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* All class tuition and fees
* Weekend study tour to Northern Ireland and the west of Ireland
* Roundtrip flight Dublin to Amman back to Dublin
* Official transcript from Drexel University, FIE's School of Record
* Comprehensive on-site orientations
* Class transport in Amman
* Wireless internet access
* Comprehensive medical insurance
* Housing in Dublin and Amman
* Breakfast in Amman, some lunches
* Various course-related co-curricular activities
* 24-hour emergency support
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Round trip airfare from Dublin to Amman

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Mar 25, 2024
Oct 04, 2017
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About Program

Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Ireland and the Middle East

Offered in cooperation with AMIDEAST, FIE’s five-week summer program will bring you to three of the world’s most interesting capital cities: Dublin, Belfast, and Amman. The program begins in Dublin, using Northern Ireland as a case study for exploring how those peace and conflict theories translate to Middle Eastern issues. Travel to Belfast to speak with leaders on both sides of The Troubles and explore the issues and events which inspired the Peace Wall.

After two weeks in Dublin, the group leaves for Amman to study the impact of cultural and societal factors on conflict resolution and management, focusing on case studies across the Middle Eastern region. Housing for this portion of the program is with host families. There is an optional four-week Arabic language program extension in Amman in Modern and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic.

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Program Highlights

  • Included study tours and excursions in Amman (Petra, Wadi Rum desert, The Dead Sea)
  • Included study tour and excursions in Dublin and Belfast (Derry, Giant's Causeway, Kilmainham Gaol)
  • Unique summer study abroad experience perfect for those interested in a career in: international relations, national security, or peace studies
  • Optional Arabic language extension to accommodate all levels of skill

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  • Academics 4.3
  • Support 4.6
  • Fun 4.75
  • Housing 4.75
  • Safety 4.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

London-Amman conflict resolution program

I attended this program in 2012 when it was structured a bit differently -- first two weeks in London, not Dublin, and I added the extra 4 weeks of Arabic instruction in Amman. The entire experience was eye-opening. Our professor on the Troubles was deeply knowledgeable but approachable and friendly, helped me learn a lot about a conflict I was unfamiliar with. And I got to see so many perspectives on different issues in the Middle East. I enjoyed class discussions with my classmates, all of whom were from different backgrounds and came with different expectations -- I'm still friends with several of them to this day. I loved my host family. Living in Jordan was an adjustment, and I'm not sure it's somewhere I'd ever want to live again, but this was a unique experience and one that I think really affected my chosen career path in ways I didn't expect it would.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The most action-packed, adventurous trip which included everything and more

The London/Amman Conflict Resolution program was both invaluable and unforgettable. This was actually my first time out of the USA and I could not have picked a better program. I have never seen a more organized program with an action-packed and educational itinerary. Being first introduced to London by living in posh Kensington, I got to learn from some of the best professors on the Northern Ireland conflict. By best, I mean Dr. Arthur could name drop and take you back like it was yesterday. I had the honor of being lectured by Lord Alderdice, a life peer in the House of Lords and former speaker of Northern Ireland Assembly. Something I always have to add, thanks to FIE, all of the students were invited to dine with HRH Prince El Hassan bin Tala, and HRH Princess Sarvarth of Jordan, and HRH Duke of Kent. Additionally, in the year I participated, we travelled to Northern Ireland for the weekend. Wow! It doesn't get much more personal than this. Not to mention, the turnover time from travesty to (educational) tourism was remarkable. The most memorable aspect of this mini-trip was standing in the cell where the legendary Bobby Sand died in the protest hunger strike. Other great aspects include visiting Stormont and talking with the Northern Ireland police department. Of course, much fun was had as well with countless pub visits and roaming London via tube thanks to FIE.

Additionally, the Middle-Eastern component in Amman, Jordan was equally impressive. Because the Middle East holds some preconceived notions, it's important to talk about Jordan itself. In a word, very safe and fun. Amman can be quite liberal at times and the area welcomes foreigners. Even being Jewish is no issue in Amman. The after-hours scene has its own Jordanian style as well. It is even safe at dark. Many iftar meals can attest to that. Naturally, it is a bit of a cultural shock. The most trying, but fun example is travelling from your homestay to the AMIDEAST building in a taxi, no English. Let me help you out. Look for Abdoun Circle. However, plenty of English spoken in Amman. AMIDEAST was absolutely phenomenal! Again, the professors and guest speakers were great and they provided me with invaluable information on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict--with the Jordanian perspective never mentioned in western media. These guest speakers, by the way, include past prime minsters and current senators. Also, there were many site visits including refugee camps, travelling to the Dead Sea, and experiencing Biblical Jordan. Also, I would stay on for the extra Arabic portion. I entered Jordan knowing two Arabic words. I left with the ability to construct simple sentences and equally speaking and writing them. I also placed into Arabic III when I got home.

Overall, the best program I have ever been involved in. The education, guest speakers, extracurricular learning opportunities, and after-hours fun were absolutely indispensible and unforgettable. Many lasting memories were made. Additionally, my fellow peers who embarked on the same trip as me made it the best as well. We all cam from different schools and great friendships were made. I would recommend this to any student who wants to have fun while learning and do so for the most cost efficient price. FIVE STARS. Thanks FIE and AMIDEAST!!!

What would you improve about this program?
No the program is perfect, except I wish it lasted longer.
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Yes, I recommend this program

FIE's Exceptional Conflict Resolution Program

Having been a practitioner in security and defense, both as an analyst with a think tank and a policy advisor in the EU, I highly recommend this program.

