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The CET program fee covers tuition, housing with a Czech Buddy, activities and excursions (including the Traveling Seminar), medical insurance, visa processing & fees, cell phone to borrow during the program, transportation pass, and course materials/textbooks.

The program fee does not include transportation to/from Prague and meals.

Still wondering how to budget for your time abroad? CET offers scholarships, and CET staff is happy to provide advice on keeping discretionary purchases to a minimum (i.e., they can tell you where to get cheap eats).
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Mar 27, 2024
Aug 16, 2023
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Seeking a great jumping-off point for exploring other destinations in Europe? At CET Prague, you can test the waters of an international career by pursuing an internship at a local or multinational company. With CET Prague at FAMU programs explore a creative track and develop a final project under the guidance of some of the most skilled creative minds teaching in Europe. Highlights of these programs include a Traveling Seminar, which varies its destinations based on the program track, Czech roommates, and a host of activities that shine a light on local culture.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

CET believes in making study abroad accessible to students of all races, religions, origins, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We’ve gathered experiences from BIPOC students to share as resources such as the Identity Abroad pages, Perspective Pieces, and Identity Abroad Support Networks. We are also dedicated to becoming a more anti-racist organization by transforming our workplace, programs, and industry with our Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) Action Plan.

LGBTQIA+ Support

CET supports and welcomes students of all identities on our programs. We provide program-specific information under the cultural climate section of our Identity Abroad webpages for LGBTQ individuals in each of our program locations.

Neurodivergent Support

CET makes every effort to offer accommodations comparable to that of the students’ home institution. Disclosing early helps us to make proper preparations. The accommodations offered at each program can be found on each program location's Identity Abroad page. These pages can provide a good idea about what classes are like in terms of workload and class time. Initiating one-on-one conversations with Student Service Coordinators can also help inform students' decisions and determine if a program will be a good fit.

Accessibility Support

CET makes every effort to offer accommodations comparable to that of the students’ home institution. The levels of accessibility, from wheelchair accessibility to extra time on exams, are under each program location’s Identity Abroad page. Initiating one-on-one conversations with Student Service Coordinators can help inform students' decisions and determine if a program will be a good fit.



CET is an environmentally conscientious organization at our headquarters in DC and programs all around the world. In each of our centers, we adopt local measures to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable practices. As part of our ongoing efforts towards sustainability, we’ve partnered with Cool Effect, a nonprofit focused on reducing carbon emissions through scientifically-proven, hand-selected carbon projects worldwide. For each trip taken by one of our staff members, travelers, or students, we donate to support three carbon projects chosen by staff volunteers every year.

Ethical Impact

When we set up a program overseas, we become a part of that local community. And as a community member, we are responsible for contributing to local initiatives in meaningful ways. Our website lists some local philanthropic organizations that help us fulfill this responsibility—they host our students, and we support their missions.

Program Highlights

  • Concentration-focused Traveling Seminar around Central Europe
  • Option to intern in Prague
  • Czech roommates
  • Hands-on learning through film-making
  • Courses taught in English

Popular Programs

Students at river overlook

At CET Prague, you can test the waters of an international career by pursuing an internship at a local or multinational company. Select a concentration to anchor your experience: Business & Economics, Central European Studies, Jewish Studies, or Global Security Studies. Elective courses are available in fields ranging from history and political science to film, psychology and literature. The Traveling Seminar (TS) is a highlight of the program, which is composed of two separate excursions.

student filming

Spend your semester mastering both the process and medium of filmmaking (16mm or 35mm). Narrative Film Production students work in groups to see their short film through every stage, while working alongside professionals and under the guidance of an experienced mentor at FAMU. You leave Prague with a project for your portfolio, a better sense of the ins and outs of the film industry, and the confidence and skills to take on your next future creative endeavor.

