AIFS Study Abroad in Granada: Semester or Academic Year
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AIFS Study Abroad in Granada: Semester or Academic Year

Spend a semester or academic year in the charming and captivating city of Granada, Spain. Courses are taught in English or Spanish, and no previous Spanish language study is required. Earn up to 15 credits with options:
-Spanish Language and Culture (taught in English)
-Spanish Language and Culture (taught in Spanish)
-Advanced Hispanic Studies

Live in a student apartment, homestay or student residence, all with laundry facilities, internet and meal plan. Enjoy cultural and social activities such as visits to museums and cultural sites, tapas evening with Spanish students, hiking in the nearby Sierra Nevadas, Spanish cooking classes and more. AIFS includes trips to Gibraltar, Seville and Cordoba, and day trips to Ronda and the beach town of Nerja. Optional excursions include Morocco, and Madrid and Toledo.

Granada gives students the chance to be immersed in the Spanish language, culture, cuisine and tradition in a city renowned for its cultural heritage and fusion

  • Flamenco Show
  • Hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Spanish Cuisine Tasting
  • Day trip to Nerja, Costa del Sol
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AIFS is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Comprehensive fees cover tuition and housing with $800,000 in scholarship and grant funding available each year. A meal plan, tours and excursions, insurance and 24-hour emergency service are also included. Coordinated AIFS Flight Packages are available.
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  • Academics 8.2
  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 9.2
  • Housing 9.7
  • Safety 9.2
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Semester in Granada with AIFS

I studied in Granada, Spain in the Fall of 2015. I know saying "it was amazing" is very vague but honestly, it was the most amazing time of my life. I made some of the best friends, I lived in the middle of the city and my host mom helped to make my experience great. What can I say? I don't have many complaints! Everything went smoothly with AIFS. They are very organized and are always ready to help, but they still give you the space to be independent.
By day, I got a latte and a tostada in the local cafe, I went to school, and enjoyed siestas. By night, I went out and enjoyed tapas or went to the discoteca with my friends! Granada is awesome in regards to nightlife because when you go out to get tapas, you pay for your drink and the tapas come free. Granada is also the home to thousands of young college students during the school year because the University of Granada is there. So, Granada is young, lively and cost effective. You can't beat it. One of my favorite things about Granada was it's Moorish neighborhoods and background. Granada has a rich history and I encourage you to explore the Alhambra, the white washed Carmen neighborhood and go get tea in the Albayzin.
Before studying abroad, I was a Hospitality major. After my experience, I became an International Studies major. Studying abroad literally changed my life. I'm so glad I picked the AIFS Granada program.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I did not like about the program was that you are placed in a school with all Americans or English speakers. This makes immersion into the Spanish culture a little more challenging. However, AIFS does set up intercambios so that you can meet with Spanish students and practice your Spanish speaking skills with them. I just wish I would have been in school with some of the locals.

Yes, I recommend
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Ay Granada!!

What can I say that someone else hasn't told you. Granada holds a special place in my heart. It didn't take long for this place to make me fall in love with it. The views, the people, the food. Everything made the experience one thousand times better. The AIFS staff in Granada also made the experience one of a kind. The work hard to have us fit in and they would answer any question we had for them. They were also very patient with us and they guided us when we needed it. Granada is amazing 24/7. Being here was a great opportunity to meet other people from different parts of the US and all over the world as well. Being able to travel during the weekends was also a great experience. We were able to have fun but at the same time we knew that we were there to learn. Going to school was also a different experience that opened my eyes because I learned so much.
Over all coming to Granada was one of the best decisions ever!

Yes, I recommend
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Study Abroad with AIFS in Granada, Spain

One of the activities the resident directors planned was a team photo scavenger hunt. They gave us clues leading us to different parts of Granada, and we had to take a picture of us at the different locations. I, and two of my friends, got some native college girls to help us out, and we ended up winning 75 euros. We saw many unique and out-of-the-way areas of Granada. This was just one way our wonderful resident directors helped involve us in the culture.

Yes, I recommend
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2000 Sheep in the Center of Madrid

While in Madrid for the weekend with the program, our tour guide told us of a tradition where local farmers push a herd of 2,000 sheep through the center of Madrid to their winter pastures. Our program director had us vote, and we left the hotel a bit earlier the next morning to catch the start of the procession before our bike tour. It was just an example of the random cultural experiences you're bound to find while studying abroad and I loved every second of it!

How can this program be improved?

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and the program overall, but a bit more information on what to expect when first landing in London (for our flight package: an optional tour of London) and when first landing in Spain would have helped put us more at ease. We were all so nervous and unsure of what to do, so a knowing a little bit more of what to expect would have been better.

