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InterExchange Teach English Italy

If you're looking for a life-changing adventure in Italy, look no further. InterExchange empowers you to share your culture and knowledge of the English language while getting to know a side of Italy most tourists miss out on.

Live in an apartment or with a host family by the beach or in a hilltop town, and inspire children to be more confident English speakers on the Summer English camp program. **Now accepting applications for next summer**

Work with local English teachers as a School Teaching Assistant and get crucial in-class experience to prepare you for future teaching endeavors, or for any career demanding intercultural competence!

Or enjoy a more casual homestay as a tutor for the children of your host family on the Conversation Coach program.

Europe » Italy
1-3 Months
Salary / Benefits
*Housing in a shared apartment or with a host family
*International Student & Youth Exchange ID card
*Support from InterExchange before, during and after your program
*Discounted international accident/sickness insurance
*24/7 emergency support
Host Family
Age Min.
Starting Price
Other Locations
Le Marche region

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Hi Priscila, if you look at the program pages it looks like these programs are specifically for U.S. citizens.

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Program Reviews (6)

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Teaching and Learning

As an introverted person, this journey helped me become more relaxed and connect with people I would've never met otherwise. I was quite reserved at first, but I it quickly dawned on me that I share interests and hobbies with many other people, regardless of nationalities. Being able to connect with others in another language was rewarding in its own way, and knowing that there are kind people anywhere you go is also quite comforting. I was able to meet many people outside the school that have brought me memories I won't soon forget.

How can this program be improved?

This program was a great stepping stone into the world of teaching and experiencing a new culture. If I could change one thing, I would make the program last longer. I've started to settle here but there is only a month left until I say goodbye to my family and students.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Adventure

Overall, my experience was quite pleasant. I got to see and tour a lot of Italy. The school was very nice and the teachers were nice. My school was close to the train station, about fifteen minutes which made for an easy walk. The school was also a short walk from the town center. I also enjoyed meeting many different people and getting to know locals at local hang outs, such as Maga Cacao. I enjoyed exploring the ancient history of the town, Macerata, that I was staying in. The food and wine was really good as well.

How can this program be improved?

However, I wish it had been communicated better to me when the school was on holiday so that I would not be taken by surprise and not have any where to go.

Yes, I recommend
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A challenging but fun experience

The best part for me was the host family experience. The program pairs you with some of the most generous and welcoming people and you feel like they truly want you to be there and have the best experience possible in their home. I often heard "You're our guest" and when Italians say that, they usually mean it in a traditional sense... that all your needs will be taken care of. I found the teaching part the most challenging. I taught at 4 middle and elementary schools over 3 months so there were a lot of teachers to coordinate with and the kids weren't always well behaved. However, my two designated coordinators were so nice and helpful. They ended up being two of my closest friends there. The region we were placed in was breathtakingly beautiful and though it was almost impossible to get around with a ride, I was very pleased to be placed in such an authentic location. I loved that there were other English speaking foreigners in towns nearby. They become my friends and travel buddies. Overall, it was a great experience!

How can this program be improved?

This program could do a better job of managing expectations when it comes to the teaching experience. I wasn't expecting to completely lead the lessons from start to finish and felt slightly underprepared. However, once that was clear and I got the hang of each classroom's learning style, my lessons went smoothly and the teachers supported me whenever I asked for it.

Yes, I recommend
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Full immersion with great support network

My experience with this program was 100% positive. The only negative aspects were out of the control of the coordinators, so I don't consider them when I judge InterExchange. Overall, teaching was a challenge, but rewarding. I had to be very flexible as I taught ages 3-13, with each age containing a full spectrum of English knowledge and skill. Some of the Italian teachers were more helpful than others, but the schools as a whole were welcoming and warm. My host family was incredible, and I have zero complaints about them or the region in which I was placed. Through this program, I was given the perfect home-base from which to travel, and I was able to meet many other amazing people also participating in the program who have become travel buddies and true friends. This was my first time to live and work in a country other than the US, and I think it was the perfect bridge to a lifetime of travel.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked to have received clearer teaching instructions prior to my arrival, and it was a common complaint among my fellow tutors that we did not have access to many resources (such as projectors, workbooks, flashcards, etc). I only knew to bring some of these supplies from reading a prior tutor's blog. I understand that the arrangement at some of the schools is informal, but often it was not made clear to me what the expectations from the Italian teachers were for my instruction of their classes.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience from Start to Finish!

From the time I applied with InterExchange for this program, there was a representative with me through the placement, departure, and arrival processes and everything else in between! I felt so at ease knowing that there was always someone there if I had any questions or concerns. I was placed in a preschool/kindergarten placement where I lead English lessons, helped write curriculum (my background is in Education), and created learning stations for the students. I was even offered a summer job in Italy from this experience! Living in Italy with a host family is the best way to immerse yourself into the culture, and I absolutely loved my experience with my placements thanks to InterExchange.

How can this program be improved?

The only part of the program that I did not have lots of experience with was using my representative in Italy. This was only because I didn't need to be in contact with them! When I did have a question, however, InterExchange was there and emailed me/called my host family within hours with an answer!

Yes, I recommend
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Italian Experience from Mee

I really immersed myself into the Italian culture by conversing to the best of my ability with my host family and fellow teachers about italian lifestyles, while also traveling to other parts of Italy over the weekends. The children I taught at primary schools are loud but they're also very sweet, they want to interact with you. One of the difficulties I encountered was transportation I wasn't used to and lack of resources from my iphone from home. All in all I found this experience very rewarding working with children, and broadening my views of another culture.

How can this program be improved?

I am satisfied how the program was able to provide me all there is I needed to know.

Yes, I recommend

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