Study Abroad Programs in Uruguay

Study Abroad Programs in Uruguay


This small country in the southern South America is a great spot to study abroad. With a tropical climate, amazing academic opportunities, and lots of cultural activities, Uruguay is sure to be a pleasing and entertaining study spot for a semester or even a year.

The country’s culture is influenced by both indigenous tribes and many European countries, including Spain and Italy. If you choose to study in Uruguay, you’ll experience Spanish Impressionist Painting, traditional tango music, and countless other fun, unusual, and unforgettable parts of Uruguayan culture.

With so many opportunities available in Uruguay, you’ll always be entertained and you’ll leave with a completely new perspective on South America. For more information about studying in Uruguay, keep reading!

Popular Destinations

Montevideo: Over half of the population of Uruguay lives in Montevideo and the surrounding metropolitan area. This eclectic city contains a vibrant mix of many different cultures, with indigenous and European influences. This is reflected in the cities plethora of architectural wonders and historical monuments. Montevideo is also a hub of education and with many interesting academic opportunities it is a great place to study abroad.

Salto: This city in Northern Uruguay is a great study abroad destination because there are many universities and a vibrant student life. One of the biggest attractions is a large thermal bath right outside the city - a great place to relax after studying!

Ciudad de la Costa: This coastal city is a great choice for students looking for a laid-back study experience. Between your classes you’ll have the opportunity to relax on the beach, participate in tons of different kinds of water sports, and visit many of the resorts that line the coast.

Students visiting Uruguay should be sure to visit these important destinations!

  • Punta Del Este: This beach town features upscale shopping, delicious dining, a historic lighthouse and some of the most beautiful beaches in South America. It’s a great spot to relax after a long week of studying!
  • Colonia del Sacramento: This historic town in Southern Uruguay is full of stunning historical monuments and cobbled streets. Visit for the weekend and you’ll feel like you traveled back in time. This is a great spot to learn lots of interesting details about Uruguayan history.

Planning Your Trip

How to Choose a Program

Before you choose a study abroad program, think about your personal, social, and academic goals. Uruguay offers many different opportunities for visiting students, so think about what will make your experience perfect!

Academic Life

The educational system in Uruguay is considered one of the best in South America, and this country has the highest literacy rate of any country in the continent. Uruguay is a great place to study abroad, and its universities offer courses in everything from economics to humanities to engineering. Uruguay's oldest university, University of the Republic, is particularly renowned for its law school.


Spanish is spoken throughout Uruguay. After spending a semester in Uruguay and taking classes in Spanish, you’ll be fluent! That is, if you take your studies seriously.


Many students studying in Uruguay live in dormitories or apartments with other international and Uruguayan students. This is a great way to make friends and integrate yourself into the student life. Another great housing option is to live in a homestay with a family, where you will learn all about Uruguayan culture and daily life.

Student Visas

No visa is required to visit Uruguay for up to 90 days, but if you plan to stay longer than this you must visit an immigration office.

Social Life and Student Culture

Uruguayan culture offers many opportunities for students, including live music, fine art, and vibrant nightlife. Uruguay is also home to many different festivals, including a nationwide Carnival celebration, which students will certainly enjoy. You’ll also spend a lot of time trying delicious Uruguayan food, including empanadas and sweet dulce de leche.


Scholarships: Uruguay

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Study Abroad Programs in Uruguay

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Uruguay: Montevideo - Spanish Language, Agribusiness, Viticulture, and Gender Studies

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Uruguay: Montevideo - Spanish Language, Agribusiness, Viticulture, and Gender Studies

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