Yes, I recommend
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A Life Changing Experience

My primary goal studying abroad was to get as much practice with Spanish as possible, since I am a Spanish major. I also wanted to get to know the city and country and take other opportunities to travel. AIFS was great because the placed me in an incredible home stay that was the highlight of my experience abroad. The family was incredibly welcoming and I felt at home with them very quickly. They included me in their family events and outings and made sure I was happy and comfortable. The program directors in Granada, Edu and Noelia, were also amazing. They were supportive and helpful and did everything they could to improve our experience abroad and adjust to our new lives there. I also loved the excursions with AIFS. I got to see so many cities in Spain and I am not sure I would have seen so many if I didn't have the excursions to make traveling so easy. The trips had a good balance of education and sightseeing and downtime to do what we wanted. I left my semester abroad with a greater confidence in my speaking ability. While abroad, I also discovered the career path I am pursuing now as I prepare for graduation in 6 months. Studying abroad gave me direction that I did not have before.

How can this program be improved?

I wish that there was an opportunity to take classes with Spanish students, instead of entirely with Americans and other international students. I also wish AIFS had provided us with more than one intercambio. I think I would've had more practice if I had an obligation every week or every few weeks.

Yes, I recommend
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Granada is amazing

This program was amazing. I am so happy I did it. School was challenging but it was a good challenge. Paula & Edu were phenomenal and I felt they supported me with everything I did and genuinely cared.

How can this program be improved?

More group trips

Yes, I recommend
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Granada, yes.

Loved this program. Perfect in every way. I would recommend Granada to anyone going to study abroad. Get out there, go see the world and go see Granada first and stay as long as you can. Siesta y Fiesta.

How can this program be improved?

I would want to stay longer.

Yes, I recommend
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Granada Spain

Paula and Edu were extremely helpful and personable. The academics were completely different from the States. I wouldnt say it was challenging but it was very informative and relevant. My absolute favorite class was culture and civilization of Spain. Personally I think it should be a mandatory class because I learned more in that class than any other. It really helped me understand differences between the Spaniards and Americans. It also helped me get a grasp on some things that were a culture shock to me.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Changing with AIFS

After all the paper work was done and my semester at my home school was over, I was terrified. I really started to second guess whether or not I could live away from my family and friends for 5 whole months! January 4th came way too soon, and the moment I got on the plane, I was regretting my decision. Landing in Spain and getting accustomed to my apartment ( I chose the apartments instead of the homestay) was very difficult, I’d had never been so homesick in my life. I remember the landlord of the apartment caught my roommate and I crying and said, “ This time is going to fly, and they day you leave Granada, you’ll be crying a lot harder.” It took about 3 weeks for me to really get used to the idea that Granada would be my home for the next 5 months. Slowly but surely, I began to fall in love. The city, the sights, the traveling, the food, the people, all of it; you not only get to discover a new gorgeous city, but you feel as though the world is at your feet, and that’s because for those couple of months, it really is. You learn to seize every moment, and seek out all new opportunities, and for 5 months you get enjoy life to absolute fullest.
AIFS does an amazing job at accommodating your every need. The resident director of Granada, Paula Messina, is an absolute sweetheart. She along with AIFS provide you with the best possible experience imaginable, and tend to your every need. I got sick while I was in Granada, and I e-mailed her around 4am and she got back to me later that morning and pulled me out of class for my appointment with the doctor. I never once felt like I was alone in the city there was always someone there to talk to about anything.
As far as academics the CLM, ( Centro de Lenguas Modernas) provides you with a very unique experience. The university and the curriculum are designed in a way that is challenging, but still incorporates your experience abroad. The professors at the CLM were probably some of the best I have ever had. Their style of teaching is very different to what we are accustomed to, but that’s what makes the experience so memorable.
May 24th came way too soon. The best memories of my life were made in Granada. Everything from the lively city to AIFS, makes you fall in love over and over again. The day I left my apartment, I said bye to the staff members, and told the landlord how right she had been, and then she hugged me and told me to come back soon. Going abroad was the scariest thing I have ever done, but looking back now, the thought of not having gone abroad, is absolutely terrifying.
If I can leave you with any words of advice, seize the moment. Don't take your time out there for granted! Travel a lot, study a lot, eat a lot, discover a lot, dance a lot, just do it all, and then do more.

How can this program be improved?

I wish we didn't have to leave the same week we had finals. It was really hard to try to cram in all the studying and packing! Realistically those last days you're there you want to enjoy them with your friends and the city. If it's possible I would suggest allowing students to stay an extra week or AT LEAST that weekend. I had friends who had exams up until the very last day and I thought that was kind of difficult. Other than that the program was perfect, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. :)

Yes, I recommend
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Best Experience of My Life!

