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TEFL Zorritos offers courses in the idyllic coastal town of Zorritos in the far north of Peru. Our beach-front outdoor training centre allows our trainees to study in a beautiful natural setting.

* Small groups of 12 trainees means one on one feedback for your teaching practice classes, crucial to ensuring your development as a teacher.
* Our internationally accredited 120 hour TEFL Certificate course is taken over 4 weeks & includes 10 hours of observed teaching practice of local students of all ages & levels, as well as a complete overview of English grammar
* Our graduates will benefit from our job placement program in Peru which includes positions with a work visa, paid holidays, health insurance & pension. They also receive guaranteed lifetime job assistance.
* We offer 10 advanced certifications at no extra cost - including Teaching Business English & TOEFL Preparation

  • A highly personalized course with a practical approach that adequately prepares you for teaching in the real world
  • Our job placement program includes positions in the mountain, jungle and coastal areas
  • Complete up to 10 Advanced Certifications at no extra cost
  • Receive the attention and mentoring you deserve with a maximum of 12 trainees per group

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based on 24 reviews
  • Benefits 8.9
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 7.7
  • Facilities 8.1
  • Safety 9.3
  • Instruction 9.5
  • Support 9.4
  • Value 8.5
  • Difficulty 6.8
  • Job Assistance 9.3
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Loved the Experience!

Ellie is a fantastic instructor! I could not wish for a better experience than the one I've had here in Zorritos. The course size was small which really allowed me to get to know everyone and to learn lots. I also found the 10 hours of observed teaching practice incredibly rewarding and practical. I am so happy I chose to study TEFL at Paradise TEFL Zorritos. I feel truly prepared to go out and teach now!

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome experience

The time flew by during my TEFL Zorritos experience. Northern Peru is a perfect location for the course, especially right on the beach. I loved that i could swim in the ocean or the pool during our lunch break. Classes were intense but laid back at the same time. Ellie knows her stuff and is able to get stuff done. Whatever you need she is willing to help. Sunset Club is awesome, can't wait to go back.
The 10 hours of teaching at night is really where the intense part comes in. However Ellie made sure we were prepared and helped us along.
I really had a wonderful time.

How can this program be improved?
Not much to change, however I wish sunset club was closer to the actual town center on Zorritos.
Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic experience

I was really happy with my experience with TEFL Zorritos. Ellie is clearly a passionate and gifted teacher. I also found her to be extremely attentive to all of my needs as well as those of my classmates.
The beach side classroom was really unique and refreshing. The class hours are not too long, however there is homework and class planning to be done afterwards.
It was a lovely way to become certified! I highly recommend TEFL Zorritos.

How can this program be improved?
I suppose there is always room for improvement. Nothing comes to mind. I was very satisfied. I would recommend flying in thru Guayaquil, Ecuador Airport and taking the affordable bus ride south to Zorritos. The airport is lovely and seeing the scenery change thru Ecuador and into the coastline of Peru was super. I was excited to see another country as well.
Yes, I recommend
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Great times in Zorritos

The town is great. The course is great. The teacher is great. Very few things that I could say about this experience here that weren't positive. A love for learning is a must, and a love for seafood doesn't hurt as well. You will be pushed, but in the end it feels great to know that you've accomplished so much in just a few short weeks.

Yes, I recommend
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I Made the right choice by attending TEFL Zorritos

I attended the February 2015 course and had a tremendous TEFL learning experience in Zorritos. The value and education that I received there was far better than what I had originally expected. Our instructor, Ellie is very knowledgeable and passionate about the business. She goes the EXTRA MILE! The classes were held outside on the beach, under the beautiful and breezy gazebo. I had previously compared the location with other TEFL sites/locations around the world and this location (Sunset Club Hotel) on the beach can not be matched. The location is very convenient.

Yes the classes are challenging, but the experience was well worth it! I now teach in the Dominican Republic and I utilized the lessons and practice teaching skills that I learned at TEFL Zorritos. I would NOT have been comfortable enough to teach here in the DR without the skills and support from that I learned from Ellie at TEFL Zorritos.

During our training we had an opportunity to practice what we had learned each day on local students. This practice experience was very valuable. I would highly recommend TEFL Zorritos to anyone!!

