Study Abroad at Lincoln University in Christchurch, NZ
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Study Abroad at Lincoln University in Christchurch, NZ

International students can study at Lincoln University and transfer your credit back to your degree at home.

Lincoln University excels in areas related to land and natural resource management and is renowned for its applied commerce degrees and industry-relevant programmes.

Our rural location on the outskirts of Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island, is perfect for our land-based focus - giving students the best of both worlds.

The Study Abroad programme is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students who meet Lincoln University's admission requirements. Depending on your academic background, you can choose from any of the courses within the faculties. You can enrol for one or two semesters on an independent basis, or as part of a Study Abroad programme.

Lincoln University has a strong sports club culture and our University Rugby Club are the current Senior Mens Christchurch Champions and have hosted a number of current and former All Blacks.

Lincoln offers a range of specialized programs in the following subject areas:
  • Agricultural Science
  • Commerce
  • Agribusiness and Food Marketing
  • Property and Land Management
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Tourism Management
  • Sports and Recreation Management
  • Environment Management & Policy
  • Informatics: Information Technology, Agritech and GIS
  • Science: Biosecurity, Conservation & Ecology, Food Science, Land, Water and Environment, Water Management
  • Viticulture and Oenology
  • smaller semi-rural campus environment on the edge of the city
  • close proximity to the great outdoors - sking, hiking, biking, rock climbing, fishing etc .....
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Direct Enrollment
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Animal Science
Conservation and Preservation
Food Science and Nutrition
International Business
Landscape Architecture
Māori Studies
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Sustainable Development
Wildlife Sciences
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2017 Cost Indication per Semester:

*New Zealand Dollars
Tuition Fee: $12,250.00
Student Services Fee: $305.00
Studentsafe Insurance: $294.50
Accommodation (fully-catered ): $7,770.00
Accommodation (self-catered units ): $3,885.00
Accommodation Application Fee: $150.00
Accommodation Bond: $400.00
Recreation Centre Membership: $87.00

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Program Reviews (17)


Small Agricultural University - a great place to be


I came to Lincoln University because I wanted to experience a small university setting, get a chance to study agriculture in the realm of environmental science, and of course, see the incredible New Zealand landscape. My experience has been fantastic all around. Though I came in not wanting to focus too much on school, the classes here (specifically ERST 302 Environmental Policy) ended up being some of the more interesting ones I've taken, and the professors are friendly, accessible, and willing to help you out with your future career goals. The small school setting worked out very well as I made a great group of friends and we became pretty close. Lincoln is also well situated to explore as much of the South Island as possible. Arthur's pass is a 2 hour drive away and also gives access to the West Coast, and you can reach any part of the island in a (sometimes long) day's drive. I've had an incredible time here and would recommend it to anyone with environmental/agricultural interests.

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20 years old
United States
Lincoln University

An unexpected experience -Sustainability at Lincoln


When I left for New Zealand I had some fears about leaving home and family for such a long period of time, and had no presumptions over what Christchurch and Lincoln area would be like. Now in my last few weeks, I can say that New Zealand will always hold a dear place in my heart for the beauty that it has shown me and for the friends that I have made. As an environmental studies student from California, It was great to learn about how professors in a different part of the world taught sustainability. Lincoln's professors were all very down to earth and willing to help and talk to you. I was impressed with their friendliness and desire to help students succeed. The school and campus itself has a way to go in terms of sustainability. If you come to Lincoln be prepared to devote most of your money to transportation, as you will certainly need to buy either a car or copious amounts of bus tickets to get anywhere remotely close. The bus system is well routed, but as I said before it can get expensive after multiple trips. Christchurch is a beautiful city with a lot of interesting sights considering they are rebuilding from the earthquake, but just know that Lincoln and Christchurch are much farther from each other than you would think, and without a car takes about 45minuets- 1 hour to bus from one to the other. The students at Lincoln were are very friendly, and as an international student expect to interact mostly with other international students unless you take smaller sized classes. As for having fun with friends, there isn't much to do in Lincoln so the fun you have will be what you make it if you find some nice people to hang around and possibly go outside of the town for some adventure. If you come in winter bring rain boots! Overall the south island is beautiful and much different from the north island, so make sure to find friends who will want to go exploring with you over the weekend. Overall a good experience.


