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The Teach & Learn in Spain Program was established to provide English speakers the opportunity to earn a master’s degree while living in Spain. Our program allows students the flexibility to study, teach, and travel without breaking the bank. This innovative program grants students a hands-on experience in the classroom, earn a master’s degree, and receive a monthly stipend and health insurance. This is a yearlong accredited (60ECTS credits) academic program from the University of Alcala. We even offer a tuition remission program, in which the university funds your studies and you do not have to pay tuition!
The cost of the program is: €0 for Option A (tuition remission), €3.800 for Option B* and €4.200 for Option C. All students will receive health insurance.
Masters offered: MA in Learning and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language; MA in International Education; MA in Teaching; MA in Bilingual and Multicultural Education; MA in Special Education.

  • 1 year program with blended Instruction: Online and Onsite
  • Hands on teaching experience at a school in the region of Madrid
  • Monthly stipend for assistanship and free health insurance
  • Quality education at an affordable price
  • In the heart of the city of Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quijote)

Questions & Answers

Hi Caroline! Great question. For the Teach & Learn in Spain Program, we recommend that students live near the school where they will be completing their assistantship. Many students live in Madrid capital or in Alcalá, it's based on their person preference. Some people like the busy city life and others prefer university cities like Alcalá. The great part of this program is that you will be in the...
Hi, yes we may accept candidates who reside in Asia, but we require native English speakers in the program. Please email us at [email protected] and we scheduole a meeting to chat :)


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  • Benefits 8.1
  • Support 9
  • Fun 8.6
  • Facilities 8.2
  • Safety 9.4
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MA Bilingual Education

I had worked at a bilingual school for two years prior to doing the masters program at Instituto Franklin. Even so, I learned a lot about different practices to use at different age groups as well as plenty of practical advice from the professors. While I definitely enjoyed some classes more than others, all had a lot to offer and really solidified my love of teaching. The staff is really supportive and the professors are all very knowledgeable in their fields. The experience will vary on what you make of it, but I personally really enjoyed it.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Value. Tremendous Return on Investment.

The best part about the Masters programs is that the Universidad de Acalá - Instituto Franklin Teach and Learn program continues to evolve and change based on feedback from students. The most notable change since I was there in 2014-2015 is the option to pay tuition and work for the Spanish Ministry of Education, if you decide to not teach in the concertados (charter schools). If you're already in the teaching assistants program and you'd like to stay at your current school, you now have that option.

You'll enjoy a small small classroom setting. In the Teaching and Learning Spanish Masters that I did, we were 18 students. In the other Masters, I believe that they had approximately 25 students. My fellow classmates and colleagues from the practicum school from the Masters are some of my best friends and you'll walk away with unforgettable memories.

The classes were taught intensively with 5 hour classes on Fridays, which can be a bit hard after a long week of teaching, but I enjoyed all my classes and the professors were AMAZING and well qualified. The teachers want to learn your name and connect with you. They were really approachable and friendly yet professional.

Almost all the teachers have PhDs and the ones that don't have an outstanding body of academic and professional work. Some might even still be working on their PhDs, but they may work full-time for the university and teach classes through Instituto Franklin or work with other institutions. For instance, a teacher may teach at La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spain's longest standing, state-sponsored language school) or write language education books for the Universidad de Salamanca--one of Spain's most prestigious institutions in publishing academic workbooks.

They keep in contact with alumni and they value our feedback. I met with Iulia and Carlos over the summer when I was thinking about transitioning careers, and they sat down with me to give me some ideas and feedback. I don't know that I would have confidently taken the steps to transition and to go from teaching to international education if it wasn't for their help.

In terms of post-grad value, I've been able to negotiate pay increases in three separate job interviews in both teaching and international education. In those interviews, the Masters was a huge selling point and I can comfortably say that it legitimized my level of Spanish and my time abroad.

I doubt that you'll find a more comprehensive Masters that allows you to work and study without going $20,000 dollars or more in debt.

*Please note that I put 10 for housing, but you'll have to find your own housing since schools are located in the autonomous community of Madrid. I had to mark it when I filled out the survey.