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  • Academics 3.7
  • Support 4.25
  • Fun 4.6
  • Housing 4.55
  • Safety 4.9
  • Housing 4
  • Support 5
  • Fun 5
  • Value 5
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

CET Review

Having never travelled overseas before, let alone lived in a new and unfamiliar country, CET Prague opened up an entire world of future plans and experiences to me. I initially enrolled in this program because I could tailor my course schedule to my academic needs and interests as a Political Science major and History minor with an unfulfilled Arts credit, and I was excited to visit a new area of the world. Leaving the program, I had not only satisfied my academic and internship needs, but had acquired basic skills in a new language, a rich understanding of a new culture and history, and a city that I can always return to as a second home. CET Prague's best perks are the relatively small program size, the beautiful location of the academic building, the local faculty and roommates, and the priceless traveling seminar opportunities. On the other hand, you may find yourself stuck in a drab and overcrowded apartment forty minutes from class, which is either a plus (getting to live in a residential area outside of the noisy and tourist-saturated downtown, plus 3-4 potential new friends) or a minus (long commute, not very comfortable, plus 3-4 potential new enemies) depending on your point of view. Likewise, the academic building and national library's hours can be hard to plan around if you need a quiet and comfortable space away from home to study after classes (which can run late into the evening). Of course, studying abroad comes with certain anticipated discomforts if you are not used to travelling or living far from home, and you will quickly discover that your usual bad habits still follow you no matter where you are. As one such person, I do not think I had the "ideal" study abroad experience that some of my peers did - but with CET, I still had an incredible semester that I will never forget.

  • Complementary travel and tours throughout four countries are built into the program.
  • Friendly faculty and staff teach high quality, immersive courses that go outside the classroom.
  • Excellent geographic location in one of the world's most beautiful cities (seriously!)
  • The classes and, especially, the optional internship can be far more demanding than expected.
  • You either love or hate Czech food, and grocery stores don't always carry everything you're used to.
  • If you have particular study needs, they can be hard to meet in the spaces made available to you.
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Response from CET Academic Programs

Hello Jonah,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I Wouldn't Trade This For Anything—Despite Some Ups and Downs.

Studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic with CET Academic Programs was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. I loved being immersed in the country's rich history and culture, and I was thankful for CET's support while I became more acclimated to life in the city.

Coming here as a political science major, I found that many of the classes helped me to fulfill requirements and expose me to new topics I had never approached back in the US. I found all of my classes very interesting and engaging, though they were definitely less rigorous than my classes at my home institution. All of my classes were made up of 5-12 CET students, taught in English (except for Czech—that was a good mix of the two languages), and held at the CET Academic Center in the city center (Prague 1). We used the city of Prague itself as our classroom too; we would often visit sites of cultural and historical significance during our class time. Our learning expanded beyond the city limits as well, as CET arranged for both day trips (Lidice and Terezín were particularly impactful) as well as longer excursions (the academic travel seminars to Poland, Austria, and Hungary were incredibly enriching). The professors at CET are excellent, and you can really tell that they enjoy working with the students.

The program coordinators who work in the Prague office are amazing as well—kind, considerate, and always willing to help ensure you make the most of your experience. I just wish the office had been better prepared to handle COVID-19 cases. When I tested positive mid-way through the semester, there seemed to be no game plan whatsoever. Where do my roommates go while I quarantine? Do I stay in my apartment even? Do I need to get a PCR test? Can I go out in public with a mask, or do I need to isolate completely? Everyone seemed to have different answers, and I was disappointed that there was no comprehensive plan.

CET's housing, overall, was lacking. We were promised apartments in the city center, but in actuality, we were placed further out in the Nusle neighborhood of Prague 4 and had a ~22-minute tram ride commute to the Academic Center. The apartment complex itself was adequate, but it certainly did not match the photos of the spacious apartments boasting lots of natural light that CET posted on their website. Perhaps those apartments were reserved for the FAMU students up in the Vinohrady neighborhood in Prague 2? The building, mostly reserved for just CET students, would be out of hot water at least once a month, the laundry machines broke on multiple occasions, and we had issues with the wifi almost every single day. Despite this, I did enjoy living in the same complex as all of my friends and classmates. We formed a community of our own, often asking each other for advice on where to buy certain items or if we could borrow things from each other. I also loved that CET assigned local Czech students to live with us in our apartments. They helped us adjust to life in the city by teaching us how to navigate public transportation, shop for groceries, and aid us with our Czech.

