IFSA: Universidad Nacional Partnership
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IFSA: Universidad Nacional Partnership

Come study abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica with IFSA at Universidad Nacional! Students have the option of taking classes through the university, given that their Spanish language proficiency is good enough. Those with only 2-3 semesters of Spanish language classes can opt to sign up for the Heredia Intermediate program.

The Heredia Intermediate program requires students to take a 6-credit Intermediate Spanish course offered by IFSA, and gives the option to take two other 3-credit IFSA courses: Social History of Costa Rica and 20th Century Latin American Literature. In addition, students can take from 1-3 classes at the university from the General Studies Department, CIDEA or Art School. Check out all of the details today by visiting the IFSA website. Sign up to study in Heredia, Costa Rica!

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All in One

I love the beach, but every once in awhile, I enjoy an adventure deeper in nature. While my main goal of studying abroad was to learn Spanish, going to Costa Rica also gave me the aspect of exploration that I craved from a study abroad experience. Furthermore, IFSA allowed me to enroll in courses with Costa Ricans, fully expanding my opportunity to immerse. This aspect alone makes IFSA stand out from other programs, and I'm fully aware of how incredible it was to study abroad in such a unique situation. I received personal attention from the IFSA staff to ensure my experience was going smoothly. Any bumps along the road were handled in a timely and professional manner.

The field trips included in the program price were so fun. From chocolate tours and whitewater rafting to hiking through the rainforest to the beach, the times spent with the group both strengthened the bond of the group and our knowledge of the country.

Within the program, there are “Amigos Ticos”, Costa Rican students from the same University who help you get situated during orientation and show you the lifestyle of a true tico. Having these students made settling into the semester much easier.

Overall, I was very pleased with my time in Costa Rica. I feel as if IFSA Butler deserves a lot of credit for making it all possible.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing about the program, it would be the 15 credit minimum requirement. Keeping up with ~5 courses as an international student can be rather challenging.

Yes, I recommend
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100% Would recommend

I picked this program because I wanted to be able to practice Spanish and become immersed in another cultures and this program let me do just that. The program staff were always warm and welcoming and my host family was truly amazing. Travel in Costa Rica is cheap so I was able to travel to all parts of the country and see national parks, beaches, and cultural sites. It was truly a wonderful experience, I've made friends for life, and I highly recommend it!

How can this program be improved?

More program trips! A lot of the places we went with the program were places that would have been very difficult to get to ourselves so it would've been great if the program could have sponsored more of these trips for us.

Yes, I recommend

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