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The program fee includes: tuition for 3-5 academic credits, housing in Rome and Cagli, travel insurance, chartered coach transfers between Rome and Cagli, pizza night and farewell dinner, day trip to Urbino, program activities and cultural events.
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Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Classes Some Meals Travel Insurance
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Apr 27, 2019
Jan 29, 2018

About Program

ieiMedia in cooperation with Sapienza University of Rome invites you to join our Summer Institute in Intercultural Communication and Professional Media with a special focus on food, agriculture and culture.

The Cagli Summer Media Institute is a rich cultural immersion experience that starts in the Eternal City of Rome and then moves to the beautiful and historic city of Cagli, Italy in the Apennine Mountain region of Le Marche near the Adriatic Sea. Spend 3 days in Rome and 14 days in Cagli to develop intercultural competencies and enhance communication skills, including interviewing, writing, journaling, blogging, photography and storytelling.

Students will develop essays, blogs, podcasts and photos that capture the joys and nuances of intercultural communication and publish their work on a multimedia website and in a book called "Faces of Cagli."

The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Instruction is in English with lessons in conversational Italian.

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Program Highlights

  • Tour Rome from the Vatican and St. Peter's to the Roman Forum and the Coliseum
  • Travel to the small town of Cagli, where you'll get to meet local residents and soak up Italian village culture
  • Develop leadership skills in working with culturally diverse populations
  • Master the technical skills necessary to create a multimedia site and a book with original essays
  • Live in apartments with cooking and laundry facilities

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Yes, I recommend this program

Cagli: Pause to Enrich Your Perspective on Culture and Humanity in Comminity

In Cagli, you find yourself in an Italian oasis. Free from a natural drive to fill you touristy dance ticket, you take pause in the piazza, savoring you cappuccino which you have learned to properly order and receive honoring the customs of your congenial host. Allowing the slow movement to seep into your sinus, Cagli and its people becomes your Brigadoon.
The course immerses you in village life through communication skills, conversational Italian, enhanced with insight into cultural norms, facilitating your ability to negotiate daily transactions and begin organically building relationships. Photography lesson strengthen your ability to capture the tranquil beauty of the place, here, now and for the rest of your life. Learn to acclimate and negotiate cultural dissonance, drawing down the boundaries that distance us from one another. Gain tolerance developing mutual respect and broadening appreciation for differences, enriching awareness through intentionally experiencing alternative modes of living and celebrating life. Friday night in Cagli, the old town becomes a vibrant street market, alive with traveling vendors, selling their crafts and culinary delights. On this particular clear, moonlit summer night, a pair folk dancers delighted a gathering audience in the piazza as they portrayed life and love through a circle dance, serenaded by a lively violinist and a tambourine player. The light footed lady and gentleman joined hands in the center of the circle for a twirling embrace before parting to trace the circumference, briefly meeting and parting time and again, a breathtaking celebration of the human heart. Take pause for the timeless experiences.

What would you improve about this program?
It can't. It is designed to allow for variations. The experience begs for situations calling for our flexibility. The planned curriculum includes travel beyond Cagli, allowing for practice in new contexts. It culminates will a community celebration, and the participants experience a true sense of growth and achievement. The student is a changed human being in the world as a result of the Cagli experience. There's no going back to who you were. There's only forward, contributing to a more mutually appreciative and understanding community of human beings.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Widen The View, Challenge The World

I didn't realize it at the time, but I needed to broaden my view of the world. Through this program, I was forced to examine and understand my environment first, before communicating in a thoughtful, productive manner - a key principle in being an effective professional and an all-around better person.

Two years ago, I joined this program expecting nothing more than just another class in an overseas setting. The program proved to be an investment into the self that continues to pay dividends to this day. Through this program, I learned that many of my views and assumptions of the world were often tunneled to the goal of merely getting through the day, conditioned by experiences of everyday life. I learned that traveling to off-beaten paths was a direct challenge to living day-to-day, as the experience altered my view of the world, therefore, altering the platform of understanding from which I communicated from.

Of all the courses I took as part of the Communications and Leadership Studies program, this study abroad course proved the most valuable. From a personal perspective, the process of the program allows you to set yourself free from what you think you know about life and world, and adopt a wiser view that is closer to the truth.

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