John Felice Rome Center - Fall/Spring Semester in Rome
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John Felice Rome Center - Fall/Spring Semester in Rome

Spend a semester or an academic year at Loyola University Chicago's John Felice Rome Center in Italy! Use your location as a crux for your studies in the classical and contemporary fields. Courses are taught in English and offered in a number of fields, including business, fine arts, architecture, history, science, and theology, to name a few.

Explore the city and surrounding areas while you study at JFRC, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Join our thriving campus community for group dinners, nights at the opera, calcio (soccer) games, volunteer opportunities, excursions into Roman neighborhoods, and much more. Check out the JFRC website today!

  • Founded in 1962, the JFRC is the oldest US study abroad program in Rome
  • Apply for a need-based scholarship - we award an average $100,000 in scholarships per year
  • Gain experience by doing an internship or service learning placement for academic credit
  • Make Rome your classroom with an on-site class
  • Live on our 5-acre campus in Balduina, a thriving residential Roman neighborhood
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Cost includes tuition, room and board, and international medical and travel insurance. Scholarships and federal/state aid can be applied depending on each individual student's situation. See our website for more information on program costs, financial aid, and available scholarships.

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  • Academics 8.5
  • Support 9.2
  • Fun 8.4
  • Housing 9.5
  • Safety 10
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JFRC rome

i studied at the jfrc, but was studying under Xavier university professors. We had fantastic trips to florence, Siena, assisi, and reggio Amelia. Very affordable. Jfrc campus is far from downtown (25 minute bus ride)

How can this program be improved?

I wish the campus was closer to downtown.

Yes, I recommend
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The Best Decision You'll Ever Make..

Apart from Rome being an amazing city, not many study abroad programs offer rigorous courses. However, at the JFRC, I was able to take many of my upper level Political Science courses with incredible, highly acclaimed professors. Their wonderful internship director even set me up with an internship at a huge international corporate firm. Living in Balduina gives you a small town Roman vibe and also forces you to get out and explore. Not once did I ever feel nervous or unsafe at the JFRC or out in Rome. The staff at JFRC truly care about you; they will become your family- you will NOT get that with any other program. Such an amazing experience. I would choose the JFRC tens times over again.

How can this program be improved?

Definitely wifi in all the rooms; as a university, that's unacceptable.
Including monthly bus/metro passes in tuition.

Yes, I recommend
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John Felice Rome Center- Rome, Italy

This was by far the most amazing summer of my life. If I could have spent the whole year at the JFRC in Rome, I would have. The campus is absolutely beautiful and in a great location! Rome itself can be kind of overwhelming with the amount of tourists and activities going on, but the JFRC is located in a great spot just 30 minutes outside of the city center, which is easily accessible via public transportation. The academics here are great, along with the professors--who are kind and helpful. My friends and I were able to travel during the weekends which was great! These places included: Spain, Greece, France, Northern Italy (Venice, Florence, Amalfi Coast), UK, and Germany. It is so worth the experience and if you are unsure, DO IT! The JFRC is a perfect place to partake in the study abroad experience. I hope I can go back to visit one day!

How can this program be improved?

The wifi should be accessible everywhere. Also rooms need A/C during summer (although there are fans and you don't spend that much time in your room anyways)

Yes, I recommend
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Definitely Less Immersive

There are a lot of programs in Rome to pick from. J-Force is definitely among the best, but be warned that the experience is less immersive than some others. The location in Balduina, a nice suburb northwest of the Vatican makes it much safer and quieter than most, but cuts you off from a lot of opportunities for interaction with locals. Campus ministry is the best part of the program, with numerous outings and programs throughout the year that provide a unique look at the city's Catholic Identity.

How can this program be improved?

Less hands-on from administration, especially regarding alcohol, which is legal. Location could be better.

Yes, I recommend
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You Cant Beat This

Rome has so much to do. And the JFRC gives you all the tools to make your study abroad unforgettable. Whether you want to travel every weekend or immerse yourself in Roman/Italian culture the staff here will provide unparalleled wisdom and support. The teachers here are the type that you want to grab a beer with after class, or a glass of wine in this case. Campus is a little far from downtown, but situated in an extremely safe neighborhood in a very cute and functional campus. You truly can't beat the JFRC!

How can this program be improved?

Not possible

Yes, I recommend
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La dolce vita

There is no need to sell the idea of living in Roma for a semester or full year because the beauty of the city is enchanting on its own. They say you have not lived if you have not lived in Italy, and I agree.

I loved living in a small town outside the main center because we were able to be fully immersed in an authentic Italian town which sometimes can be lost in a major city. However, we were still close to the center that we were able to go in on a whim.

There are no words that can fully describe the experience at JFRC. You sign up in order to explore a new culture and challenge yourself but what you get in return is so much more. The community serves as a safe haven and your professors, fellow students, administrators and SLAs become a second family.

The memories and friendships I have will no doubt last for a lifetime because there is a certain bond you build amongst the JFRC family that can never be broken.

Yes, I recommend
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Spring 2012

My study abroad experience was wonderful. The campus is located in a nice neighborhood about a 20-30 minute bus ride away from the heart of Rome. When you first arrive it can be a bit challenging to get back because the Italian buses do not announce the stops. However, you learn quickly and its straightforward for the rest of the semester.

Classes only meet M-Th so that students have time to travel on the weekend. I recommend taking an on-site class where you meet somewhere in Rome for each class. It is a great way to get out in the city and learn a different perspective on the buildings and monuments that you pass when you are exploring.

The staff and professors are great and the classes were always enjoyable. There is a JFRC Calcio (soccer) league that many students participate in that is a lot of fun.

I highly recommend the John Felice Rome Center for a study abroad experience in Rome.

How can this program be improved?

The wifi can be spotty on campus.

Yes, I recommend
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Best year of my life

Studying abroad at the JFRC was the best experience of my college career. It changed who I am as a person and helped shape my future goals.

The staff is so friendly and helpful, and I made the best group of friends. Living in Italy is the most incredible opportunity and I cannot wait until the day I can return.

The JFRC is an incredible institution and would I hands down recommend studying abroad there to anyone!

How can this program be improved?

The wifi is pretty spotty and needs to be improved in the dorm rooms.

Yes, I recommend
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They make Rome home!

I enjoyed my time here! Most of my classes were fun and engaging, the location of the campus was nice (a little out of the way, but it's really not THAT far from the city centre) and really let you feel like you really lived there, and weren't just a tourist.

The staff were so supportive, the other students awesome, and the extracurricular activities (trips, CALCIO, service projects, etc.) were well-planned.

How can this program be improved?

I didn't really like Mensa (the cafeteria) that much, but while I was there they were building a knew one with more options and a better layout, so they were aware of the problem and were looking to fix it!

Yes, I recommend
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JFRC is a Great Study Abroad Program!

Life at Loyola University's John Felice Rome Center is great. The campus is located about 15 minutes outside of downtown Rome, so we're super close to so many amazing sight such as Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. The program is small so it's very much like a community. You create friendships here that will last. The campus is small and the rooms are cozy.

The classes are challenging but not at all unbearable. Many professors make sure that you have plenty of time to travel on the weekends to all the amazing places that are relatively close such as Venice, Naples, and Florence. Even places outside of Italy are able to be visited during the 3 day weekends, such as Paris, Barcelona, and Prague.

Best of all, the learning experiences are literally life changing. You won't leave the same.

Yes, I recommend

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