Prague is such a beautiful city, and CET made it very easy for us to get around. Transportation passes that allowed us unlimited access to the tram, bus, and metro systems were included with the cost of the program. Prague's public transportation was efficient, very clean, and safe. Definitely better than anything in the States! I also found myself loving all of the cafés, restaurants, and bars throughout the city. Compared the US, everything here was very affordable. Prague is certainly a more budget-friendly destination. It also is a great jumping-off point to explore other countries in Europe due to its central location.

As I mentioned earlier, all of our classes were very small because CET Prague is a smaller program overall. We had about 40 students in total, and while I liked the more intimate classroom setting with less people, I sometimes felt that the social dynamics of the program were clique-y and exclusionary.

Despite some of the bumps along the way, I really enjoyed my time abroad with CET. I made memories that will last me a lifetime, and I hope that I can return to Prague someday soon.

  • Beautiful city with rich history and culture
  • Built-in travel to nearby countries with concentration-specific itineraries
  • Central location—fantastic jumping-off point to travel to other European cities!
  • No comprehensive COVID-19 response plan
  • Social dynamics were sometimes clique-y
  • Housing accommodations were less than stellar
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Response from CET Academic Programs

Hi Marissa,

We're glad to hear that studying with us was one of the best decisions you've made! Thank you for taking the time to write this review and for all your feedback.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience with CET FAMU

If you are a filmmaking student looking for a program to develop your knowledge and skills, this program would be a strong choice. The variety of classes along with the opportunity to work with 16mm film has allowed me to learn so many new skills in such a short time. However, this program is quite different than your traditional study abroad. I would highly encourage any student to consider what they want to prioritize with their study abroad experience. Keep in mind that this program is by nature very intensive with a demanding schedule that does not allow much time for extracurricular travel and activities. So, if you are looking for a program with a light course load and lots of free time, this is likely not the one for you. However, I do feel that the intensity of this program has allowed me to grow exponentially as a person and helped prepared me for the film industry. One of the most valuable things I have learned at FAMU is the ability to integrate feedback from multiple mentors into my work. This aspect is something that I will take into my future courses and life beyond school.
Outside of the program, I believe that Prague is one of the best cities to study abroad in. I have never felt unsafe anywhere in the city, and there is a wide variety of food, nightlife, and other attractions to enjoy. Taking the Film Czech course quickly prepared me for being able to speak and understand the language in stores, restaurants, etc. However, I also found it rare to meet a Czech person who does not speak any English. Once you find the courage to try the traditional food, culture, and transportation, the city can quickly feel like home!
Overall, I am very grateful that I was able to participate in this program and that it has allowed me to grow so much as a person and a filmmaker.

  • Getting to work with professional film equipment
  • Learning from mentors who have industry experience
  • Housing accommodations are nice and in a very convenient location
  • Long class hours can be draining
  • Very little free time for travel
  • You're on your own for buying food/groceries
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Response from CET Academic Programs

Hi Christian,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some great photos from the program!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Pick Prague!

