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Jul 11, 2018
Jan 21, 2016
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UAlbany's direct enrollment program at NUI Galway is designed to give you full cultural immersion in Irish culture, history, and language. You are able to take any necessary classes for your major in English. Students are able to select from an array of courses that focus on key themes in Irish history and culture and many other course options. Students also have the option to enroll in beginner Irish language - Gaelic - classes. Visit our site to learn more about this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

National University of Ireland, Galway

Studying Abroad in Ireland was always a dream of mine, and since I had never left the county before I wasn't too sure what to expect. Saying that NUIG and Galway as a whole exceeded my expectations is an understatement. The college is filled with knowledgable students and professors and everyone was so willing to help with any questions I could think of. The classes I took abroad were ones I looked into before hand, and were very interested in. For this reason I believe that I found my workload not to be too difficult. Galway is also an incredibly safe city. There was not a point in time where I felt genuinely uncomfortable or unsafe. There are also so many things to do. I was afraid that going to a smaller city wouldn't offer as many opportunities that I would like but boy was I wrong. Galway is a predominately college town, and there are so many things to do from hanging out in Eyre Square, to kayaking on the canal, finding a comedy club or your favorite night club. There was definitely never a dull moment in Galway.

One thing I was also interested in was traveling through Ireland and some of Europe. One of my favorite parts of Europe as a whole is how traveling is accessible. Anyone who has spent some time in Europe knows the love-hate relationship with Ryanair. Traveling throughout Ireland was something that was very easy. Since the country is so small, it is possible to travel north, south or east within a day. There are multiple bus companies that run through out the day, and ever better, ones that offer student discounts. One thing I must say is at the end of every trip, I was so grateful to head back to my home away from home.

The past 4 months I spent abroad have fundamentally changed who I am as a person, for the better. I was faced with many different obstacles while I was in Europe and I learned so much about myself while overcoming them. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to study abroad in Galway and would not have changed it for the world. I have been saying that Galway has taken my heart, and I am currently looking at Post-Graduate programs that NUIG offers, with the aspiration of moving back. If you are currently a student who is looking for a town with a strong sense of community, that is undeniably in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I urge you to look no further.

What would you improve about this program?
The program was close to being perfect, although if I were to change one thing it would be the registration process. Here at UAlbany, all registration and planning is done online. At NUIG registration for me was a bit stressful. I had to fill out of a list of classes I would like to take on a piece of paper, and wait in line to hand it in. Class registration was a first come first serve basis so if you got there too late you may have missed a seat in the class. This was particularly stressful for me because I needed to take several classes for my majors. In the end all worked out, but the process is definitely something that needs to be looked over.
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Yes, I recommend this program


NUIG is a lovely campus. The professors are happy and eager to help with anything. There's many places to meet with friends or eat. The main parts of the campus are easy to find and get around. There are hundreds of clubs and societies to get involved in, and I personally love the film ones because you get free movies and food every week out of it. Clubs and socs are great ways to meet people, especially local Irish students. (It's a bit harder to meet Irish students when you are only studying for a semester, or are living with other international students, so if you want to meet more Irish students clubs and socs are the way to go! It's a quick and easy way to make fast friends, too.)

Galway itself is a beautiful city. I love the small-town feel it exudes that makes it seem cozy without being claustrophobic. It is really easy to figure everything out and find your way around the city. The live music in the pubs is great on nights out, and the people of Galway are the kindest and liveliest I've met. It's very comfortable here. Transport to airports is easy from the multiple bus stations, which is even better for the weekend travel plans across Europe! Galway is also one of the best spots for tourist attractions in Ireland. You've got Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands at your fingertips. I would highly recommend this program!

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Yes, I recommend this program

One of the best decisions I ever made!

My experience studying abroad in Galway was an absolutely incredible one. I was challenged and changed in many different ways. From the very moment I arrived, I decided I never wanted to leave. Between the people, the music, the sights, the food, etc, the overall lifestyle/culture is one to never be forgotten and one to always be cherished and held close. I'm so grateful to myself and to those who supported/encouraged my decision to study abroad and I truly believe that at least for myself, I couldn't have chosen a better destination than Galway, Ireland. I'll say no more, for the very reason that everyone's experiences are different. And I don't want to attempt to claim what yours will be if you're considering it. That's a road you most definitely want to take yourself ;)

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly, I wasn't quite expecting the classes + workload to be so intensive. Nevertheless, I feel I learned a lot. And still had ample time to take in the culture/sights, which I felt to be the most crucial part of my overall learning experience.
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Yes, I recommend this program


I didn’t know that when I was deciding where to study abroad, I would be making a decision that would change my life forever. I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to study abroad, but after some research and asking around, I realized that Ireland was the place for me. Once I heard how welcoming, friendly, and genuine the Irish were I knew it was exactly where I wanted to study. I just wasn’t sure what part of Ireland as there are many schools to decide between. I was first thinking of studying in Dublin since it is the most known county in Ireland, but after some more research and the help of SUNY Albany, I made the best decision of my life to study in County Galway.

While I was applying for this opportunity, I hadn’t heard previously heard of Galway and was questioning if it was the right place for me since I have never heard of it before. Within the first day of being in Galway, I knew that I had made the right decision of where I would be living for the next semester. I knew I was in the right place when I apologized for bumping into someone on the street and they replied with the biggest smile and said, “No bother, you’re grand”. That is just one small, everyday example how everyone in Ireland is just so happy and content.

Galway was the perfect place to study because it is a big enough town where there is PLENTY to do, but small enough where it is still a quaint town in Ireland with history and culture. Most people come out of studying abroad with friends for life that were fellow Americans also studying abroad, but by studying in Ireland I came out with American friends for life as well as Irish friends. I feel that I truly got the full Irish experience because I became friends with so many Irish people in my class because they are so welcoming, friendly, and there is no language barrier. By being friends with Irish students, I learned so much more about their traditions and culture than I could have ever imagined of learning in school or by myself.

I knew traveling to other parts of Europe was a big aspect of what I wanted to do while studying abroad but I was a little nervous that I would not make it to everywhere I wanted because Ireland is not connected to the rest of Europe. Fortunately, that was not a problem at all. I was able to travel on the weekends to numerous places in Europe with ease, such as: Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. I also met numerous students visiting Galway that were studying abroad in other popular European cities such as: Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Dublin and said numerous times that they genuinely wished they studied abroad in Galway.

Studying abroad has made me more independent, confident, and willing to try new things, but studying abroad in Ireland has made me have a different outlook on life. I left Ireland feeling so much happier and content with life. Before Ireland, I used to worry and panic over the smallest things in life that I shouldn’t think twice about. Now I have realized what is important in life and what is worth spending time on.

SUNY Albany was extremely helpful with providing check sheets to make sure I submitted all of the necessary paperwork, had everything I would need to pack, and what to expect when I actually arrived in Ireland. SUNY Albany was there to help through every step of the process even after I returned home to New York.

After looking back on this experience, I genuinely could not be any happier with my decision to study abroad, especially in Ireland. I can honestly say that Galway will always be a second home to me and I am counting down until the next time I can go back. Galway, Ireland has positively impacted my life forever and I cannot thank SUNY Albany enough for making this life-changing experience possible.

What would you improve about this program?
I would not change a thing.
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