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Sweden: Växjö or Kalmar - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Video and Photos

There's also a castle on campus, it's pretty awesome.
Main form of transport is a bike, but there are so many paths it's really easy.
A view of one of the many lakes around Vaxjo.
old buildings in sweden
old buildings in sweden
swedish festival with balloons in the air and people celebrating
swedish festival with balloons in the air and people celebrating
castle building and green grass
castle building and green grass
lake with a castle
lake with a castle
people playing in snow
people playing in snow


Study abroad with USAC at Linnaeus University in Sweden. Students can choose to study at one of the two campuses in Växjö or Kalmar. Swedish language courses are included in the program fee for those interested in learning the language at any level, including extreme beginners. In addition, undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in English, along with courses offered year round to any student.

  • Live in a friendly area known for its bicycle paths, castle ruins, and 200 lakes
  • Enjoy the vibrant cultural life of the surrounding areas, including the famous glassworks of Kosta Boda and Orrefors
  • Join student-run organizations that plan events, trips, and cultural immersion activities for visiting and local students
  • Take a beginner or intermediate Swedish language course along with a wide variety of courses in English
  • Visit close to campus the Teleborg water tower, with its lyrical echo, the nineteenth-century Teleborg castle, or medieval Kalmar Castle


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  • Academics 5.5
  • Support 6.5
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 7
  • Safety 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

Don't think just go

I went to Vaxjo and had an absolutely wonderful time. The education was quite different then what I am used to in the US so I had a lot more free time which was great because I was able to travel all the time! What's the point of going to Europe if you're buried in a textbook?!? The people are amazing, Vaxjo has hundreds and hundreds of international students from all over the world so you get to me so many cool people and make friends and go traveling together. Vaxjo can be super cold/rainy/snowy but the Swedes don't give a **** what the weather is like they're gonna do what they want no matter the weather and you should to. There's no way you cant have a great time if you put yourself out there and just be friendle. Absolutely wonderful time. Going abroad should be a graduation requirement!

What would you improve about this program?
First day coordination is a bit lackluster. Finding info on what to do can be difficult.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I don't like titles

Some of the downfalls:
-If you're expecting to live in a big city, don't go on this program. It can be great if you're prepared for a smaller town experience, but if you're expecting to live in a place like Stockholm, don't come here.
-USAC doesn't have a representative on campus, so if you want program help from them it is all over e-mail and not very convenient or useful.
-Linnaeus University tends to put all its international students together when assigning housing, so if you want to live with Swedes, that can be a pitfall. But there are plenty of chances to meet other people, and the diversity of the cultures you're placed with is still great.

Some of the amazing stuff:
-I've never felt safer than when I lived in Vaxjo.
-The smaller town helps you get more involved in the daily life in Sweden and connects you to the norms of Swedish life.
-Their international student program more than makes up for the lack of a USAC presence. They organize some amazing trips, parties, and experiences and make the whole thing very fun.
-If you're willing to put the effort in, Vaxjo has everything you could possibly want to have in a overseas home. And if it doesn't have it, public transit in Sweden is so easy that you can go other places to find it.
-Swedish Emigrant Institute, if you're going to Sweden because your family is Swedish and you want to get to know your roots, going to Vaxjo is a great choice! The Swedish Emigrant Institute is super helpful and interesting and a great resource.
-Housing is pretty great, a lot of the necessities are already there left by previous students (though I would definitely recommend living in Vallgatan, living on campus is great but it can definitely be a it of a bubble and people tend not to leave.)

What would you improve about this program?
Better USAC presence in-country.

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