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Try and nab the luck of the Irish when you find yourself in Dublin, Ireland. Established as a Viking settlement in the 10th century, Dublin has always been a city for true explorers. Check out the medieval quarter to see history come alive among the castles and cathedrals of years past. Walk around the cultural quarter to discover new restaurants and markets to try with friends after class. Make your way to the creative quarter for some inspiration in design and creativity. Get motivated and be motivating as you discover a new city, and new parts of yourself.

Get out of the typical classroom and turn your study abroad city into a place you can learn from. CAPA specializes in customizing your experience— from everything to what classes you’re interested in to what kind of housing you’ll live in. Our internships will give you the skillsets you’ll need to succeed in your career. Each of our centers are unique to the places they’re located, and everyone there will help you feel at home.

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  • Academics 7.8
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 8.3
  • Housing 9.1
  • Safety 9.4
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The program was very nice. The food was multicultural and very fresh. I took Irish history before and it was neat to see some places like the Irish GPO and monuments from the revolution. Flights are also very cheap from country to country, so you can see a lot of Europe. CAPA also gives an internship, which is a huge boost to a resume.

How can this program be improved?
I would add a meal plan.
Yes, I recommend
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Lovin' Dublin

I was really nervous about going abroad, but I was determined to follow through with it. At my home institution I commute, so I had never lived with anyone besides my family. I was also very nervous about making friends because I'm quite shy. CAPA was extremely supportive and the Dublin staff always tried to help when it was needed. The weekly "Tea at CAPA" was a great way to talk to the Dublin staff about how my experience was going and if I was having any problems. At one point I injured my foot and they were able to set up an appointment for me. The flats on campus were comfortable (although the mattresses were very springy) and there was a kitchen so my flatmates and I could make food whenever we wanted to. I ended up living with 3 amazing women and we all got along great! CAPA also provided bus passes, so transportation in the city was easy. The best parts of the CAPA program were the excursions and classes. The classes weren't fully lecture-based; we were able to be immersed in the Irish culture and explore Dublin by going outside of the classroom. The trip to the Cliffs of Moher was spectacular and a fantastic way to end the program. Overall I'm glad I made the choice to go abroad and I was extremely happy with the program and location I chose.

How can this program be improved?
The improvement I would make goes all the way back to arriving in Dublin. There were several flights coming in, depending on where students were coming from. I arrived on the first flight and the pick-up to take students to the college was not there. This led to a lot of confusion upon arrival as students were expected a sign saying "CAPA Dublin" or something similar as soon as they arrived. I would suggest sending the drivers to the airport earlier if possible, so that those students arriving first are not confused and feeling rather helpless.
Yes, I recommend
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Great city and great learning experience

Dublin was a fabulous, lively city with more to do than I could squeeze into six weeks. The city was just a few hours from the most breathtaking sites in Ireland, including Galway, Cork, and many other suburban landscapes. The program provided the upmost support and the class I took to coincide with my internship was very helpful to adjust to Irish culture.

How can this program be improved?
The location of the apartments was in very close proximity to a more dangerous area of the city. However, I was never personally put into danger in Dublin.
Response from CAPA The Global Education Network

Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback on the Dublin program! We are excited to learn about the impact it has had upon you, and look forward to hearing about where your experience takes you from here.

We are sorry to hear about your perceptions of your safety during your time in Dublin. Dublin is a very safe city, and the security of our students is a top priority in any location in which our students are accommodated, alongside being reflective of Dublin’s global nature. Distinctions between environments at home and abroad can impact a student’s sense of the place in which they are living.

We would be curious to hear more about what led to this sentiment and will reach out to you directly to discuss further.

The CAPA Team

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Missing Dublin!

I left Dublin with so many skills and friends that I didn't have prior to the experience. Dublin is the perfect city to go out and meet locals because everyone is so friendly, and I met many locals that I plan on keeping in touch with a long time. It was nice to live with Americans though to come home to a sense of understanding of our own culture. I interned at a small social media company and was given a great view of how small companies work in Ireland. I really enjoyed learning about the culture in a work environment instead of just a social setting. My experience was so positive that I am returning to Dublin this year with one of the other American students that was enrolled in the CAPA Fall Dublin program for graduate school. The city has so much to offer and I could not imagine not spending more time there.

How can this program be improved?
I found myself enjoying the classes that were provided through CAPA much more than the classes at Griffith College. This could have been because the CAPA classes were so personal and we were given the opportunity to explore the city with our professors, but I wish that the Griffith College classes could have been as interactive as this.
Yes, I recommend
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CAPA Dublin!

CAPA Dublin differs from other CAPA programs in that it is totally immersive; you attend classes with Irish and international students. I found it very affordable and the staff very supportive. The trips offered by CAPA allow you to see more of your host country without breaking the bank and the staff is always available for other travel recommendations or help in general! Dublin is an extremely affordable and well-located city, so it is easy to venture out and see more of Europe.

How can this program be improved?
I would change the size of the program; however, it is new and the number of students in CAPA Dublin has since grown.
Response from CAPA The Global Education Network

Thank you Samantha for your feedback regarding the size of the program. Although the program is new and your particular group was smaller, this semester's group doubled and we are on track to have a larger cohort for the summer. We also like to encourage students to get involved with Griffith College's student population in addition to the CAPA cohort.

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