Politics, Law & International Relations in Europe
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Politics, Law & International Relations in Europe

Human rights, democracy and the rule of law are at the core values of the European Union (EU). No other region has displayed similar willingness to give up important parts of national sovereignty in pursuit of peace and stability, and economic and social justice. Yet in the wake of the European debt crisis and the rise of Euro-scepticism, the future of the EU is far from certain. International relations and human rights issues are fundamental to current challenges facing the Union, as exemplified by the EU’s ongoing refugee crisis. In a world of converging cultures and different political and legal systems, European Politics, Law & International Relations students explore how policy-makers negotiate between member states with a wide range of different nationalities, languages and agendas.

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Tuition fee € 7900
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4-day European Study Trip
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Maastricht University IR Fall Abroad

Global perspective, traveling the world, international studies. These are the some of the main reasons we choose to study abroad, and my time here in Maastricht has been an amazing experience that went far beyond these initial goals.

The Politics, Law & International Relations in Europe program has you take courses where you work through problems and global issues in a team. Proposing possible areas of growth and global cooperation. Be ready for a lot of reading and essays. The courses are challenging and a lot of work, but its manageable.

The CES staff are the most helpful and outgoing advisors I have ever had in college. The CES’s passion and energy enriches the study abroad experience and their focus on helping students makes this program an amazing experience.

The ability to go out of my comfort zone and be able to actually see and experience the world has been an important point of personal growth for me. The local connections I've made, the cultures I've been able to celebrate and be a part of have enriched my time here as a student and made the courses feel more important and relatable.

How can this program be improved?

The support for the program covers a lot of the issues I've faced here, and the CES trips were a great part of my time studying abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Home Away from Home

The CES Staff was extremely helpful. Whenever I had a problem or question, they were quick to help. They made the transition to living abroad very easy. The CES staff made Maastricht home away from home for me. My study abroad experience has been challenging but enlightening. I have learned a lot more about myself, but also my capabilities of being independent. This experience has changed my life completely.

How can this program be improved?

More encouraged interaction with non-CES students.

Yes, I recommend

CES Maastricht

A once in a lifetime experience that allows an expansion of prior knowledge combined with a diverse student and staff centered in the heart of Political Europe.

A globally diverse staff that genuinely cares and invests in their students and the experience they have while abroad.

Life changing opportunity, do it!! I've had so much fun here and the people are amazing, both the students and professors as well as the local people.

Yes, I recommend

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