support TEAN offered was a life saver.

How can this program be improved?
Shanghai does offer a lot of Western style food, attractions, and areas when compared to most other parts of China. This was great to get a taste of home, but if you weren't careful it was easy to let yourself become a little lazy in really immersing yourself in the culture. Living with other Americans was great and helped the program feel more normal, but if they aren't all dedicated to the language study it doesn't help there. There is, however, a local roommate who offers that aspect.
23 years old
Romeoville il
Lewis University

My amazing experience!

Overall 10

It all started with my desire to go abroad and learn a new culture to become more globally aware.. I began comparing the different programs and I soon found the education abroad network. The program was spectacular I loved it in every single way. Tean did a fantastic job at providing us with an amazing experience that started in Beijing. We toured the city and spent some time with the locals before going to a remote part of the Great Wall. After the orientation we went to Shanghai were we were shocked to find how spectacular the city is and the accommodations Tean provided us. We were in the nicest apartments just near campus. Fudans classes were relatively easy yet challenging in a good way. I was great flu that Tean provided us with a Chinese roommate because he was able to help show us the ropes of the city and help us with simple tasks, I did not know any Chinese prior to the trip and I found it rather easy to get around the city. Tean also provided us with a trip into Inner Mongolia which was very cool. From riding a camel to sledding down sand dunes it was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in studying abroad as the staff is very helpful and super friendly . There was a representative in Shanghai that would be able to assist us in any sort of emergency or even simple questions we had. I miss this program already :(

How can this program be improved?
Nothing at all. It was perfect
23 years old
Des Moines, IA
Drake University

Fun in the CITY

Overall 10

Fall 2012 was the best semester of my entire life. Why? The people, the culture, the activities, the adventures, The Education Abroad Network. Shanghai, China will never be looked at in the same way. TEAN offered wonderful excursions and awesome bonding opportunities which brought every closer together. They prepped us with what to expect to help students be at ease. The housing was in a prime location and was very close to campus. Because we were fully integrated into the fudan system, we were able to choose among the whole class list which I really appreciated. If it weren't for TEAN, I would have been disappointed with my class options. THANK YOU!

How can this program be improved?
I really enjoyed the concept of living in Shanghai with local people and my Chinese roommate really helped the transition. The apartment was big and in a nice location. What I was not too happy with was there were a number of problems with the apartment itself.
23 years old
Columbia, South Carolina

Studying for 5 months in Shanghai with The Education Abroad Network

Overall 10

My experience studying abroad was the greatest experience of my life. If I could do it over again I would take that opportunity in a heartbeat. Before I left for China, I had no idea what to expect. I knew the culture would be different, but I did not know much beyond that. This scared me, but TEAN did a great job of taking care of all of us and slowly setting us into the culture rather than just leaving us to fend for ourselves. The orientation at the beginning of the program definitely helped a lot with both the culture immersion as well as meeting everyone on the program. The orientation let us experience parts of China that I would not be able to experience if I had just visited Beijing on my own. From the Peking duck, to eating with a family in a Hutong, to climbing the Great Wall of China at sunrise, I could have never done that without TEAN setting that up for us. It was definitely a great start to the program and I don’t know of any other program that had done anything like that for orientation.

When I got to Shanghai I lived in an apartment with 3 other girls in my program as well as one Chinese student from Fudan. Her name was Daisy, she was Shanghainese, and her English was impeccable. She helped us out a lot with both the language and other things. She told us where to buy different things, where to go when we were sick, and also helped us out with our Chinese homework. We also got to go over to her parent’s house for dinner, which was an amazing experience. We got to eat home cooked traditional foods made by her mom. It was all absolutely delicious.

At Fudan University I took 5 classes and an internship. The classes I took where Business and Culture, Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Political Economy of China, Chinese language, and International Financial Mgmt. As the school system is a lot different from the US, it was hard to get used to the way the classes were taught at first, but overall I really liked them. My favorite and most redeeming classes were probably Political Economy of China and Chinese language. I feel like those were the classes I learned the most relevant information from.

My internship was at Planet International, an exporting company for medical supplies and baby products. My job there was research assistant. I would research either FDA regulations, or write up marketing proposals. As an international business major, it was a good experience to learn that kind of thing and will benefit me in the future.

Probably my favorite part of the TEAN program was the group trip to Inner Mongolia. This again was something I could not have imagined doing on my own, and the trip was one of the greatest I’ve ever taken. I don’t have anything bad to say about the trip, other than the large amount of mosquitoes living in Mongolia. We got to live in Yurts, ride camels, go sand sliding, and take part a wedding reception around a campfire. I’m pretty sure everyone who went on the trip can say that they had a blast, and it was one of the great parts of the whole study abroad experience.

Before studying abroad I went through a lot of research trying to find the perfect program. After many pros and cons lists, I finally settled on studying abroad with TEAN, and I do not regret my decision one bit. Unfortunately for me I had to go through an extra step of writing a petition since TEAN was not affiliated with my school, but I went ahead and did it because I thought it was worth it. The main reasons I picked TEAN over the other programs was because of living with the Chinese roommate, the trip to Inner Mongolia, and the amazing orientation to Beijing. The other programs I looked at provided some of these things, but not all of them together.

Overall I’m so glad I studied abroad, and I’m so glad I went through TEAN to do so. I could not have asked for a better experience.

23 years old
Boston, Massachusetts

Shanghai: A perfect cosmopolitan blend

Overall 10

I would highly recommend any other student to study in Shanghai through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN). I chose TEAN as my program provider for several reasons; namely, the amazing orientation in Beijing, the internship component and the fact we got to live in apartments. Let me tell you about the orientation in Beijing. We got to stay at the lavish Marriott hotel, with a pool and gym—basically it was a great way to meet everybody. A native tour guide showed us all the amazing sights Beijing has to offer—the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, etc. We also got to eat amazing food at the most well-known Beijing restaurants. After a five day orientation, we flew out to Shanghai, literally my favorite city in the world. Shanghai is a blend of so many cultures. There is every type of restaurant, clothing store, electronic center, and what not available. The city is so fast paced—it never gets boring! TEAN, unlike many other programs, offers an internship opportunity. Having work experience in China has improved my resume drastically. It also opened up my eyes to the many opportunities out there. Aside from my internship, I got to also take classes at Fudan, one of China’s top universities. Having the chance to sit in a classroom with China’s top students is absolutely invaluable. Overall—my trip to Shanghai was life changing. I would recommend anyone to travel with TEAN, whether to China or one of their other locations!

About The Provider

The Education Abroad Network is a relatively small and innovative organization that thrives on giving each and every student deserved personal attention, extensive program preparation, and quick answers to every question under the sun. Creating partnerships with many of the best universities in the Asia Pacific has allowed The Education Abroad Network to become experts at planning and delivering programs in the region. Dedicated and experienced staff provide unparalleled individual service every step of the way. Online applications, extensive pre-departure consultations, in-country orientations, on-site resident directors, cultural excursions, and high quality accommodations provide for the ultimate experience abroad. Check out one of the many awesome programs below, and visit The Education Abroad Network's website to make your study abroad dream a reality!

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