I picked Prague after previously visiting the city and falling in love with the buildings and parks that created a desire for me to go back and keep exploring what the city had to offer. I have no regrets in picking CET Prague. The program helped me understand the amazing history and deepen my cultural understanding of the city and Central Europe. The program requires you to take a beginning Czech language class which seemed daunting at first but helped me feel more connected to the city and show respect to its people (who overall really appreciated when we would try to speak Czech with them). Some of my other favorite classes were "Central European Film" and "Kafka and other Central European Literature". Both classes added in my cultural understanding and proved to be great conversation starters when we met with other lecturers on traveling seminars. Czech food also seemed like it wouldn't be my cup of tea, but I have developed a love for goulash and garlic soup. However, even if you decide that food isn't for you, there are so many different restaurants with a variety of different cuisines to try across the city. I also loved being with people from all across the US, not just from my home institution. This aspect helped me make life long friends that I most likely would have never met if I didn't do the program (and now I have more connections/places to visit in the US). The staff was also extremely supportive and felt like family. They really took the time to get to know you and spend time with you which is not something I have always experienced in previous programs. This was my favorite semester for so many reasons and I owe it all to CET Prague!

  • All different types of architecture which make the city even more beautiful
  • So much history that helps you gain an understanding of the politics of the past and present
  • Traveling seminars and events with the program that allow you to explore Prague and Central Europe while strengthening the program environment/friendships
  • May be hard to do if your major/minor/area of interest isn't one of the program's focuses, but that just depends on your school and their requirements
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Beautiful City with Amazing Staff

If you're reading this review, you're just like me when I was trying to decide between a few study abroad programs. First and foremost, I can 100% assure you that CET Prague is an amazing program.

Prague is by far the most beautiful city in Europe in terms of architecture (for nature I would recommend Croatia). There are so many things to do in Prague from museums and historical sites to an array of restaurants, pubs, and clubs. There are farmers markets, food / wine festivals and so many unique social gatherings throughout the city that I found fascinating.

The CET staff is arguably the best part of the program. I can personally speak for Petra, Martina, and Maggie, which are three people you'll be in contact with the most. They truly cared about my concerns and helped me throughout the semester. Additionally, the housing offered by CET is superb. The apartments are spacious with high ceilings. Some units are nicer than others, but overall I thought all of the apartments were all nice. And I should mention that a housekeeper comes to clean weekly. My roommate and I were also lucky, we shared our apartment with an awesome Czech student.

The professors were generally very nice. I didn't find any of the classes challenging, but that's not to say they weren't interesting. I didn't have to put in a lot of study time, which was nice because that made it possible to travel more. If it's offered, I highly recommend taking Resistance and Dissent taught by Pavla. She one of the most eccentric and interesting professors I've ever taken and her course is really fun. I should note that all of the courses are taught at the CET center, not at a Charles University building. You won't be taking courses with other Czech students, all of your courses will be with other students from the United States. This is purely because all of the classes are offered in English, with the exception of the Czech course. I thought I would prefer to be in a foreign university setting, but I really liked the CET center. I think this might matter to some people, so this might be something to consider.

The travelling opportunities provide by CET are great. I believe there were two traveling seminars. The first travelling seminar you'll visit Krakow, Auschwitz, Brno, and Vienna. The second travelling seminar is in Budapest. In addition to these, CET staff will take you to several cities and towns throughout the Czech Republic. These travelling opportunities, which are provided by CET are unique. Most study abroad programs do not offer travel opportunities like this. I definitely think this is something to consider.

I wanted to write briefly about my experience as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. The aforementioned staff members were extremely open-minded and eager to help each student regardless of one's unique identity. At one point in the semester there was a sponsored meetup for LGBTQ+ students studying at Charles University, which was fun. Prague as a city is quite progressive for LGBTQ+ issues, there is an annual pride parade and there are several gay clubs, which are fun for everyone! The only problem I had was with my Czech teacher at CET. She was obviously ignorant about the LGBTQ+ community as per her comments throughout the semester. I notified staff about her comments and spoke to the teacher directly about attending diversity and inclusion workshops in the future. Although this teacher was not appreciated, she was a small negative in my overall very positive experience. I felt quite comfortable within the CET program and Prague.