It is well-orchestrated, providing students with a unique perspective by simultaneous exposure to the theory and practice of peace and conflict resolution. In London, just as we were taught about the Northern Irelands and learnt the various models of political tolerance, we met and questioned different actors involved in the conflict, including Tony Blair's then Chief of Staff who was central to the Good Friday Agreement. Our instructor was not only an academic on the subject who advised the British government and the international community but had in fact lived Northern Ireland Troubles.

I attended the inaugural program which at the time did not include a Dublin portion yet it was clear even its infancy that FIE had gone to great lengths to develop a successful program. The lessons from Northern Ireland were meant to prepare us as we went to Amman, Jordan to grapple with contemporary conflicts in the Middle East. Could these lessons on resolving conflict be replicated in the Middle East? We were similarly exposed to intensive theory on Middle East conflicts even as we met individuals that have over the years played important roles. This included Jordan's former Prime Minister who signed the peace treaty with Israel who we bombarded with questions and thoughts on what lies ahead for the Middle East. In order to fully appreciate the unique challenges in the Middle East, we needed to understand the actors... the people who's lives are affected daily by the political stalemate in the region. We went to the desert and met Bedouins. We engaged with Palestinians living in Amman as well as other students from across different parts of the region. This provided important perspective.

It wasn't all serious as we got to truly enjoy our time in London and Amman. We ate various cultural delights and toured various sites.

What would you improve about this program?
Reduce length of lectures or make them more interactive.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Cultural Immersion in Jordan

The FIE/AMIDEAST London Amman program has to be the most incredible experience I have had. The three cultures we were immersed in will forever have changed my life. Living in Amman is safe, friendly and even more such an enriching time. My host family was the sweetest and most helpful people. FIE and AMIDEAST are such respectable companies. They helped immensely in every process. The trips during the program were incredible as well, seeing a wonder of the world and living the aftermath of the conflict in Northern Ireland, My research interests are in Conflict Resolution and this program helped to really expand my knowledge and reinforce my future career goals. It was a first hand experience in conflict management.

What would you improve about this program?
If the program was longer it would be even better! But besides that it was the perfect program!
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Yes, I recommend this program


The London-Amman program is unique in its aim to provide a study tour on the subject on Conflict Resolution.As a Psychology and Political Science undergrad, I found no other program was able to transcend the social sciences. As students we were astounded by the fact that our professors were leaders in the field. What deepened our study was the emotional experience of walking through what was once embattled ground. In the UK, we met with Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's Chief of Staff, as well as members of the Houses of Parliament. In Jordan, we exchanged theories with preeminent thinkers about the Arab -Israeli and Pan-Arab conflict. On the Syrian- Jordanian border, our group witnessed the Syrian struggle first-hand and interviewed refugees. That summer, both Secretary of State and President Obama actually followed the same travel itinerary and were present in Belfast and Amman while we were there. If I pursue clinical psychology, I plan to study conflict resolution as an alternative for young people in the criminal justice system. No matter what career I ultimately choose, this experience will inform how I orient my work. I have done study abroad before, and this program really managed to capture our hearts and minds.

What would you improve about this program?
More time in Ireland would be amazing. Also, if the program were able to include a short visit to Israel, that would be wonderful. The emotional experience of visiting a place does impact how you view it in the conflict.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Trip of a Lifetime

This trip was absolutely academically stimulating, but much of what we learned was outside of the classroom. Both professors, Paul Arthur and Zaid Eyadat, were very well connected and ensured that we were exposed to an education beyond what they as individuals could provide. That is not to say that they themselves weren't excellent lecturers, they were, but there is a difference in being told about a conflict academically and experiencing its effects in real life.

This program is divided into two parts, the first being between London and Northern Ireland learning about the Troubles and the methods of conflict resolution used in that particular case. The second part is spent in Jordan learning about the variety of conflicts in the Middle East and the challenges to finding peace in the region. Each part of the trip involved speaking to many distinguished individuals with interesting insight in their respective fields, but in both parts of the trip there was a single experience that impacted me more than any other.

In the first part of the program we spent a few days in Northern Ireland in order to get a feel for the conflict that we had been learning about. One of the cities we visited was Derry (/Londonderry). The night we were in Derry we went to a Theatre of Witness workshop. In this workshop women from both sides of the conflict discussed their experiences during the Troubles. This served to humanize the conflict. These were real people who had their lives turned around, they weren't on video or in a book, they weren't academics or politicians. These were normal people. It was a unique moment that I could not have had on a different program or under other circumstances.

I had a similar moment in the Jordan portion of the program. Instead of our normal class session one day we got on a bus and drove to the northern desert to speak with a tribal sheik about peace and conflict resolution. While we were there we had the opportunity to speak with an extended family of Syrian refugees. We spoke to them about their experiences in Syria, of their journey to Jordan, and of their treatment as refugees. This gave us valuable insight to the Syrian conflict and the status of refugees.

This program provided us students with unique and incredible experiences. Each day was different and held a new adventure or learning opportunity. I learned more in the few weeks I was in this program than I have in most classes in my entire undergraduate education an in my graduate education thus far. I wholeheartedly suggest that if you are considering this program that you go.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Unique Opportunity

This program offers the unique opportunity to study in two very different parts of the world as part of the same program. I liked how the program intertwined the lessons of the Northern Ireland Conflict with the current Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The professors for both parts of the program were well versed in their topic areas and had personal experiences that complemented the curriculum.

What would you improve about this program?
The communication from the program prior to departure left a lot to be desired. They did not do a good job with the pre-departure information deadlines and their website was somewhat difficult to navigate.
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