With an affordable cost of living, great weather, friendly people and beautiful sightseeing, Lisbon is a wonderful option for study abroad students. The universities offer quality and diversified courses, giving with the opportunity to improve your academic qualifications while meeting an old and rich culture, with a lot of history and monuments. Lisbon is an unforgettable destination for all students who want a unique experience in terms of university lifestyle, hospitality, gastronomy, culture, and leisure.

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Planning Your Trip

Academic Life

Lisbon is a university city, with a qualified network of both public and private universities and research centers, promoting close collaboration with higher education institutions of international standing (such as MIT or Carnegie Mellon). As a city open to the world should, Lisbon universities have many courses lectured in English, although learning Portuguese is a good option. It’s the fifth most spoken language in the world, so it’s a good idea to learn the language with the best teachers you could have: Portuguese people!

Cultural Immersion

Study in Lisbon is a great opportunity to improve your academic qualifications while having a great life experience. Lisboners are friendly and almost half the population speaks a second language, which helps student’s integration. The city is a nice place to live, with history present at every corner in old neighborhoods and a lot of culture events going on all the time. Our city allows you to be in touch not only with European culture, but also to know a bit of history from around the world. More than eight centuries of history makes Portugal capital city a true encyclopedia, full of monuments that presents several stages of world history.

Lisbon is an outstanding place to study, work or simply live… Knowledge, Creativity, Innovation, Brainpower, Leadership are some words that we can use to describe the city. It’s a gateway to all Europe, a friendly and beautiful city where you could have the experience of a lifetime. One of the best things about Lisbon is that the city allows you to combine professional life with leisure, culture with sports, nightlife with beautiful historical sights. Lisbon has 220 sunshine days per year, 3 natural parks, 2 large beach fronts and a lot of restaurants, museums, shops and cultural and historical places to visit. The historical neighborhoods, like Mouraria, Alfama or Bairro Alto, are places with a vibrant nightlife, which combined with the openness, spontaneity and warmness of Lisboners guarantee that you will have a great time!


Studying in Lisbon will allow you to learn all about Europe, since the city is the gateway to the old continent. It’s great weather, the river and the sea allows you to practice many sports and outdoor activities. Being one of the safest cities in Europe, you can enjoy the city walking, biking or using public transportations. Lisbon is one of the cheapest cities in the European Union, offering around 72 students residences, principally located in the city center, with easy access to the various campuses around the city. To find student accommodations, UniPlaces, a student housing search engine, is a great place to look.

Student Visas

Coming to Lisbon is really simple! The Lisbon City Council recently launched a website to help students planning their trip to Lisbon. You can find there information about the city and all its universities. You can find visa information, search for your course, look for accommodations, find a scholarship and see all that Lisbon has to offer! If there’s still any question, you can contact Lisbon City Council or ask GoOverseas to do it for you.


Scholarships for Study Abroad in Portugal

There are some institutions that grant scholarships for national and foreign students who want to study in Lisbon. Also most universities have agreements that facilitate foreign students coming to the city. You can check with your university what kind of agreements do they have or you can go to Study in Lisbon for other options. Depending on what do you study, there are several institutions in Portugal and abroad that can give you a scholarship. You can also contact the Study in Lisbon team to ask anything you need to know.

Study Abroad Programs in Lisbon

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Tours & Trips in Portugal

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