Take classes in Florence or Sorrento, Italy. Exquisite culture!
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Take classes in Florence or Sorrento, Italy. Exquisite culture!

ASA offers classes in both Florence and Sorrento, Italy! Both locations offer internships, experiential classes and unique classes that will certainly enhance your academic resume. Depending on your course needs to stay on track for graduation ASA advisors can help you find the best program for you. Feel free to contact us. To the north of Rome, if you want to be in a larger city, but still able to walk to where you need to go, you might choose Florence. To the south of Rome and near Naples, if you want to be by the beach, on a smaller program in a smaller city and a bit further south, you will choose Sorrento.

Learn to make gelato, take a cooking class, work with the locals! We welcome you to Italia with ASA!

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The program fees include airport pick-up on arrival, housing, tuition, some meals (host-family), excursions and more! Scholarships are available on the ASA website and when you apply for this ASA program.

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Thank You Firenze

Studying abroad in Florence was a beyond amazing experience that words cannot describe. Florence brought a whole new perspective to my life that has forever changed me. As a hospitality management major, I learned more from the local business owners of Florence than I will ever in a college classroom. Their hospitality is overwhelming and they knew how to make you feel at home even in a foreign country where I did not know the language. My friends and I returned to the same businesses almost daily because we liked the familiarity of the place and how the owners slowly became to know our orders and names. It's nice to have somewhere to go where you feel welcome when being thousands of miles away from where you have felt welcome your whole life. These businesses have been loved and cared for by these families for generations and I just wished that America had the same outlook on small family businesses as Florence did. I will now, almost always choose a family run business before I step into a chain restaurant. Thank you Florence for your amazing, family-oriented atmosphere and I hope some of your gracious hospitality has worn off on me.

How can this program be improved?

The healthcare was not as reliable as I would have hoped. One of my roommates was completely misdiagnosed and left her and our whole apartment to a difficult situation. Other than that this program is amazing and does not need to be improved.

Yes, I recommend
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Florence Fall 2015

My time in the beautiful city of Florence was by far the best time of my life! I got to live in an apartment perfectly located in the historical center and fully immerse myself in the Italian culture. Although the academics were not traditionally challenging, I got the chance to learn in a personal and flexible environment learning things I would not have in a classroom in the states. A large part of my extremely positive experience came from our site director Chiara. She was incredibly kind, enthusiastic and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us and making sure we had a wonderful time. We even began to call her our "Italian mom." ASA was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the entire process from application to boarding my plane to go home. I would highly recommend the program as well as the general study abroad experience. It truly changed me as a person and how I look at the world. I have a thirst to explore more of the world and to experience other cultures. I greatly miss Firenze and hope to one day return to my favorite city in the world!

How can this program be improved?

No changes

Yes, I recommend
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Great Experience in Florence

From the beginning of my application to ASA, Chelsea was there every step of the way. She answered all of my emails in a timely manner. You are provided help along every "check point" before you leave the U.S.

You are introduced to your city manager, Chiara, plenty of time before leaving for Florence. She was so so so happy to see all of us when we landed and was very helpful when my flight was diverted to Pisa instead of Florence because of wind. Throughout our program, we all fell in love with our "mom" Chiara as she regularly checked in and supported us. She even joined us for our American Thanksgiving dinner!

Overall, ASA is a great program because of the way it is managed. It's small size is probably it's best attribute because you never feel as if your concerns will go unanswered. Wish I could go back to Florence!!

Yes, I recommend
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Firenze forever!

Before I picked my program and city, I knew that when I visited Florence when I was younger that I liked it. Living in the city, I loved it. I made one of my best friend's at Florence University of the Arts. The city was perfect because there was plenty to do but still being walk-able. From meeting new people, taking interesting classes, and the whole feeling of the city, I know I will make my way back to Florence to relive my experience.

Yes, I recommend

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