After talking with friends about their study abroad experiences, I came to the conclusion that CET Prague is one of the best study abroad programs. The beauty coupled with an abundance of activities for students arguably makes Prague one of the best cities for study abroad. And I cannot say enough positive things about the CET staff. If you're on the fence between CET Prague and another program, I think CET Prague is a place for everyone.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
There were several weekends where students would take weekend trips to other countries. I really enjoyed visiting other countries, but I wish I had spent more time exploring Prague. If I could do it over again, I would make a list of things I wanted to do in Prague. But no regrets overall :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Prague, I love you

Studying abroad through CET Prague was an invaluable experience. I chose this program because I had heard that Prague was quite affordable as far as EU cities go and BEAUTIFUL. I am pleased to say that its reputation held. CET staff were for the most part very supportive and helpful throughout the semester, making the transition to living and navigating around a new city much less daunting. While in Prague, I studied Central European Studies. I learnt a lot about the history and culture of the region, not just through my classes, but through all the extracurricular activities CET had to offer. Take advantage of them!

Since there are no classes on Fridays, many people traveled on the weekends. I found that with all the things going on in the semester, I was too burnt out to travel every weekend. But if you're someone that can afford and handle the stress of frequent travel and stimulation then there is definitely the opportunity to visit other parts of Europe. I visited Amsterdam one weekend, Munich another, and Paris and Freiburg over fall break. However, I'd recommend either coming early or leaving later than the program dates if you really want to experience Europe at your own pace.

Overall, the experiences I had here and people I met along the way were truly something else. I am happy with my decision to study in Prague through CET and would recommend this program to others.

What would you improve about this program?
I think there is still some room for improvement as far as the rigor of the academics are concerned. Also, I really enjoyed the traveling seminar portion of the semester; however, for the first traveling seminar I felt like too many places and activities were crammed in to too short an amount of time. There was not enough time to explore each city on your own without getting worn out. I would prefer to visit less places, but have more time in each location personally.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience History Where it Happened

The CET Prague program could not have been better tailored to my academic interests. As a History and Political Science major on my home campus, I was constantly amazed at the political and historical significance of everything around me. On the first day of class for Refugees, Minorities, and Migrations, our professor took us on a walking tour around Prague. All within walking distance of the CET Center were significant landmarks, monuments, and sites. I was especially fascinated because Central Europe had been so neglected in my historical education.
In addition to the myriad of historical sites to take in around Prague, CET took us on a traveling seminar around Central Europe, where we visted Krakow, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Brno, Mikulov, Vienna, and Budapest. Easily the best part of the program, the traveling seminar balances lectures with educational outings and free time to explore.
Additionally, I can't speak highly enough of the CET staff - our resident director and student life coordinator both made the program amazing for everybody.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I wouldn't necessarily call this a super adventurous food, but I absolutely fell in love with smazeny syr (fried cheese). It's breaded, deep fried edam cheese served with tartar sauce and some form of potatoes, and it's usually the only vegetarian option at traditional Czech restaurants.
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Yes, I recommend this program

CET Prague was a fantastic experience

I loved my semester abroad. Prague was a beautiful city, and CET did a great job of having classes that taught you about the history and people of the place you were living in. Most of the professors were excellent and knowledgeable, and incorporated cultural and interactive components into their lectures. The course load was interesting but not so heavy as to prevent us from exploring the city and learning by doing. The staff members were PHENOMENAL and made me feel safe, cared for, and helped introduce us to different aspects of Prague we might not have otherwise discovered. I also had an amazing Czech buddy as a roommate: we became great friends and she helped us adjust to the new experiences and was also just an incredible person to talk to. I also bonded with my flatmates and fellow students in my building, and we had a great time trying out new restaurants, visiting museums and points of interest, and even traveling outside of the country together. CET's traveling seminars were also and unbelievable opportunity to visit many other countries along with the program, which was great because it provided some structured learning and also gave us the freedom to explore on our own. While no abroad experience is perfect, CET gave me a chance to learn by doing, make new friends, and adapt to a new cultural atmosphere and I am so glad to have had this experience.

What would you improve about this program?
I think some of the professors could be more closely vetted, and I would have liked more interaction with Czech students, in addition to just my roommate.
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