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ALT with Students


Please direct all questions to your local JET Program Office.

The Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program invites young university graduates to participate in a professional international exchange position throughout Japan. Participants are invited to Japan as representatives of their home countries, and play an important role in promoting understanding between nations.

JET offers two main positions:
Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) work in public K-12 schools and team-teach English with a Japanese homeroom teacher. Duties include assisting in making lesson plans, leading activities and games, and motivating students to study English.

Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) work in local government offices. Primary duties include localization / translation, assistance with international exchange programs, and community event coordination.

Questions & Answers

Hi Brent, and thank you for the question. JETs works all over the country, although some prefectures have more and some less JETs. You can see the full breakdown for 2018 at the following link: http://jetprogramme.org/wp-content/MAIN-PAGE/intro/particip… However to be accepted into JET you will still first need to apply though your local Japanese embassy/consulate in your...

Hello Jayd, and thank you for your question! While fairly rare, married couples do apply together to the JET Program. Should you both be accepted, you'll be able to notify us that you're applying with your spouse and efforts will be made to place you in the same city or at least very close by. We unfortunately can't guarantee 100% that you would be placed together, but it is very high on our...

Hi Maria, and thanks for the question! Some JETs who apply do have dependents (either a spouse or children), and they are very welcome on the JET Program. With this, you indicate in your initial application that you'll be bringing dependents and then should you be accepted your local Japanese consulate or embassy would help to arrange visas for them. While traveling with dependents has more...

Yes, you can join the program as a British citizen. The only real requirement is that you have a BA and are a native English speaker


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Yes, I recommend this program

International work experience broadens life outlook

I studied Japanese as an undergraduate, so the JET Program made sense even though I had no teaching experience. The training program provided me with extensive teaching materials, and I thus felt equipped to work with the lead English teacher in delivering content. In fact, this experience exposed me to classroom teaching and made me fall in love with it. After two years, I returned to the States to become a high school biology teacher!

Living abroad was amazing. Japan is such a clean and safe country. Its culture is deep and dynamic. I was very lucky to have lived near Kyoto City, so I admit I rarely felt isolated and there was always something new to explore.

I would advise that JET participants make a cognizant effort to befriend other Japanese, rather than English speaking friends. If your goal is to improve your language and integrate yourself into Japanese culture, it is the best [yet, sometimes hardest] thing to do!

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Yes, I recommend this program

You get out of it what you put in...

There can be a lot of free time as an assistant language teacher in rural Japan, but if you use that time to your advantage (i.e., studying the language/local culture, interacting with your colleagues and students) you returns will be tenfold.