API Study Abroad Program at Universidad de Granada

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Study Abroad in Granada with API
Study Abroad in Granada with API
API Study Abroad Program at the University of Granada
API Study Abroad Program at the University of Granada


Come check out API's programs at Universidad de Granada. Experience the unique Spanish culture of Granada with several semester and summer program opportunities. Some sessions even offer internship opportunities!

Through its almost 500 years of existence, Universidad de Granada has become one of the major intellectual centers in southern Spain. The University’s Modern Language Center, the Centro de Lenguas Modernas, is housed in what was once an orphanage built in the 1700s. The 1:10 ratio of students to general population renders the entire city abuzz with university activity.


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API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarships annually ranging from $250 -$1,000 per student.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Abroad Granada

I'm from Southern California and I have never traveled to Europe before. I did not know anyone in the program and was a little worried about being out of my element abroad. API made it VERY easy and convenient to get from the airport to where they had arranged for us to stay in Madrid. The hotel was in the middle of town and it was absolutely the best. We spent a few days in Madrid and went to Granada via bus, which was like a charter bus in America.

My housing was in the center of Granada and my roommate and I could not have been better paired. Being from the opposite side of the country I was slightly worried we wouldn't get along, but we are not the closest of friends. API gave us a tour across the city and showed us how to get to the school. They took us up to the Alhambra, which would have cost about 12 euro (about 15 dollars) and provided a guided tour. It is one of my favorite parts of Granada. Daily a few of us would go and get a drink and FREE tapas which only Granada offers.

The University is really nice, although it is almost 100% other American students. I would like to have more opportunities for intercambios to meet and chat with Spanish people my age.

I stayed with a host family and it worked out very well. I'm a pretty picky eater and she catered to my taste very well but still gave us some freedom to pick what we wanted for breakfasts and dinners.

When picking which city to go to, I knew I would have more opportunities to travel if I lived in a big city. But it is only a short ride, about 10 euro to get to Malaga. In my 1 semester abroad I went to 8 other countries and it was a very reasonable price. When I traveled to the bigger cities there was definitely more pick pocketing and other urban life problems. I compare it to where I live at home. I live in San Diego, and as nice as it is to go to LA, I really like and would promote slightly smaller cities that have a less crazy urban life vibe but still have so much beauty and fun.

API helped me pick my city and do all the processes from my transcript, getting my Visa, any and were there if I had any issues abroad (which there were none).

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Yes, I recommend this program

Granada Tierra Soñada Por Mi

I absolutely loved my time in Granada. I've talked about it so much that most of my friends now roll their eyes and sigh anytime the word Spain even comes out of my mouth. I chose that city because it is a college town, so I knew there would be lots of Spaniards in my age group, and because it was smaller I thought it would be easier to get into the habit of speaking Spanish more regularly. Also, the city itself is absolutely beautiful + they have one of the most famous gelato shops in all of the south-Los Italianos- I'm pretty sure it was featured on the Travel Channel, or by Rick Steves. The thing I enjoyed the most was just being outdoors on a regular basis, being from a large city in Texas I spend a good amount of time experiencing my city as I drive, I loved getting to walk around, bike ride, hike and just sit outside with a cool drink. I also got very lucky as I was able to experience Spain during a World Cup year so there was lots of excitement, made even better by the fact that they won for the first time ever! The hardest thing was probably adapting to day-to-day activities. Everyone tells about about the history of Spain, the importance of Catholicism, flamenco, tapas, etc. What I didn't know before arrival was what was difficult to adjust to- bringing my own toilet paper to some bars, not having AC on a regular basis, siesta (its real, and once you get used to it, it's glorious) getting used to literally everything being closed on Sundays, etc. As you get accustomed to those things, they become less of a big deal-but I wish I had known ahead of time. Overall, I loved my experience and I would return in a heartbeat.

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Yes, I recommend this program

API Study Abroad Granada Spain Spring 2011

I feel like the host family experience really helped me get immersed in the program. They allowed me to meet their family and really feel at home. The academics were somewhat challenging and I went to class Monday through Friday for four hours a day. My schedule was set up so that I was able to take time throughout the day to enjoy everyday Spanish life including siestas, tapas, and cafe con leche. Granada has a small town feel, with everything in walking distance including the Albacin, Alhambra, the Cathedral, etc but also always has something going on and a great night life. Malaga, which has an international airport,is only an hour bus ride away. There is also a beautiful beach city called Nerja that we went to a few times over the semester that is so beautiful! I would not have chosen any other city to have spent 5 months in. It is such a unique city that really captures the authentic life of Andalusia.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent Program

I traveled with API to Granada in Spring of 2008 and absolutely love it. The staff took care of everything the moment I landed in Madrid and really made themselves available to students. Housing was exactly as it was described and all of the classes I needed to get credit for were offered in the program. The excursions were excellent as well. I have traveled all over Spain and studied in Madrid and Salamanca, but Granada is definitely the place to be. Great night life, great people, and you can easily travel all over from the city. I would repeat my trip in a heartbeat!