Summer Programme in European Studies
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Summer Programme in European Studies

Get ready for the best summer ever! The six-week Summer Programme in European Studies (SES) is designed for adventurous students looking for an authentic European study experience while earning credits towards their major. Choose from a variety of courses or study tours taught in English at Maastricht University, one of the highest-ranking universities in the Netherlands. Course topics fit most majors and have a distinct European or international theme.

The Western Europe Study Tour takes students on a journey to the most important institutions of the EU, key European businesses and powerful financial organisations in Western Europe. During the Central and Eastern Europe Study Tour students gain in-depth knowledge of Eastern Europe’s transitioning economies and budding democracies.

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1. 2 courses: € 2350
2. Western Europe Study Tour + 1 course: € 5250
3. Central and Eastern Europe Study Tour + 1 course: € 4550
4. One course during the first half of the programme: € 1350
5. One course during the second half of the programme: € 1150

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  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9.2
  • Safety 9.8
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CES Maastricht Summer Program

this academic program was a life changing experience because it has opened new friends who challenged he way i thought about many political topics. it was also wonderful because it allowed me to have time and support to find the pathway i wanted to take inline, and now i am applying to law school in fall.

CES staff was incredible because they were always willing to help, whether that be answering many of my Facebook messages or joining us in the dorms for dinner. I loved getting to meet them and having the chance to see what they do.

I would not rate this experience for the world; it has not only changed my outlook on issues I care most about but it has allowed me to come into contact with people, who are now lifelong friends, that challenge me to think greater and be better. Traveling on the weekends opened up my world as well because immersing myself into the cultures of other countries has allowed me to look back at my country and want to make it a greater place.

Yes, I recommend
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Maastricht, Netherlands

I loved my course at Maastricht because it was very hands-on and engaging which made going to class a joy! The readings and lectures were very entertaining and helped me to grow both academically and as a person. From the very moment I checked into the Guesthouse in Maastricht, the CES staff was there to accommodate my every need and provide so much information on academics, living in Maastricht, and exploring the beautiful city. In fact, upon our arrival, a staff member escorted us to the grocery store which made Maastricht feel like home from the beginning. I would not trade the memories or experiences from my study abroad trip for the world. Maastricht is now my European home away from home and I am forever thankful for the time I got to spend in this quaint, adorable city!

Yes, I recommend

My Summer in Maastricht

You gain an international understanding of things that would only be touched on at home, even in such a short time. My professors were knowledgeable on the subjects and thoroughly enjoyed teaching-which has made learning so much fun.

Getting in contact with the CES staff was always easy and helpful when questions arose and my home university was unable to answer. They genuinely care about your well being while you're here, and it's a good feeling having people watch out for you while you're thousands miles from home.

The best thing about my study abroad experience was developing friendships that helped me become a better me in such a short amount of time. I'll forever be grateful for the people I met and the experience I was able to have in Maastricht.

Yes, I recommend

My experience at Maastricht University

The academic program at Maastricht University is a great one that cultivates independence and creative ideas. It provides a new learning style that really makes you a better all-around student. The CES staff are extremely open, friendly, and knowledgable. They are here to make the experience as problem-free and enjoyable as possible. Study abroad allows you to make amazing friendships and experience the world in a brand new way. It is the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

How can this program be improved?

I have no complaints about this program, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Yes, I recommend

Unbelievable Experience

Studying abroad at Maastricht university gives you the chance to experience a totally new way of learning. Not only do you get to experience problem-based learning and how that can affect and benefit your learning in the future, you get to interact and discuss specific topics with people from around the world. International input and opinions of people from cultures other than your own is an extremely beneficial and enlightening way to learn. To return home with these skills is an unbelievable experience.

Studying abroad allows you the freedom to experience the world in completely different ways and forge international friendships. Exposure and contact to various people, cultures, and learning/communication styles ultimately makes you a better student, person, and global citizen.

The CES staff is the most welcoming, friendly, helpful staff that I have encountered in an academic setting. I came into this program feeling a little overwhelmed, and within the first two days I felt right at home, and I knew that if there was anything I needed, CES would help me find it.

I think that overall, the experience of studying abroad has made me a more independent, confident person, and has allowed me to build incredible friendships with people I probably never would have met otherwise. I feel like this experience allowed me to embrace myself and my love for travel, and gave me the confidence to continue traveling and exploring the world in the future.

Yes, I recommend

My Time as a Global Citizen

My experience at Maastricht was a challenging and emotional experience. I learned about the world, how different political and economic institutions interact with one another, and about the people of these places live their lives on a historical and modern level.

The CES staff were an awesome group of people who challenged us to leave our own cultural ideas behind to embrace a new culture. They were challenging and demanding; in the end I became a better student, thinker, and citizen because of it.

The best part of my study abroad experience was learning about the people who live in these places, and how they interact with the world. It is easy to disregard the stories of everyday people learning about their history, seeing how they lived their lives through pictures, and watching people everyday made this experience one I will never forget.