Small Community, Okay Location


Studying abroad at Lincoln University was a huge personal gain, because I was able to live on my own, away from family or immediate support. Lincoln University's study abroad community is small and centralized at Farm Road Flats and some halls, you will mainly make friends with other international students. I advise you to live off campus if you can, the accommodations department has strict rules that older students find cumbersome. Its location is ideal for traveling to the most beautiful regions of the South Island, just make sure you buy a car with some pals or else transportation is a nightmare. Buy good walking shoes because you'll be doing a lot of walking into town for groceries and errands. Lincoln Township is hard to be a part of for such a short time since this is such a small tightknit community, but feel free to join in the communities weekend events when they are available. You will probably have to travel to Christchurch for anything you need to do, so buy a metro pass or again, buy a car to use for six months.

How can this program be improved?

LU needs to provide more services and support for international students, like better communication to back home and transportation when they are injured or need to go to the doctor. Some students, like me, could not afford to buy a car and to pay for the upkeep while I'm still paying for my car back home. The Accommodations office treated my flat with complete disrespect and ruined my entire time here, I would recommend that students go to any other university in New Zealand.

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21 years old
Lincoln, New Zealand
Lincoln University

Thank you, Lincoln


I came here from Norway. I was really nervous in the beginning, but the staff was very helpful and made me feel safe, and they answered all my questions. They even met us at the airport and took us directly to our flats when we got here. They took care of us during the whole stay, and I am very lucky to have gotten the chance to study on the other side of the planet. New Zealand is a beautiful country with stunning nature. I am very happy I made this choice.

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20 years old
The crescent flat, lincoln university
Lincoln University

Nice experience with lincoln university


I am really enjoy to study abroad in Lincoln University, New Zealand. I got a lot of new experiences in here. There are so many international student in here, so, I met a lot of new friends from many countries. This university provides a very well service and facilities. Morever, Lincoln has a really great environment to study, like calm and quite. Also, the lectures are very welcome and nice to us. This is a very recommended university!

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Washington State University

Great people, easy to study


I cannot say enough good things about my time at Lincoln. The professors are all wonderful and helpful. The support that you get here makes the trip so much easier and safer. The lectures care about their subjects and it makes it very easy to learn. The housing on campus is good because it's close and convenient. Overall, the experience here has been amazing and I highly recommend this program for a study abroad destination!

lovely cat
31 years old
Christchurch, New Zealand
Lincoln University

Good Uni


I am studying in Lincoln Uni as a PhD student. I like my superviser. He is so smart and I can get support from him anytime. I like the research environment my superviser creates for me. I can do what I want, can keep passion in my research. This is the best part in my study. Both my friend and I agree that the staff of Lincolun Uni are friendly and helpful. They are responsible for their duty. My friend feels satisfied with her undergraduate study. The campus is beautiful, more beautiful than other Unis I have been. This is also a part of Lincoln Uni I like.

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21 years old
Salt Lake City, UT
University of Missouri- Columbia

Lincoln University Experience


I had a blast this past semester at Lincoln University. It offered an abundance of courses to take that were genuinely interesting. The town of Lincoln is small itself but it remains close to Christchurch and many outdoor activities. The Farm Road flats were a great place to stay for study abroad students. People from all around the world come here to study and it was easy to make a close group of friends. Overall this experience was great and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in studying in New Zealand

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21 years old
Los Angeles
University of California- Berkeley

Little Lincoln Bubble


Growing up in Los Angeles, California and going to school near San Francisco, I had been looking for a different university experience while I was abroad. I definitely achieved that by going to Lincoln University!
For starters, you drive through town in about 30 seconds, and past the entire campus in about 15. The Kiwi students are very different from what I expected: not incredibly school focused, a bit insane when drunk, and not very outgoing in classes. The international group was where I really found my place, an incredible mix of students from all over the world and a range of ages (19-33). This group was much more keen to go on weekend trips, have get togethers, and really just make sure that everyone was included and having a great time in New Zealand.
Lincoln has a different grading structure than I was used to in the states: very little daily hw or readings, heavy emphasis on projects and the final, which meant that I was able to hang out a lot more with people with less worries on school.
Overall, Lincoln was a great experience and the administration is very responsive and willing to help out with any bumps along the way!

