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API students have the opportunity to study at Lorenzo de’ Medici - The Italian International Institute in Tuscania (LdM). Founded in 1973 in Florence, LdM is committed to helping students realize their potential, providing high quality education that enables students to interact successfully with other cultures. Lorenzo de’ Medici opened in Tuscania in 2004, an ideal city and place to inspire the creative, intellectual and personal development of each student. The school is situated in the old town center within the stone medieval walls.

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  • Academics 8.8
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.8
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9.8
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The best summer of my life

Studying in Tuscania was a decision I will always look back and smile about. This small, historic town gave me a real Italian experience. My friends and I adored feeling like we were absolutely immersed in another culture. Because it was small and not so much a tourist trap, we actually got to know some of the people in the town, and learned ways to communicate much faster than those studying in Florence or Rome. Plus we lived in the most adorable apartment within castle walls built before America was even discovered. It was so gorgeous and so serene, which is the absolute best way to do Italy if you ask me! My classes were so fun, and I looked forward to learning how to cook Italian cuisine and watching authentic Italian films every day. Plus the excursions that API planned for us to Florence, Rome, and Montepulchiano gave us the opportunity to see and experience other parts of Italy as well. I have only the fondest memories of my month spent in Tuscania.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A Perfect Opportunity!

Choosing to study in Tuscania was the best decision I could have ever made! The cozy size of the town created a completely unique experience; within a couple of days our whole group became part of the local community, and it was the furthest thing from a busy, "tourist trap" location. Since very few locals speak fluent English, living in Tuscania made learning the culture and language a necessity, but it was a challenge we all loved. By the end of my month there, we were having casual conversations on the streets with our neighbors. The school was so helpful and accommodating, and our apartment was beautiful. We also enjoyed some of the best food I've ever tasted, and with API's planned trips to cities like Rome and Florence we still experienced the things only a big city has to offer. My only regret is that I had to leave!

How can this program be improved?
There were not that many local people in Tuscania who were our age. While the whole town was wonderful and friendly, it may have been a little more fun to meet Italians closer to our age to socialize and interact with.
Yes, I recommend this program
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No better program than API!

Studying abroad was the most wonderful experience of my life and API made the transition easier and made sure I got the most out of my time abroad. API staff picked us up at the airport, gave us a VERY useful binder that included italian phrases, places to eat, shop, travel to, means of transportation, maps, coupons, and more. We went on weekend excursions on most weekends that included at least one meal and took us to places like Pompeii, Capri, Rome, Varisano vinyard, and Pizza University where pizza was first invented! While in Florence API included three free meals at the most amazing places. When we arrived we had a welcome dinner on the rooftop terrace, they also gave a free dinner at THE best pizza place in Florence, and another rooftop farewell dinner which was so amazing! The staff was so helpful and were available at all hours if we needed help. I cannot say enough good things about API!!! Everything that is included in the program makes it worth every penny and makes the experience better than it every would have been had I traveled on my own.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Awesome Italian Experience

When I first started looking at going abroad I was overwhelmed with the choices in programs available. I ended up selecting to study abroad with API and it was the best decision I ever made concerning my academics. API provides its students with the best help, housing, excursions, and involvement opportunities. While studying at LdM in Florence I was able to meet students from other programs that I had decided not to study with and all of the students were jealous of everything that I was receiving as an API student. The staff worked tirelessly to help me secure the documents and finances needed to study abroad and, once in Europe, provided the best advice about weekend and holiday travel, cultural events, and activities. There were so many opportunities available through API that I wouldn't have received if I would have gone with another program. API placed us in an awesome apartment right in downtown Florence where we were in walking distance of all major historical and cultural destinations, and transportation. API set up events for us to attend such a Fiorentina game, city tours, a cooking class, a circus show, community service, and even participation in the city's half marathon. During our excursions, we went to the most popular cities during the height of their cultural activities for the year and we always stayed in the best accommodations. If you are looking at studying abroad, definitely choose API. They are the best program, hands down! If you go with another program, you'll spend your whole experience jealous of the opportunities that the API students received.

Yes, I recommend this program


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