International Relations and Politics in the EU

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The European Union (EU) was created in the wake of the Second World War, largely to prevent further mass conflict by focusing on economic and political integration. The EU is a symbol of pan-European cooperation and diplomacy after centuries of ceaseless upheaval. Even amid ‘Euro-scepticism’ the EU continues to inspire citizens all over the world. This programme is ideal for students interested in exploring EU international relations, history and politics, economic and legal issues and the global challenges that it faces today.

The first study trip goes to Belgium. It includes for example, visits to the European Parliament and European Commission and other cultural highlights. The second Study Trip to The Hague and Amsterdam includes, for example, visits to the International Court of Justice, the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, the Anne Frank House, the Dutch open air museum Zaanse Schans and an activity of choice.

  • Go beyond the classroom and gain firsthand experience of Europe and its institutions
  • Participate in two weekend study trips
  • Receive comprehensive coverage of the key political, legal and economic policy areas of the European Union
  • Direct enrolment

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Yes, I recommend this program

A wonderful Winter Wonderland

Leaving Summer behind in Australia to go to the chilling conditions of Winter in Maastricht was a huge step but I loved absolutely every minute of it. The staff at CES are incredibly friendly and make sure your every need is met. The course is really interesting nd the excursions to Brussels, the Hague and AMsterdam were absolutely amazing. Matt Heckman had to be one of the coolest and funniest university teachers I ever had!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I'm not a business student.

If we're being honest, I'd never taken a business class before but had dont lots of international development stuff and thought I'd be able to breeze though. The content was challenging, I had to put in way more effort than the other student s.
I found this super annoying, not because I wasn't interested in the content but because I found most of the learning was coming from outside the class room.
walking along the cobbled street of Maastricht, houses leaning on top of each other, cyclists gliding past with a breeze in their hair. Students smoking and chatting out the front of the University. I was in a whole other world but my mind was stuck in European Law. I wanted to spend every waking hour exploring and forget the course all together. But if we're still being real, the content was interesting enough to keep this disconcerned Australian boy engaged and showing up to every class.

The team at CES were young, relatable, engaging passionate about their work and just so accommodating.
I would reccomend tbis program to anyone. There is so much learning to do inside and outside the class room!

What would you improve about this program?
less exams and other modes of assessment
Yes, I recommend this program

International Relations and Politics in the EU - CES Maastricht University

A brilliant study and travel opportunity for humanities students, providing an important overview of the European Union from both the classroom and at significant locations such as the European Parliament and European Commission in Brussels. The program was also an unforgettable in experiencing student life in the Benelux region while making new friendships. I well and truly recommend this program to anyone seeking such an experience due to the significance of its content combined with the great social, cultural and travel dimensions of the three and a half weeks spent in Maastricht. I should also mention that the look of such a course on your CV is more than a nice bonus!

What would you improve about this program?
Closer accommodation to the University however this is a minor point. Very little of note otherwise.
Typical tourist in Venice
Yes, I recommend this program

A life changing experience

I studied at Maastricht University in January 2018 as part of my International Studies degree. What an experience. From the moment I stepped out of the train station in Maastricht, I knew that this was going to be one amazing journey. The culturally-rich city has so many hidden little treasures around every corner, and no matter how many times I walked into the main square, I was constantly in awe by its beauty. It is truly a fairy town.

The program itself started off perfectly. I reached the student housing with a friend that I had met in Paris who was as well doing the program, and we made our way to our assigned rooms. I entered my room to meet my roommate and we connected instantly. She also just happened to live in the same area as me back in Melbourne!

The first few days included a visit to a welcome celebration at the university, winery, a city tour and some free time to get to know Maastricht. Classes begun after three days and they were only three days a week from 8:30 till 1:30. Although it was intensive in the work we did, there was a balance of study and leisure to explore, even country-hop in a day! The program also included weekend trips to Brussels and Amsterdam, which were full of exciting activities so there was never a dull moment. It gave us the change to bond as a group and share experiences together that we will all never forget.

This journey changed me as it made me become more aware of the world, appreciative of life and diligent in the work that I do. As someone who is studying International Studies, it has made me more passionate about my future and what I can do. I have grown as an individual and without this experience, I do not think it was possible for these changes to have occurred. Whilst this was done through the intensive aspect of the work, the people that I met on this program were just unbelievable, and without them this experience would not have been as amazing as it was. I have made friendships and memories with these people that I will hold very close to me and I thank them for the experiences that we had together. I would also like to mention the CES staff, thank you for your ongoing support!

Maastricht will always hold a special place in my heart and I long to go back to this beautiful city.

For future participants, I say just do it - you will not regret it one bit. It can be an overwhelming thing to study overseas, but it will be something that you can remember for a very long time. You will meet incredible people, you will be challenged, and you will grow as an individual. It is an opportunity that you cannot put a price on it. This program has by far been a highlight of my degree and I am already planning to do one very soon!

What would you improve about this program?
This program was just unbelievable from the support to the academics side of it. There is not one thing that made have any negative feelings about it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Perefectly Packed Program

A fantastic Short Course that was the perfect trip for summer!

The course itself was thorough and engaging, the study tours aligned perfectly with a balance of educational and recreational. I felt more engaged and willing to participate in-class here than back home at university and my knowledge taken away from the program reflects this. We were assessed by two in-class tests and a final paper on a topic of our own choosing which was well received by the whole class

What would you improve about this program?
By making it longer
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Aussies month in Maastricht

Programme was wonderful and really interesting especially if you come from a country like Australia where you do not study the European legal system at all. The teacher Matt Heckman was absolutely amazing, he is very knowledgeable and kept it interesting by being absolutely hilarious. The excursions were definitely a highlight, getting to see a trial at the International Court of Justice was truly special.