Study Abroad in London at the University of Roehampton
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Study Abroad in London at the University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton in London is a friendly campus based university. Set in 54 acres of beautiful parkland, we are just six miles away from the heart of central London.

Ranked Best Modern University in London by multiple league tables, the University of Roehampton offers teaching excellence in a wide range of subjects. You can also pick from one of our field-based London Studies classes to really get to know the city.

You will live in guaranteed on campus accommodation - alongside Roehampton students - in a single occupancy study bedroom with shared kitchen facilities and optional private bathrooms.

Make the most of your semester or year abroad by participating in our popular social programme or by using nearby transport connections to travel easily around the UK and Europe.

Contact the dedicated Roehampton Abroad team today to take the first step to an unforgettable experience!

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  • Fun 7.9
  • Housing 8.3
  • Safety 9.2
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Very good integrated

Striking about the program at the University of Roehampton is, that the study abroad students live together with english students and international students which are at Roehampton for the whole three years of their degree. So the study abroad students and Erasmus students are not kept separate. This is the best possible way to learn the language and get to know new people from a various range of different countries. At the same time, the Study Abroad Team still host events for study abroad students only.

How can this program be improved?

some of the lectures take very long to correct the papers, so that most of the students are not here anymore, when they find out if passed or not. This could be very difficult if someone is failing a course and has to re do it.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Decision I Ever Made!

Choosing to come to this university has been the best choice I could have made when I decided to study abroad. Since the minute I arrived I've been welcomed by many of the students and faculty members here and have continued to be helped by them in my time here. There has been no absence of kindness and assitance that I have received while at Roehampton whether it be in modules or with my flat. This program has given me experiences that I'll make use of for the rest of my life and I will always recommend this University for I feel that it offers the most for any study abroad student interested in having the time of their life.

How can this program be improved?

Perhaps by letting the student know that food will not be provided upon arrival? Just to let them know.

Yes, I recommend
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Roehampton abroad

Studying at the Roehampton university has been great experience. The university was very accommodating to international students in and outside of the classroom. I enjoyed the classes very much they were interesting and the professor were very helpful. The location of the camp is also great. It is about 30min on the tube to central London locations and is very accessible to get around. The on campus events were also interesting and there were a lot of activities.The campus is beautiful and it was the best decision that I've made.

How can this program be improved?

Great program maybe more ways to get international students involved on campus

Yes, I recommend
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Why did I have to leave?

I loved Roehampton Uni. I loved being in such a community that was rich in culture and intellect. The whole Roehampton staff was very supportive of us and was always available to answer any questions that I might of had. The students were also very inclusive. They were engaged in learning about my culture and they were more than willing to share theirs. The classes were different but the lecturers were more than understanding and have me extra attention of it was needed. The staff and students were all very supportive of me as a study abroad and student. They were patient and was always available to answer any questions I might have had. They really mad my time in London an unforgettable one. I wish I didn't have to leave! I remember the charisma and excitement the staff had. It really made us excited to be there. The students were also friendly and interested in learning about American culture. Overall I love this place and wish I didn't have to go home.

Yes, I recommend
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Eat,Pray , Love... London Edition

Studying abroad in the University of Roehampton has been a forever life changing experience! Moving to a different country for half a year seemed so scary but this program has made London my home. I have meet people from all over the world and they have become my global family. The administration alongside academic faculty guided me into the British culture and made me feel like I was no longer an outsider. Being abroad I feel was the perfect choice to prepare me into adulthood as I transition into my last year as an undergraduate student. Due to my interactions and intercultural exchanges with my peers and faculty has helped me grow and evolve in ways I did not expect. Before coming here at my home institution I was told that the young lady standing before her would no longer be the same one who would be getting off the plane after half a year. This I did not understand until now. I have challenged my views and it has morphed into one inspired by the testimonies of people I have met through this journey. I am forever grateful for Roehampton for allowing me to have this life changing experience. I have grown and changed interpersonally and academically. I am leaving a piece of me when I go back home but I know that London will always remain my second home at heart. This is a place I am not leaving behind but I look forward to coming back to

Yes, I recommend
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Best University, Best Friends and Best Experience.

Roehampton was one of two options for me when it came to choosing a school to apply to for the study abroad program. Roehampton ultimately won me over due to it's location. With the train station being within walking distance, it is a short train ride to the center of the city while also providing a more neighborhood setting. Also, Richmond Park is just down the street from campus. It is a great open area filled with wild life, nature and paths for running, walking and riding bikes. Richmond Park is an escape from the city life when you are craving some grass, trees and nature. It is also an amazing spot to see the sunset. Also, Roehampton held a lot of activities and events for the students, making student life interactive and fun. I never left an event without meeting someone new. The campus setting, compared to the city setting, made it extremely easy to make friends and made me feel at home. I have made friends and memories that I will cherish forever, along with growing personally through incredible experiences provided by Roehampton. I owe it all to Roehampton University for my unforgettable time abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Loving the experience...

