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API is proud to offer students the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. This university was established in 1990 and has quickly become one of the city’s most respected universities. Programs are available at a variety of levels in intensive language, and Hispanic and European studies (available in English and Spanish), and a great summer school option. Advanced level Spanish students have the opportunity to complete at least one class with local students.

While studying abroad students will have the opportunity to experience all that Barcelona has to offer. Barcelona is well know for its architecture (Gaudí), Picasso collections, Catalán cuisine, and its diverse cosmopolitan culture. Please visit our website to learn more about studying abroad in Barcelona with API.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Barcelona study abroad

Barcelona was so amazing. I took my bike with me aborad so I was able to experience and see more of the city everyday as I rode to class and around the barrios. I lived with a host family, which has its ups and downs, but forces you to use Spanish or Catalan at home. I had classes monday throuhg thursday, and I can definitly say that my langauge class I had everyday and my integrated class with Catalan students were my best classes. Don't be afraid to break the ice, Catalans are very friendly but you need to go out of your way out of you comfort zone, to meet new people and make new friends. While my integrated class was challenging, it was also fun, find a subject that interests you and pursue it.
The University is really close to the beach, so take your homework with you, but don't be afraid to use the extensive library at UPF at all locations. Don't forget to check out the local places nearby, like Bo D Be for great food, Parque de la Ciutadella for some great people watching, and Sidecar for music other than the worst top 40. Explore, ask locals (they know!), go for a walk or a bike ride, this is an adventure that I wish I was going on with you!

What would you improve about this program?
My class within the API offerings was taught by someone who hadn't ever taught before I feel. The instructor also had a lot of prejudices that colored the lessons. The integrated classes were a much better experience for me.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Studying Abroad at UPF Done Right

The school is great; modern, classy and located 5 minutes walking from the beach. What else could you ask for? The professors are nice and all genuinely concerned with your academic experience while there. Keep in mind, they know you're going to party and have crazy nights (very hard to avoid with the wild night life that permeates the Spanish/Catalan culture) but at the end of the day, they want you to to be able to reproduce what they taught you. If you are able to take integrated classes, do it, it will be a humbling experience for you. The Spanish students are very nice and welcoming, but you have to approach them first, as they will not go out of there way to do so. Just so you know, you will be that quiet, foreign kid (that sat in the back of class and never spoke up) your first few days as you take in all of the new scenery, teaching styles and language (even if you already speak Spanish) but it will absolutely change the course of your life and you will be better for it.

I am going to keep this short: You have the rest of your life to live in the States and do American things. However, you only have 1-12 months to live in Spain and might never make it back.


Go out, talk to the locals (even if you feel your level of Spanish is low, the only way to improve your oral skills is to practice), do what the locals do, imitate their pronunciation and body language, read the metro (free newspaper) while riding the metro, read Sombra del Viento on the beach, read Don Quijote wherever, speak only Spanish as much as possible (do not revert to English), try new foods (even if you have never tried a certain vegetable and "hate it" the Spanish cuisine have a way of making everything taste good), book flights to other countries ahead of time to save money, watch Spanish news and TV shows, drink café con leche, listen to passerby's conversations (be nosy and try to figure out what they're saying), drink Spanish wine, admire Gaudi's architecture, eat at Bo D Be and try not to realize how fast the time is flying by.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I studied abroad in Barcelona and attended Universitat Pompeu Fabra

The university was about 25 minutes away walking from my apartment and the walk there was beautiful so I walked there everyday! The university was also a metro stop in itself so that was convenient. I would eat at the cafeteria everyday and stay at the university's library until my last class which would at 7 pm everyday. (unfortunately) I had a very bad schedule since I did not have time to enjoy the day as much as my other friends did and then I would go home and have to do homework! So I would recommend DO NOT take a bunch of night classes make sure that you have free days so you can go explore. Barcelona is probably the most beautiful place I have been on earth and it has many great things to offer, the culture is amazing and every single thing about the city has beauty. Don't let the opportunity go to waste and make the most of it. Don't waste your time sleeping in or doing things you would do in America-go out and try new things and see new things, you will not regret it after.

I enjoyed the night life in Barcelona- it is ridiculous, the most fun you'll have in your life.

Also- GO TO BO D BE they have the best food in Barcelona and I am pretty sure anyone who has been to Barcelona knows what it is and would agree with me.

That's about it, it was a wonderful experience I hope you take my word for it and have the time of your life. I wish I was you.

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