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Live and study in Shanghai - the center of China's economic growth and development. This dynamic city offers something for everyone: ancient history, international business, art and culture, incredible dining, nightlife, shopping and much more. TEAN has partnered with the prestigious Fudan University and The University of Virginia (UVA) to offer students an unforgettable study abroad experience with an emphasis on studying Chinese.

Both semester-long and 4-week summer programs are available. Each include a TEAN orientation program in Shanghai, guided cultural activities, an excursion to Beijing for semester students, and on-site staff to provide assistance throughout your stay. Explore China with TEAN as your guide - check our website for more info!

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TEAN: Semester in Shanghai

TEAN has joined together with one of the most prestigious universities in China, Fudan University, and a leading Mandarin instruction program from the University of Virginia to offer students an incredibly comprehensive semester abroad. The Semester in Shanghai offers a challenging, yet supportive environment with more than 120 courses available in English that cover a variety of subjects, from business to liberal arts, in addition to studying Mandarin – the most spoken language in the world.

Shanghai Summer

Spend your summer studying in Shanghai, China – an exhilarating city that allows you to explore both an ancient cultural past and an exciting future as a global center of commerce, industry and innovation. In partnership with Fudan University, one of China’s most prestigious institutions, this summer program is perfect for anyone looking to gain Mandarin language experience, study Chinese culture, business or history while making connections with students from around the world.


TEAN by WorldStrides Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is offered for summer and semester programs and is intended for students with identities historically underserved in education abroad. This can include, but is not limited to, individuals who identify as African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, Alaskan Native, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, LGBTQIA+, First-Generation College Students, U.S. Military Veterans, students with disabilities, and/or students at Minority-Serving Institutions.

$2,500 - $5,000

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Yes, I recommend this program

My future home

I had an amazing experience, so much so that I know I want to go back and work in China.

The University was good, a little difficult but overall good. I feel like I learned a lot and was challenged to think differently. Some things got a little annoying because there are certain topics not allowed to be talked about, and using the internet with firewalls for research were tough but manageable.

Apart fromt he university, TEAN did a great job at orientation, I felt like I really connected with my group who went abroad. We all became pretty great friends with eachother and so the housemates became my best friends.

Personally I also really wanted to experience what life would be like as a local so I would do things alone to get a feel for the city. I took dance classes and ran Spartan races and went clubbing and bar hopping. I made a lot of both local and foreign friends, both working and students, and I feel like that made the experience amazing. I found new hobbies and new friends and we were able to compare out life styles and I was able to practice my mandarin.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Dont be afraid of solo trips. I loved traveling with TEAN and with friends, but my favorite moments were by myself. I could just walk for hours and not have a plan of where to go and discover amazing things and see amazing views.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Semester in Shanghai was Stressful but Superb

My study abroad experience in Shanghai was stressful, but in a good way. I picked this program for three reasons: 1) Shanghai is, no doubt, an exciting city; 2) Fudan University has a stellar reputation and it offered classes related to my major; 3) TEAN allows you to do an internship, which related to my career goals. At times, I felt a bit overwhelmed because I was taking five classes, learning Mandarin, interning, and squeezing out time to explore and travel around China. However, it was absolutely worthwhile. I was able to gain a new perspective on various subjects thanks to my peers and professors at Fudan University and experience what it's like to study, work, and live in Shanghai. I fell in love with this city and I don't think I could have picked a better program to go there with.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would invest more time in improving my Mandarin so that I could get to know more Chinese university students.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer in Shanghai!

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for this abroad program, but TEAN was with me every single step of the way. They answered my thousands of emails and even held a small video conference to address any concerns predeparture. When we arrived, a local grad student picked us up at the airport and showed us to our incredibly nice apartments. The local TEAN staff showed us around the city and helped us get all settled in. Honestly, without TEAN's orientation, the transition would have been pretty rough. TEAN staff even held a meeting halfway through the program just to check in on us. I got to explore many unique places, like Hangzhou, Tong Li, and Beijin, too. I made friends from around the globe that I still keep in touch with. In fact, we're planning a reunion trip soon! This was definitely the experience of a lifetime.

