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Housing is an additional cost to the Program Cost listed on the ISA website. Additionally, AUT university supports ISA students with several scholarships each year.
Aug 30, 2019
Sep 16, 2013

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Come to Auckland, New Zealand for an amazing study abroad opportunity with ISA. There are two excellent choices for Universities: AUT University or University of Auckland.

AUT University is New Zealand's most contemporary university, with a unique profile reflecting its innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and research. Part-time internships are also available for academic credit during a semester abroad (at an additional fee).

The University of Auckland is the top ranked New Zealand university in the world and is New Zealand's leading research university. The University offers a world-class education to students coming from over 90 countries.

Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, truly offers the best of both worlds, all the buzz entertainment and cultural activities of a big city, as well as an outdoor lifestyle with numerous sporting and leisure activities. Check out ISA's extensive website for information on this exciting opportunity!

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University of Auckland:

Ranked in the top 100 Universities in the world, and number 1 in New Zealand, studying abroad at the University of Auckland is a great addition to anyone's resume, not to mention memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. An extensive list of course offerings ensures that students will not lose any time in their current course of study. Stay in a variety of housing options, including an on campus student residency or a shared or independent flat.


AUT University is the fastest growing university in New Zealand, and has developed a reputation for international students seeking a close-knit community in a thriving Pacific city. Established in 2000, AUT has become New Zealand's most contemporary university, with innovative approaches to teaching, learning and research. AUT University is outward-looking, developing and adapting to the social, economic and technological realities which shape the world today. The urban area is twice the size of London, and offers entertainment, nightlife and shopping. The temperate climate encourages an outdoor lifestyle and there is easy access to surf beaches, ski fields and mountains.

Check out the ISA website today to get all of the details on these awesome opportunities!

In 2014, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad merged with International Studies Abroad (ISA), therefore, the GlobaLinks program reviews may not accurately reflect the new program structure, which has been greatly improved through the integration with ISA.


ISA Scholarships

ISA Scholarships and Financial Aid

ISA is committed to increasing all students’ access to study abroad’s many benefits. We don't let financial hardships to get in the way of a life changing educational experience.

$350 - $2,000

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Auckland Experience

Auckland, New Zealand is a spectacular city that doesn't get the recognition it deserves, from my experience back at home because no one seems to know about it! It is a clean, diverse and unique metropolis located about 15 minutes from beaches and 15 from farmland and woods. To a girl from the suburbs of Reading, Pennsylvania, it was perfect. Living in Parnell, I got the small town experience that was only a beautiful 25 minute walk from my school, the University of Auckland, and the fascinating city of Auckland, itself. A typical day for me consisted of waking up around 10 am to go for a run around my breathtaking temporary home. I would run up to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, 2 minutes away from my Flat, where I would get an unbelievable view of Rangitoto Island and Auckland's harbour. I would often run around in the surrounding gardens and fields, or if I was feeling adventurous, run down to campus, through the city, down the the harbour and back home to Parnell. I would then eat some of my favorite Wheat Bix cereal and get ready for class. I loved the beautiful 25 minute walk to class as well as the University's campus. Its buildings ranged from massive, modern buildings that reflected the aqua blue sky to traditional Maori- inspired maraes. In my classes, I learned more about Pacific history than I ever have in my 14 years of schooling and developed a love and appreciation for the lovely Maori culture. After class I would either wander around in the city and grab something to eat or head back to Parnell Student Village to hang out with some of the 75 amazing new friends I had just made. I had never lived with a more welcoming, unique and fun group of people in my life. We liked to always spend our nights together whether it was at a potluck in our Village or dancing at a nightclub in Auckland. We always looked forward to the weekends, as well, because we tried to go on some sort of trip somewhere new, whether it was to a new part of the city or to a completely new spot on the North Island. I could go on and on about this amazing experience. But in brief, although it was almost 2 years ago, I still vividly remember the excited feeling I experienced as my Air New Zealand plane landed over the Manukau harbour to the heartbreakingly bittersweet goodbye hugs I gave to all of my friends as I left Parnell Student Village. I made great friends with people from all over America, traveled around New Zealand where I climbed a glacier, flung myself off the world's first bungee jump, slept in a cramped, freezing cold caravan for 2 nights with 4 girls just so I could skydive over Lake Taupo and hike the daunting Tongariro Crossing (where parts of the Lord of the Rings was filmed), spent a weekend in Sydney, Australia, and made hundreds of other memories it would take hours to describe. I learned not only things about myself one can probably only learn from leaving their comfort zone, but also about an almost unknown culture- the Maori, and about making the most of every single day by doing something every day that is memorable, and by spending time with the people you have limited time with. Of course there were times where I wish I could go home for a couple days and eat a giant Belgian waffle at my favorite diner and see my friends and parents, but I always kept in mind that this experience would not last forever and I needed to appreciate my time there while I could. I really only have one memory of a culture shock experience and it occurred right after the awesome Bridging Cultures program when we moved into Parnell and had to get our bearings and I felt a lot of anxiety about not just being able to go to a Walmart and get everything I needed to survive. Aside from that, I am obviously obsessed with my experience abroad and cannot still cannot believe how lucky I am to have had it.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I could change would be to have lived with more Kiwi students. I LOVED my American flatmates but it would have been nice to get to know some more native New Zealanders, as well.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Kiwi Livin'

