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The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) is excited to offer students the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Bristol in England. Regarded as one of England's premier universities, the University of Bristol allows students to enroll in a range of courses in a variety of disciplines.

The city of Bristol is the largest city in southwest England and only 90 minutes from London by train. Students can look forward to enjoying the city's many parks, gardens, interesting alleys, and distinguished Georgian architecture. The city is also beloved for its beautiful harbor, filled with a wide range of sailboats, yachts, and ships.

Intrigued? We certainly are. To learn more about studying abroad at the University of Bristol, and to apply online, then please visit the USAC website.

  • Enjoy a vibrant city, famous in the UK for its music scene and street art; voted best student city in the UK and ranked the most livable city in Britain
  • Integrate with British students in housing, courses, and university activities
  • Utilize excellent sports facilities and choose from over 150 societies and 50 sporting clubs through one of the largest and most active student unions in the UK

Preparing to Study Abroad in 2021

We are planning for 2020-21 programs to proceed abroad. Learn more about how we are preparing for our students to enjoy a safe and meaningful experience overseas. You can also find a variety of helpful COVID-19 resources for students and families.


USAC Scholarships and Financial Aid

USAC awards over $2 million in scholarships and discounts each year to assist students with their study abroad expenses.

$500 - $1,000

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Favorite Semester

My favorite part of my semester abroad in Bristol was the city itself: it was simultaneously urban and compact, so there was a lot to do, but, at the same time, almost everything was reachable within a 15-minute walk. Coming from my hometown where a car is practically a necessity, it was refreshing being able to walk everywhere; of course, buses were available if I didn't want to walk, but, in my case, that wasn't always practical because, many times, a bus ride would take longer than walking (not ideal if you're running late, as I often am). The weather in Bristol wasn't as dreary as I expected English weather to be, so that was a huge plus. In terms of studying abroad, I'd have to say I had a more enjoyable experience with the "abroad" part than the "studying" aspect: I really enjoyed the freedom and anonymity of being in a city so far from home, but I treated my semester in Bristol more like a vacation than an academic experience (which, to be fair, a lot of study abroad students do). My attendance in my Bristol classes was rather spotty, which didn't impact my grades too badly since all lectures were recorded and since final grades in all of my classes were based solely on final assessments (projects, essays, exams). In fact, I didn't really enjoy that aspect of the British university system; it was a stark change from the typical American policy of having required homework assignments and quizzes/tests throughout the semester to keep students on track with the curriculum. My low attendance also prevented me from befriending many local students, aside from my British flat mates. Nearly all of my friends in Bristol were other study abroad students, especially other Americans, who were all going through a similar experience as me; personally, it was kind of difficult to get out of the study abroad bubble, although I had many friends who did manage to make a number of local friends. My only other regrets are not exploring more of Bristol than basically just the City Centre and university areas and not taking advantage of the low European airfare to travel more. Despite the few negatives, my time in Bristol was hands-down my favorite semester of college, and I would love to live there again someday.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would definitely focus a little more on the "study" aspect of my study abroad program. I could have easily made better grades if I had simply attended class more and been more proactive about my studies and final assignments, and I'm sure I could have also made more local friends if I had done so.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Bristol a great way to experience England

The thing I loved most about this study abroad program was its location in the lovely city of Bristol. Bristol is a beautiful and cosmopolitan place, but also small enough that I felt so relaxed, comfortable and at home there. The University of Bristol campus is also beautiful; classes take place in grand old buildings, departments staff are very supportive, and the students are so lively and welcoming. Bristol is a great place to get a taste of British life, and London, Bath and Stonehenge are all a half hour to one an and a half hour ride away. An excellent study abroad program!

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