One thing I did not expect while coming abroad was just how home sick I was going to be. To be honest I was not happy to be studying in London for probably the first month and a half I was living here. It took me so long to get comfortable and I think that was mainly due to the fact that I have never before travelled outside of the United States. This all changed though, eventually. As I began understanding my new home and making friends and establishing a new life for myself in London I realized how much I actually loved living here. While there was not some crazy adventure that I went on every single day, I have experienced some crazy fun days while living here in London and I am going to miss these experiences when I go home. I especially will miss the nights that I sit at home with my flatmates as we eat dinner together, drink tea, and discuss the events of our day, sharing each crazy new thing we have experienced or learned. Living in London and studying at the University of Roehampton is probably the single best decision I have made so far in my life and I highly recommend taking this experience. If I could do it all over again I would jump on the chance in a heartbeat. Thanks for everything London.

How can this program be improved?

This program could be improved by giving students a clear timeline for when the term starts, when breaks are, when the term ends, exam period, and the final move-out date.

Yes, I recommend
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Great time

I made a lot of great friends here and I overall had a wonderful time. I like the social life here, it is way better than what I am used to back at home. There are a lot of activities and clubs which you can participate in which I am also not used too. I think I am really going to miss roehampton when I am back home. I feel like this experience has really changed me as a person, it was a very good experience for me to be so far away from home and to get to know another culture so well.

How can this program be improved?

I think this program can be improved by offering more activities for international students. I personally didn't have a problem with things the way they were but I know some people who had issues making friends and meeting people.

Yes, I recommend
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Study Away

Coming to Roehampton University was an experience like no other for me. Coming for a town of 250 people and never being out of the country and going to live in London was a huge culture shock. Luckily, my flatmates were from all around the world and were very friendly. Roehamptons social events really helped us international students get out and meet new people! I will highly recommend Roehampton University to anyone when I get back!

How can this program be improved?

Keep more classes open for study abroad students, unfortunately the classes I'm taking here I do not need at all for my degree and the classes I did need were filled.

Yes, I recommend
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Go to Roehampton!

I loved my semester at Roehampton! To begin with, the campus is a short walk from the beautiful Richmond Park. I would highly recommend spending some time there! The students at Roehampton helped make this experience one that I will never forget. The monopoly nights in the flat to every Bop and Grand- I loved my time here! I recommend taking the London Studies classes that the university offers and traveling to other countries in Europe why you have the chance!

Yes, I recommend
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A Semester of Theatre

I chose to study abroad at the University of Roehampton because of its proximity to Central London and its courses offered. During my time here, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in London theatre - exactly what I wanted as a theatre/drama student! Not only have I seen a wide variety of London theatre, but also I've explored and taken trips around London venturing to find theatres, something I didn't anticipate. BUt it wasn't just seeing shows - time in the classroom brought forth vivid and thought-provoking dialogues led by wonderful, knowledgeable professors. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Yes, I recommend
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The classes I took went perfectly with my psychology major and they were super easy to registrar for during the first couple days here! In the first week there was a Fresher's Fair with a bunch of clubs and organizations that you could join! I ended up joining the women's rugby team while I was here and I made a lot of friends who live locally and played a great sport! Being on the team really enhanced my experience here!

How can this program be improved?

I wish the team reached out to us a couple of times to make sure we were doing well. I feel like once orientation was over we rarely heard from the orientation team!

Yes, I recommend
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Social Scene

I absolutely loved how much there was to do on campus. From Bop, to Fez, to Grand, there was always something going on. People were so welcoming that I never felt alone unless I wanted to. All of the societies available made making connections so easy. My favorite part of the entire program was how many people I got to meet. Hopefully these friendships will last a lifetime!

I really liked how Roehampton was far enough away from London but close enough that you could be in Central any time you wanted to.

Yes, I recommend
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Roehampton: would recommend

The University of Roehampton is overall an amazing place to study abroad. While the campus party culture really isn't my thing, it's great to see how much energy the on campus parties bring to the school. The four colleges bring a sense of pride to the students, and joining Froebel college made me feel right at home. Academically, the London studies courses are an absolutely must-do. You'll get to take trips to some of londons biggest landmarks, and learn all about each places history from the knowledgeable lecturers. Plus, I found the coursework less strenuous than my school in the US, albeit it is was a bit more confusing.

Yes, I recommend
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It's definitely worth doing

I definitely have enjoyed my program and Roehampton University, but there are a few things that I definitely dislike. Bop, grand, and fez are great. I love that the school sponsored theater events and it is a great way to connect with other students. The best part of the University is that it's in London. The slightly moldy rooms and old building did not bother me, but it others complained. The thing that I'm most displeased with was the quality of education. I feel like the staff and teachers don't care at all about the quality of their teaching. They seem to simply show up to class or seminar without really caring if we actually learn or not (with the exception of my managing Innovation professor. He's awesome). Over all I would definitely recommend Roehampton for any one looking to study abroad, but I would definitely not want to go here for my degree.

How can this program be improved?

The program was great. I love the people at CIS abroad and have nothing but great things to say about them.

Yes, I recommend

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Spend a semester, year or summer at the best modern university in London. Situated in 54 acres of beautiful parkland campus, the University of Roehampton is a campus based community located only six miles from the heart of central London.