What would you improve about this program?
The only tweak I would recommend is for Fudan University to be a bit more organized. When registering for classes, not all of the times on the schedule were accurate, and my classroom got moved around a couple of times throughout the summer. This was only the second year that Fudan had been offering this program though, so some bugs were to be expected.
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Yes, I recommend this program

TEAN in Shanghai is Amazing and Excellent Choice

My experience with TEAN for my study abroad experience was wonderful. They provided wonderful support during my application process and swiftly answered any and all questions I had making me seem very at ease with this generally slightly stressful process. While in China, they provided wonderful on ground support where I felt at ease in reaching out for any assistance I needed. The apartment was lovely and beautiful to live in. It allowed me easy access to explore local Shanghai culture as well as explore other parts of the city as well. The excursions were also great for my culturally learning as I was exposed to truly unique experiences such as hiking the Great Wall of China before the sun rose when there was absolutely not another soul in sight besides our own group. These types of moments and memories are ones that I will never forget and are ones that I would have never had had it not been for TEAN.

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Yes, I recommend this program

10/10 would recommend

TEAN made the study abroad process as easy and painless as possible. The staff was very patient and helpful with any questions and concerns I had before leaving. I had nothing but good interactions with everyone in TEAN. They made sure we settled into our host country by taking us to get a SIM card, bank account, class registration and even an internship if you wanted one. Orientation before school was a lot of fun and gives you the chance to make friends right at the beginning of the semester. The friends I made and the experiences I had were the unforgettable and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

TEAN's housing was unreal and was in an amazing location. I will probably never live in a place as nice as the apartments they set us up in. There were plenty of food and cafes around the apartment that were perfect for hanging out with friends and studying.

While I was in China, I traveled with TEAN to Beijing and Chengdu. Both trips were expertly planned, and we were able to see most of the cities in a weekend. We did a sunrise hike on the Great Wall and explored the art district in the city. These trips were definitely a highlight of the semester

If you have the chance to go abroad, go with TEAN. 10/10 would recommend.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Studying Abroad in Shanghai? TEAN is a MUST!!

I studied abroad in Shanghai this past spring semester, and I absolutely LOVED IT--it was one of the most valuable and thrilling experiences of my life. Shanghai offers a unique combination of cultural history and rapid modernization. Each day in Shanghai, there was something new to explore; I wish I could spend another semester there!

What made the experience truly over the top was deciding to go with The Education Abroad Network. From my first interest email to help choosing classes in Shanghai to showing me around the city to now requesting Fudan University transcripts, TEAN has been there to help me out every step of the way. TEAN, in partnership with UVA, also offers a unique Chinese language program that is limited to students in the program, so classes are only about 5 people. When we went back to our apartment, we could practice what we’d learned with our local Chinese roommate. We lived in an incredible TEAN apartment that was perfectly located between Fudan University and the metro station, which connected us to the rest of Shanghai. Some of my favorite memories, including hiking the Great Wall at sunrise and eating famous spicy hotpot in Chengdu, were thanks to the TEAN organized trips. Going abroad, especially to China, can be a little nerve-wracking, but TEAN staff made me feel prepared and supported throughout the whole process.

Living in Shanghai challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and explore somewhere new. I had the opportunity to study at one of the top universities in China, practice my Mandarin on a daily basis, immerse myself in a completely different culture, and develop friendships with people from all around the world. However, transitioning to a new place does not come without its challenges, which is why I am so grateful to have gone abroad with TEAN, whose staff was there to help me every step of the way. During my time abroad, Shanghai truly became my home and the TEAN students and staff became my family.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Thrilling Ride in Shanghai

My experience in China is one I will never forget! From the friends and peers I met to the epic and legendary sightseeing attractions, China is the place to go study abroad! Throughout the four months, TEAN has helped me greatly whether it was helping me search for a new tourist attraction or simply telling me about a delicious local restaurant. My favorite restaurant is the dim sum place on Da Xue Lu; the restaurant offers a variety of different dishes at reasonable prices! Aside from all the yummy treats and dishes I have eaten, I have discovered milk tea bubble tea and have drank that drink almost everyday! Although there are franchises here in the US, the drink does not taste the same! If you stumble upon Yi Dian Dian, I recommend you purchase a drink from there! It is my favorite place to buy milk tea bubble tea! Other than going on food tours, I have made unforgettable memories in China and made friends with whom I continue to keep in touch with til today! I will definitely go back to China again in the near future!!

What would you improve about this program?
TEAN has been my family during my semester in China! This program is awesome!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Missing Shanghai already!

My time in Shanghai was incredible, and TEAN had so much to do with that! I loved the experience, and I miss it so much! Fudan was an amazing place to learn at, and I really came to understand more about China as a whole. I loved being able to explore a city as big as Shanghai, and I wish that I could go back sometime soon! The TEAN staff in Shanghai were beyond helpful, and they made sure that we were capable of getting around the city ourselves. I was really happy with everything that TEAN did, and I could not suggest this study abroad enough!

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