How can this program be improved?
In the '14-'15 year, everyone had to teach through the concertados (charter schools), but they opened up more options to be able to teach through the Spanish Ministry of Education. When I graduated, the alumni network wasn't as strong as it is now and it continues to grow and expand. Keep up the great work!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Practice-based learning Masters program

Honestly, when I first decided to attend UAH through the Instituto Franklin Teach & Learn program, I wasn't sure what to expect. But since I knew I wanted to work in the field of International Education, I thought it would be a very valuable experience to complete my degree abroad. I'm so happy that I made this decision and really cannot say enough positive things about the Teach & Learn program.
Instituto Franklin is constantly evaluating best practices and theories of bilingual education to make their curricula as relevant to today's modern teaching practices as possible. Furthermore, the investigations and assignments in the courses encourage cross-cultural perspectives and force students to explore how their own backgrounds inform their experiences as teachers and professionals.
In addition to all of this, the Masters program is designed in a theory-to-practice model, so all of the exploration and learning that takes place inside the Teach & Learn classroom is then put into practice and developed on by each students' personal experience in their practicum, in the Spanish classroom, and in Madrid.
Participating in this program was of great value to me both personally and professionally. As a graduate from the MA in International Education Teach & Learn program, I felt very equipped to enter the field and begin my career, given all of the practical experience that I gained as a part of this program.
I highly recommend the Instituto Franklin Teach & Learn program!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Teach and Learn Program

I attended the Teach and Learn program through the Universidad de Alcala- Instituto Franklin from 2012-2013 and had a very positive experience! I had just graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX with a BA in International Studies and Political Science and knew that I wanted to live abroad and gain more insight into education systems around the world. The Teach and Learn program was perfect because I could earn money through my role as a language assistant while I pursued a Master's in International Education. The masters classes themselves aren't the most challenging, but the experience of moving to a new country, taking bilingual master's classes, learning to manage a classroom, and everything that comes with those experiences make the program incredibly valuable and formative. Students develop transferable skills related to independence, flexibility, creativity, adaptability, persistence, determination, and navigation that can be applied to a multitude of career paths. Students graduate with first-hand experience in global education systems, the Spanish language, classroom instruction, and curriculum design. I am now the Director of Education and a non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas and this degree prepared me to excel in my career today. I would highly recommend the Teach and Learn program to anyone who is seeking transferable skills, an opportunity to develop their Spanish, and pursue a career related to global education!

How can this program be improved?
Students could receive more training on classroom management and lesson planning early in the program to apply to their time teaching in Spanish classrooms. As someone who had never taught before, it was definitely a challenge to start to school year without much guidance on expectations and discipline in the classroom.
Yes, I recommend this program

MA in Bilingual and Multicultural Education and MA in International Education

I studied abroad at Instituto Franklin for a semester, I did the MA in Bilingual and Multicultural Education last year and I'm doing a MA in International Education this year. I always felt safe in Alcalá and have always had a lot of support from the staff. While some classes are better than others and there can be some hiccups along the way with documents (welcome to Spain..) I still feel that I have learned a lot through my experience in the program and at the schools I have worked at. Option A (no tuition and private insurance) can be a lot more work for less money in the concertado/private schools. Option B (tuition and public health insurance) is a good option if you can do it because you make more money during the months and have more free time. Option C is new for next year so I have no opinion on this yet. Some schools can be hard to acclimate to and can take advantage while others are absolutely great to work at. No matter what, you will have to adapt and adjust. I think as long as you are flexible and willing to put in the work (it is a MA program) then you will enjoy this program. Any issues that I or other students may have had with the program I feel are completely outweighed by the fact that we are paying little to no tuition in comparison to the US and I feel like I can count on the staff in the office for anything, whether it be a question, a problem or for further opportunities after the program. I've talked to many alumni that have received recommendations from the staff and gotten amazing jobs after this program. I think going through this program is a lot about what you make of it. The program can be a lot of work at times with classes, work, possible private lessons and the thesis, but it is definitely doable (I'm doing it twice) and is a huge opportunity for growth. I feel that I've grown as a person, student and teacher and definitely have a completely different outlook on the world, personal relationships, work, culture and language since coming to this program.

Yes, I recommend this program


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