You can read more about Sonya's experiences on her blog: http://expatdr.blogspot.com/2015/03/tefl-zorritos-i-made-ri…

How can this program be improved?
I personally think that it "IS" perfect..to each is own. During my 4 weeks there, I would not change a thing.
Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Location, Awesome Course

I really enjoyed my time here, in Zorritos - the locals were all very friendly and helpful and our teacher, Ellie was amazing. Living on a beach in the sunshine was truly a wonderful experience. The course itself was intensive but fun and super practical. Because we jumped into practice teaching the second week of the course, we were able to learn a whole lot more than on a course that is all theory. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to do TEFL. The smaller class size really enabled our instructor to focus on our needs and we were able to get what we as students needed out of it. Zorritos is an amazing place, and I am very happy with my experience.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend
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Great Course, Great Price

The quality of the training was fantastic and left me well-equipped to enter the TEFL world. Ellie´s exceptional knowledge of teaching methodology will be amply apparent to you after your first day of class. She has the know-how, as well as the patience and ability to deliver this know-how in a clear and understandable way. We always received an extraordinary level of individual help and attention.

Our practice teaching classes were invaluable! I can´t imagine entering a TEFL classroom for the first time without having had this experience. With TEFL Zorritos, unlike some other courses, you teach in a real setting - students are local adults or young adults who want to learn English. The feedback we received from those who observed and constructively critiqued our lessons was very helpful.

Oh, and about the course location - it couldn´t have been more perfect. You´re literally right there on the beach! The sand begins where the classroom ends. How many times in your life do you have the opportunity to take a dip in the (warm) ocean during your class breaks?

And I should add - even now that my course is over, Ellie continute to provide an extraordinary level of personal assistance, whether it be through helping coordinate an interview or prodiving advice in preparation for said interview...you name it - she responds promptly and very helpfully. This job-placement assistance is lifelong, too! And you won´t (as far as I know) find another course that offers up to ten advanced certifications at no additional cost.

In short, I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Don´t let the affordable price fool you into thinking it´s some kind of ¨bargain bin¨ TEFL course - the quality of instruction was excellent, through and through.

Yes, I recommend
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I even wish I had the month to do over again!!

I Loved my stay at the Sunset Club while attending Ellie's TEFL course. We had a great class and a great time! Anything that was an issue with any of her students was resolved almost immediately. The staff and managers become your family. I heartily recommend you give their ceviche a try! You can do it to. Find out a little about what's outside your own little box and take the TEFL ZORRITOS PERU course!

How can this program be improved?
Combine it with a little of that good old survival Spanish!
Yes, I recommend
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Challenging but extremely rewarding.

With a coastline second to none, Northern Peru makes for a great holiday at the best of times. Studying TEFL there is one of the best decisions I could have made. The only issue I had was accommodation, provided by the course director's local contacts (she has lived in the area for years and so knows it very well). However, as soon as I brought the problem to her attention, it was resolved quickly and efficiently. The course was interesting, and challenging enough to keep you on your toes, and being "thrown in at the deep end", with teaching practice in a very basic environment, prepares you for the worst environments and when you come to teach with more technology and assistance, you will feel well into your comfort zone. Just remember to take enough money, as even though Peru is cheap, the cost can mount up, especially if you enjoy a couple of mojitos after your class, which some people do, apparently. If you're on the fence about going, forget the immensely rewarding course, and just imagine your weekends relaxing on an idillic beach or surfing the waves like a pro!

How can this program be improved?
The cost of the course is very competitive, but there are some costs, such as transport and printing of materials that could have been incorporated into the cost. However, as I was part of the first course, I suspect this has been taken on board.
Response from TEFL Zorritos

Thanks for the feedback and yes, our program has developed over time. We took on board the feedback from the first group that you were part of and now charge our local students a small fee to attend the teaching practice classes to cover the cost of photocopies and materials, so that the trainee teachers don't have to pay for them. The course fee also now includes taxis twice daily to Sunset Club, so thanks for the great feedback!

Yes, I recommend


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TEFL Zorritos is a unique TEFL training institute located in Zorritos on the far north coast of Peru. Our trainees study in a beautiful natural setting at our beach-front outdoor training centre in Zorritos; it is a truly unique opportunity for TEFL...