New York Film Academy's Summer Filmmaking Program in Beijing

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Nestled in the heart of the Haidian district of Beijing, NYFA Beijing’s unique intensive 4-week Filmmaking program is taught by award winning and internationally recognized instructors and professional filmmakers.

Beijing is an exciting city with a lively history of culture and power. As with all NYFA study abroad programs, the city becomes our students’ classroom. Since 2012, NYFA Filmmakers and Actors alike have been encouraged to become immersed in the bustling city of Beijing and get inspired by the unique culture. Beijing’s blend of ancient history and modern landscape creates the perfect backdrop for NYFA student films.

NYFA’s programs are valuable to students from nearly all disciplines. After all, NYFA Beijing students learn the universal skills of storytelling, confident presenting, and creativity.

Please note: Space in NYFA Beijing is limited and demand is high. We recommend that prospective students apply early to secure a space.

  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Experienced instructors in both the industry and filmmaking education
  • On-Site Studios & Classrooms and Centrally Located Facilities
  • On-Site Director(s)
  • Regional Accredited Transcripts

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great program, superb instructors, loads of useful information!!

It was very good to have the experience of holding a camera, creating your space with lights and props, and actually seeing your concept become a reality. The instructors were quite instrumental in guiding us through this process of going from a few scribbled notes to shaping them into a film-able story, with characters who had clear objectives and arc, which all came to life in random locations, right in front of the camera.... quite an amazing experience!

Post program, I used the knowledge and skill to continue writing and creating promotional videos and monologues, and with that added to my repertoire and resume, I cannot say with all certainty that this program resulted in my being offered a position as a faculty at Tsinghua University, to teach Drama and Literature, but I am quite sure it did not hurt.

I would do it again.....but I have already done it!

What would you improve about this program?
Students be allowed the freedom to shoot off-campus, so that their projects can be more creative, and not limited to the campus grounds.
A bit more time with camera equipment would also be helpful, and more options on editing programs.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fun and Hands-on program

It’s a great way to experience the film industry. It tells a lot about how the actual industry works and you can get a feel from it. The classes at New York Film Academy offers editing, lighting, sound sync, directing and writing. So for those students who would like to attend in or be involved in this workshop, I highly recommend you join this big group and have a fun time, because it provides you with extended knowledge and skills to be a good director or cinematographer.

The instructors are very helpful. They spent a lot of their time helping students inside and outside the class. If the students have questions they will be there to help no matter how the situation and time. I will definitely choose New York Film Academy. It’s very hands-on, very practical and it will help you get started.

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