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The TEAN Full Ride Scholarship is designed to give a stand-out student the opportunity to study abroad. It's an annual scholarship that can be used for any TEAN program and covers tuition, program fees and orientation (up to $15,000 value).


Have you dreamt of studying your undergraduate or graduate degree at a university in New Zealand but don’t know where to start? Navigating a different educational and admissions system can be difficult but The Education Abroad Network (TEAN)’s experienced staff can assist you through the whole process. And this service is free for you! TEAN is an official representative of six of the eight universities in New Zealand and 20 universities in Australia. With these connections, and our Program Managers who have worked in higher education within the region for more than ten years, we can help you quickly find the right Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program in New Zealand that fits your needs, and assist you through the application process.

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  • Academics 6.5
  • Support 7.5
  • Fun 7.5
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 9.5
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Absolutely Incredible!

My overall educational experience at VUW was really amazing - the teachers were all incredibly accomplished and easily accessible and the classes themselves were interesting. In addition, the administrations of both VUW and TEAN were absolutely amazing. Everyone with whom I spoke was kind, knowledgable, and very willing to help. TEAN did a fantastic job of preparing me for the specific program, so I really had all the information I needed. The only thing is that I wish I had known how amazing the food was going to be in Wellington, because I would have budgeted more money per week to eating out.
In terms of opportunities, both TEAN and VUW provided experiences to interact with the culture. For example, during TEAN's orientation in Queenstown, the staff there had made arrangements for a professor from the University of Otago to come and teach us all about Maori culture. VUW offered many different events also related to Maori culture and discussion about it. Wellington itself is also a diverse and culturally rich city, with tons of different museums and cultural immersion opportunities. I felt very strongly that both TEAN and VUW encouraged participating in those opportunities, and I spent most of my off days doing so.
I loved TEAN, VUW, and Wellington and would recommend the program, the university, and the city to absolutely anyone.

How can this program be improved?
I really have no feedback on improvement - TEAN seems to have worked out a fantastic application process and support system for students.
Yes, I recommend this program

Victoria University in Wellington

Orientation was definitely a success! Surprisingly learned a lot in a short amount of time. The orientation leaders made it interactive and I actually ended up meeting my core group of friends after a small scale icebreaker game. Wellington as a city has been nothing short of an amazing place. Besides the big hill from town to Kelburn campus, which is most definitely a hike, everywhere is walking distance. I would definitely recommend studying in Wellington simply because it is the most accomodating New Zealand city for a study abroad student (its between Auckland and Queenstown so its a great fit for travellers during the school year, too!) As for Victoria University, it has been pretty accomodating thus far, although on the expensive side. School work isn't too demanding, leaving quite a lot of time to travel on weekends. I do wish that the school gym was free... that was a bummer. Then again, just getting groceries in town and coming back up the hill is the equivalent of leg and bicep day. Overall, I would HANDS DOWN recommend living in Wellington, especially University Hall housing. I live in a flat with six other students all from different countries. It has been a blast... can't wait to visit Wellington again!

Yes, I recommend this program

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