I loved studying in Granada so much! The only regret that I have is that I could not stay longer!
I lived in a homestay and felt as though I was truly a part of my host family. I lived with an older couple who had five children and seven grandchildren that lived within five minutes of them and were constantly visiting. It was a great experience.
The AIFS staff were very helpful and always open to suggestions. Our group really enjoyed the sports activities, so two or three extra days were added during our trip that were not previously planned.
I went to Granada knowing no one and left knowing that I had met several life-long friends.
I would recommend it to anyone that is interested, no questions asked.

Yes, I recommend
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The Best 4 Months of My Life.

Choosing to study in Granada, Spain with AIFS was definitely one of the best life decisions I've ever made. I spent the Fall of 2011 in Granada and loved every minute of it. Not only was Granada the perfect place for me but I could not have asked for a better experience than the one I had with AIFS.

Granada is hidden gem of Europe. In comparison to many other large cities its a perfectly sized small city with LOTS to do! Everything you need to do is in walking distance and I can guarantee you can always find a fun night life event every day of the week. With your choice of restaurants, tapas bars, and discotecas, Granada is one of my favorite places in the world.

My wonderful time would not have been possible if it were not for the amazing work of the AIFS staff. I felt like I had my own little family away from home through everyone who was part of AIFS. The staff there were extremely helpful always made me feel comfortable and safe being so far away from home.

One of the things that made going through AIFS so great was the fact that I was able to meet friends from all over the US. I made some amazing friendships with new people that I know I will continue to be friends with for many more years.

Beyond my AIFS friends I was able to meet so many people both local Spaniards and other American students. In comparison to other programs, AIFS definitely seemed to provide the greatest deal. Unlike some of the other programs to Granada AIFS set us up with several over night trips to other Spanish cities, local adventures through the neighborhoods of Granada, the best housing and so much more.

I would HIGHLY recommend studying abroad in Granada, Spain and most importantly with AIFS.

Yes, I recommend
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My time in Granada was the best time of my life. From the moment I arrived, the AIFS staff was more than helpful. Paula and Inma are wonderful people! I honestly can't think of a bad thing to say about Granada or my time there. I had a great host family whom took great care of me and fed me very well! Granada is the perfect city for students. It's cheaper than most of the major cities, close to a major airport (Malaga), close to amazing beaches, and it's full of students- both Spanish and international. Every excursion with AIFS was a blast and perfectly planned. Granada is a city full of culture and beauty. I lived there for 5 months and there are still tons of things I didn't get to do. I would absolutely recommend AIFS Granada. I made friends in other programs, but none of their programs were even close to helpful or student centered as AIFS. My study abroad experience was life changing.

Yes, I recommend
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One of the best decisions I've made was to study in Granada

As hesitant as I was to study in a city the size of Granada, I could not have been happier with how the experience turned out. Sure, I had to tell people where Granada was on a map, but not once was I envious of my friends in Barcelona or Madrid. Not only did I get a real taste of the Spanish lifestyle by living with an amazing host family but I met new friends, learned a new language and had some of the best times of my college experience. Granada is an amazing city; its small enough that you get to really know where you are going but diverse enough that never are you bored or tired of exploring. From the discotecas, to the streets of bars filled with college students, to the amazing tapas, there is something for everyone. A Friday night can just as easily be filled by relaxing at a teteria with a fresh crepe and a view of the Alhambra as it can be a crazy night out dancing in a discoteca until the sun comes up. The school and classes are filled with American students with similar interests who all came to Granada for the same reason--to experience Spain at its best. To be in Granada is to know the Spanish life and culture like a Spainard.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience, make sure to leave your group sometimes

I had a great experience with AIFS and this comment is true not just to this program, but any study abroad program.

When brought to Spain, you are put together with Americans of many different levels off Spanish -- beginner to advanced -- and you get to know your peers very well. You go on trips together, live together, and go to each other when things get difficult. This is great, but my advice is this: do not get too attached to your group.

Go out and explore the city you are in, meet the locals, stray away from comfort, and immerse yourself in the language and culture. Don't try to pack in a bunch of trips with your new American friends. Yes, you are in Europe and you should explore, but don't forget that this is your chance to really get to know a foreign city. Granada is beautiful and can endlessly be explored. I am so glad that midway through my experience, I decided to really get to know her. I walked away with new friends and a connection to a city that will last my lifetime. I hope you find time to do the same.

Yes, I recommend
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Best 4 Months of My Life

I would recommend this program to anyone; the staff was more than I could have ever asked for, they were extremely accommodating and provided much more than they needed to the students. I was challenged every day to speak Spanish, but I also learned more than I ever could have imagined. If I had the chance, I would be on an airplane heading back to Granada right now. The lifestyle there is so easy going and laid back that it's hard not to enjoy everything about it. Because of all of the ways I was challenged with my Spanish, coming back to the states and taking Spanish classes here has been a breeze so far; I'm so much more confident with my speaking skills thanks to my semester abroad. Even though the beginning was scary, I will always look back on it as the best and most rewarding 4 months of my life.

Yes, I recommend

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