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23 years old
Wofford College

Reflecting on Lincoln


Studying at Lincoln has been a wonderful experience! Lincoln has a very laid back atmosphere and everyone is very friendly. I liked the housing arrangements because I met so many diverse from all over the world, that I otherwise would not have ever encountered. Farm Road Flats really is like a tight-knit community. Also, I became really close to a few New Zealanders, who invited me on weekend tramps and really introduced me to Kiwi culture.

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23 years old
Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA
University of New Hampshire

A great place to study


Lincoln University is a very special and unique place to have a study abroad experience. Located outside of Christchurch city in the small town of Lincoln, you get a feel for small town rural New Zealand life, but are perfectly situated to travel around the south island either north or south, you are only a few hours from so many wonderful and beautiful places. Academically Lincoln is unique because of their strong agricultural and ecological focus it is a great place if you are interested in New Zealand's unique biodiversity, the wine industry or the kiwi methods of farming. Overall a great place, it is a very small school with many international students so you will meet many people from around the world and become a part of the community created at Lincoln.

How can this program be improved?

The program runs very smoothly and provides many opportunities, no suggestions for improvement.

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21 years old
colorado springs
Colorado State University

study abroad review lincoln uni


New Zealand is awesome. If you love hiking, this is paradise. So many cool locations. Not much to do actually in lincoln itself except drink buts its a good base of operations. milford sound, mt cook, abel tasman, the kaikoura and mt fyffe, edoras(mt sunday), boogie boarding, sumner etc. Travel and get out. Drink at the grouse. Go wendesday, its karoke night, go to ms o's. Avoid the liquor store, its too expensive. new World has far better prices.

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25 years old

Weekend in Nelson


Studying abroad involves a whole bunch of experiences and you will find friends that you may keep for the rest of your life. But sometimes you have the urge to go on a trip alone. And it doesn't have to be a great trip it can only be one day or one weekend. But experiencing a journey just by yourself, maybe not even knowing your destination gives you the chance to grow and to enlarge your own horizon. This is what I did when I spent a weekend in Nelson, discovering the wonders of Abel Tasman and Nelson.

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23 years old
Ithaca, NY
Lincoln University

Great University, Awesome Country!


My time at Lincoln University was incredible... The best part was becoming friends with people from all over the world. I lived with other international students, so I got to learn a lot about culture in several countries in Europe. We even celebrated Norwegian Independence Day! It was so much fun.

I bought a car and my friends and I would go hiking up mountains, through the rainforest, up to glaciers... We went bungee jumping, skydiving, everything. New Zealand is the most beautiful country I've ever seen, and it is small enough to explore many different natural beauties in a short time.

Finally, my classes at Lincoln were interesting and very applicable to my major at Cornell University and career interest, dairy science and agribusiness. Field trips and practical examples in class helped me see how the New Zealand dairy industry has been successful and grown so quickly.

Overall, my time at Lincoln was filled with a lot learning, but even more adventures and fun with some great friends.

How can this program be improved?

International students should live in dorms with both international students and Kiwis (New Zealand folks), rather than just living with other international students.

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23 years old
Henan, China

perfect experience


It is the best experience i've ever had. You are able to find good friends, patient teachers and friendly homestay with the help of Lincoln uni's staff. Join in it and I am sure you will enjoy yourself!

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23 years old
Moscow, ID
University of Idaho

Fun little school


Loved being at a smaller school with such a tight knit community. It's small, but easy to get around and still pretty close to the city. Lincoln is great for agriculture/natural sciences majors to get a change of pace and scenery.

How can this program be improved?

More opportunities to live with kiwis and hang out with them--campus housing was great but I ended up spending a lot of time with other internationals

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24 years old
Lincoln, New Zealand
Lincoln University

Lincoln Uni


Lincoln University hosts a newly formed football team. The team is composed of a few Kiwis and several international players. If your're keen on playing some footy and studying hard, Lincoln Uni is the place to study.

How can this program be improved?

A few more Uni sponsored trips via bus would be great!

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Established in 1878, Lincoln University has been a key contributor to the primary industries that sit at the core interests of the New Zealand economy. Ranked 319th in the world , and the top 50 in Agriculture and Forestry (QS Rankings), we are the only