I lived on campus at the student accommodations, located very close to campus and right in the middle of the city. A typical day would be going to class in the morning for 2-3 hours, I had Wednesdays and Fridays off where I would go to my internship which was in the middle of the city and less than a ten minute walk away. After class or work I would usually go to a late lunch in the city, where there is a surprisingly large amount of restaurants just on the main street (Queen Street). You could easily have a different kind of food twice a day for a week without having to walk more than ten minutes. There are so many activities to do in and near Auckland that we often did something every day - going to the surrounding islands, trips to the beach, or traveling. We would often cook for dinner and then go out for drinks.

Difficult things were the prices, everything is more expensive in New Zealand (though the exchange rate does help), the lack of a oven in the accommodation and the elevators breaking often.

Highlights were everything else, the area was beautiful! Traveling was easy since the islands are small. Car rental is easy. Flights are cheap. I would strongly suggest spending at least two week traveling the South Island if you stay in Auckland. The city is amazing. And the nightlife is fantastic.

What would you improve about this program?
If I could change anything, I would probably have gone to New Zealand earlier than the program start date so that I could explore more before school started.

If you don't like noise, I would recommend considering a homestay. Its a great way to experience more of the country, and since you'll still be in the city it will be easy to visit the people staying at WSA.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Independent Experience

I think the AustraLearn program is phenomenal for more independent students, who would appreciate a little bit of direction. AustraLearn has a very comprehensive orientation week that helps picking students up from the airport, doing a couple lessons about the local culture and what to expect in classes (differences from American courses), and helps with the small things such as providing a limited calling card for the start and bringing resources to us by pointing us in the right direction for grocery shopping, cell phone questions, etc. After orientation week, AustraLearn was fairly non-existant besides some emails. This is beneficial for students to learn how to make their own plans and embrace their surroundings. Auckland Uni was a wonderful institution that offers nearly every concentration imaginable. Most study abroad students are encouraged to take entry level courses which is beneficial for students only there for one semester. Less stressful while still gaining an academic aspect.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best College Experience!

This was a wonderful experience! I met so many lifelong friends and had a great cultural experience. From the week-long orientation to the planned trips throughout the semester, I never felt alone and always had something to do!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience

New Zealand is beautiful. Even the cities had some of the most beautiful parks and gardens I have ever seen. The University campus was welcoming to all students and I was able to get involved with the Tramping (Backpacking) Club and the International Students Club. I was able to make friends in my classes and the professors were all helpful in making my academic experience enjoyable. The academic challenges were similar to my experience in the US. Outside of academics, traveling the country was incredible. There was always something exciting around the corner.

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Yes, I recommend this program

This Program has been a great experience.

With Australearn help applying for studying abroad, finding accommodation, and classes was very easy. I would definitely recommend the culture and adventure program. This was a great way to learn about the Maori Culture and visit several places around New Zealand. Also, they had great leaders who were there to answer any of the questions you have about the country.

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No, I don't recommend this program

some good some bad

The classes at UoA are not much different than my home uni. I have 2 difficult ones and 2 easier ones. Support can be hard to find due to the number of students, but if you put in the effort you can get help. The living situation could be better. They could try to room you with more likeminded people. I have one horrible roommate that I don't get along with. Outside of school, NZ is really fun and its easy to find adventures and transport. If you want a real adventure you kind of have to get out of the city though. Auckland has enough cool stuff to do that can keep you busy for a week but the real fun is in the country.

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