Adelante Abroad: Ecology Summer Study in Scotland

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Adelante Program in Edinburgh
Adelante Program in Edinburgh


Edinburgh, Scotland- natural beauty and heritage come to mind with this beautiful, green destination. Scotland's cliffs, freshwater streams, woodlands, and grasslands make this the ideal Ecology study abroad program.

Students will enroll in two courses: "Conservation Skills" and "Habitat Management." Beyond the classroom, this program is majority valuable field experience with site visits, guidance from site managers, field investigations, and exposure to practical management techniques. This program adds to your future marketability in Ecology and Conservation careers/fields.

Excursions are also a part of the package with visits to local heritage sites such as the Isle of May, Edinburgh Castle, Loch Lomond, The Trossachs National Park, and more. With Adelante's program, you are primed for a complete Scottish experience that will last a lifetime.

Please note this program is limited to 16 participants each year, so apply early to secure your placement!

For more details, click on "Visit Site" or if you're ready to fill out an application, click on "Get Started" above. Adelante's support team is excited to hear from you!
  • The two courses included are 90 – 100 hours of instruction. Successful completion of the two courses will give you 6 hours of US credit, fully transferable, towards your degree at your home University or College

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ecology Summer Experience

Overall, this was an amazing experience! What I loved most about this experience was not being in the classroom except for a couple times out of the four weeks. We traveled to many different country parks, nature reserves, and cultural sites learning the whole time from proffesionals in that particular field. If you love to learn about different habitats, how to sustainably manage a habitat, and enjoy being outside then this will be a fantastic experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program


This was the first year for this program. There are obviously some kinks to work out. There is a lack of communication between the students and the staff as far as the technology. This is referring to the fact that the access to the internet was limited at times and that skype barely worked. There were many little things that are needed to be remerbered when studying abroad: bring an alarm clock, get used to eating bad food, the beds are not comfortable and the comforter will barely cover your feet when you sleep at ngiht.

This being said, this was a great trip. The issues are very small and not really a big issue in the grand scheme of things. They are just a part of studying abroad. Scotland has a beautiful contryside and the scenery is great. The castles here are awesome and very historical! The best thing about this program is that you get to see a lot of the countryside. You get to see a lot of cultural sites, such as prehistoric sites. The college is slightly away from the nearest town. It takes thirty minutes to get to the small town of Uphall, which really only has pubs and a convenient store. It is an hour walk to the train station in Uphall. The train is the best way to travel to Edinburgh, Glasgow or St. Andrew's. This really isn't bad you just need to get used to walking a little. You will need to walk in order to not get fat from the heavy meals that they feed you in the kitchen, or "canteen."

Everyone in Scotland is very friendly and nice! I have met so many people in Uphall, Edinburgh and St. Andrew's that it isn't even funny. If you are ever lost somewhere don't hesitate to ask someone how to get somewhere. I have never had anyone ignore me. Everyone is very helpful and polite. It is not like New York City where people are rude.

This trip is great. I would recommend that you only go if you are an Environmental Science or Ecology major. If you aren't then it will still be a neat trip, it just won't be as interesting as the other students think that it is.

Bottom line is that it is a country of beautiful scenery and the most laidback people ever! The castles are so awesome too!