Yes, I recommend


I came into this program expecting to struggle to make close connections and meaningful memories, given the short amount of time (only 6 weeks!). But this program has exceeded all of my expectations in every way: I have made close friends with whom I have shared memorable, unbelievable, and absolutely extraordinary experiences with. I feel like I have experienced more life-changing moments in these six weeks than I do in a typical year, and I have learned so much about Europe, life, and even myself. This program has made me see the world in a different way, and has made me want to be a lifelong traveler. There is more than enough time to travel to amazing destinations all over Europe while you're here, as well as plenty of time to learn to love Maastricht like a second home.
The CES staff is more than just available for help; they are eager to help with any and every problem and situation. They open themselves to students in a way that makes them feel like friends and mentors who you want to talk to even when you don't even need help with anything. They help open the doors to great experiences, and really care deeply about all of their students' happiness and well-being.
The classes here are unlike anything I've experienced before: my first class, Medical Ethics, did not simply teach me facts, it taught me an entirely new way of thinking and analyzing. It made me ask more questions than it made me answer, and it expanded my mind rather than just filling it, as most courses tend to do.
I am so glad that I came on this program, and I can't imagine my life without this experience now. Things I learned and experienced here will influence the way I live the rest of my life.

Yes, I recommend
Cori Sainte Marie
Cori Sainte Marie

My summer abroad

Going abroad with CES was the best decision of my life. I met some of the most incredible people, who I can now call friends. Together, we traveled Europe together. We experienced once in a life time things together. We made memories that I will hold with me forever. We saw things that I have dreamt about my whole life, we ate delicious food that I couldn't pronounce, and I got to experience cultures I did not even know about. In addition to my wonderful weekend travels, I also has 2 incredible courses. These courses challenged me academically and socially. They introduced me to cultures around the world as well as made me more culturally aware. CES and Maastricht University were perfect for me and I know I will always look back at this experience with a smile on my face. Thank you CES for the #cesstastic summer.

How can this program be improved?

A few more programs for students throughout would have been nice! Everything else was perfect though.

Yes, I recommend
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The courses are eye opening and give a true world view on global issues. They are thought provoking and challenge your way of thinking. CES staff is engaging and welcome differing opinions. The courses are in much smaller settings than most universities and truly allow you to get to know your classmates. Everyone is very welcoming and always willing to go on an adventure. The ability to travel on the weekends really allowed me to learn about European culture on a much deeper level. Being so close to Germany and Belgium, among other European countries, allowed for weekends to always be filled with new places to explore. This program gave me an experience with life long lessons, friends and memories. CES really challenged my way of thinking, open my mind and helped me grow as a person. I would never trade this experience for anything.

Yes, I recommend

CES Maastricht

I never thought I would be so torn between wanting to stay in Maastricht forever and flying back home to what's familiar. I was stressed out with travel plans, but I eventually just decided to take it easy and relax. Since then, I have enjoyed every aspect of traveling through the countries, befriending new people, eating great foods, and learning new things in Europe and will always cherish the memories.

The first course that I took was EU: Peace, Conflict, and Human Rights. It was a class that I definitely would have never been able to take back in the US. I learned a lot about how Europe came to be (politically, economically, socially, and culturally).

The second course that I took was Comparison Analysis of Global News Media Coverage. The class encourages and helps build critical thinking skills with challenging material given by the course professor. It was a great way for us to learn how to compare and contrast the different types of news coverage between multiple nations and their perspectives.

The CES staff are the loveliest people; they are friendly, helpful, and always available. I was never afraid to email and ask them questions that they always have the answers to.

How can this program be improved?

This program is everything I've wanted and more!!

Yes, I recommend
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If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much

My study abroad experience was everything I imagined it to be and everything I didn't. I expected to have an eye-opening and enriching experience, but I did not anticipate some of my other experiences - like the incredible feeling of being able to experience another culture first hand, or the relationships that I built with those in the program, or even discovering what daily life as a Maastricht citizen would be like. The little things that I did not think about are what I did not expect, yet at the same time they are what made the program such a positive experience.

Yes, I recommend
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My Experience Abroad

On my study abroad experience I was able to gain a new perspective and appreciation for different cultures. The CES staff was amazing and continually encouraged students in their academics and exploration; they made sure to make you feel a part of a community and family. I got to experience many cultures and was pushed out of my comfort zone. My experience abroad was eye opening to say the least! I was able to participate on the Eastern Study Tour that was at times overwhelming, but worth every second! I was able to travel and see so many historical sites and watch my textbooks come to life! I was also able to experience the social scene with locals and this was a time in my life I will never forget!! I'm so glad I pushed myself to explore the world as I never have before!

Yes, I recommend

My CEStastic summer abroad

Although not every moment of this experience has been as easy as I originally thought it would be, it was all both eye-opening and helped me grow as a person. I have made new friends, seen new places, and tried new things -- especially new food -- that would not be possible without study abroad. Intercultural communication taught me new things about different cultures that I was able to use every week as I visited a different city and country. Through the course, I communicated with people I otherwise would probably not have even met. The CES staff has always seemed incredibly approachable, throughout the entire process. I feel like they are a family and I felt welcomed into it.

How can this program be improved?

In the beginning few days of the program, before any of the students separate and leave for individual study tours, there should be mixers in order to allow students from all universities to meet. I felt as if there was a separation between many of the home universities, and as a student who did not go on a study tour, feel as if I missed out on meeting the students who did.

Yes, I recommend

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