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Globally recognized and accredited by the University of Cambridge, the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a highly regarded TEFL program among employers across the globe. Offered at several Teaching House locations worldwide, the CELTA course offers an intense and detailed curriculum which is taught and overseen by experienced teacher trainers who will help you learn the most effective teaching methods. You will learn by teaching real non-native speakers and implementing the skills taught to you into your lesson plans. Considered a rigorous yet highly rewarding program, the CELTA course will prepare you for a successful English language teaching career.

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Teaching House is not a placement organization, so the organization does not find placements for their students/graduates, but they offer excellent job listings and have an extensive network of former CELTA students who are willing and able to offer advice or suggestions. During the course, the trainers help hone your resume and interview skills, and they are happy to answer job-related questions,...
There are so many positions out there to teach English to businesses/ business professionals. I have taught several classes myself- in fact they were always the best classes to teach! One thing to keep in mind is that most companies will hire an ESL teacher for their employees through a language school. The reason for this is that companies want to make sure they are getting the best quality of...
We provide you with a pre-course preparation task with an answer key that you can complete at your own speed. We also provide a list of recommended reading. If you are worried about your grammar knowledge (CELTA is not a grammar course) then you should brush up to make it a bit easier for you on the course, cambridgeenglishteacher.org has a few basic courses on their website, you can also look at...


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  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.2
  • Facilities 8.3
  • Safety 8.7
  • Instruction 9.7
  • Support 10
  • Value 8.7
  • Difficulty 8
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Do not fear, CELTA Teaching House Boston is here.

The 4 Week CELTA course at Teaching House Boston is intensive and at times you will have to remind yourself that it is only 4 weeks. After it is over, you would have to remind yourself it is over and to stop thinking about your lesson plans! It was an amazing experience at Teaching House Boston. You will receive the most qualified tutors and friendliest staff. I am a teacher with very little experience teaching in a classroom. I am leaving with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to begin my teaching career. Job opportunities will be presented through the course and some trainees including myself have gotten jobs through them. The tutors are very concerned with your success. When the course felt like it is was falling apart for me, I got the support and encouragement I greatly needed from my CELTA tutor.
In addition, your tutors encourage you to support your peers and work together!
By the end of your journey, your peers will be your family.
If you already have a lot of experience in teaching. I guarantee the tutors at THBoston will benefit you.
In all, I highly recommend the CELTA course at Teaching House Boston whether you are new to teaching or already have tons of experience.
You will be making one of the best decisions in your teaching career.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching House Boston

I did my CELTA course at Teaching House Boston and was overall extremely satisfied with my experience. We had three different tutors on the course, all of whom were so helpful and knowledgeable. It was so useful to have their different perspectives and experiences to draw from. The course was very fast-paced and intense, but in no way unmanageable. I thought the feedback from the instructors on my assignments and teaching practices was very helpful and they always gave me concrete things to work on for the future. I felt as though the tutors were invested in my learning and truly wanted me to do well, and although at times the feedback was critical, it was never harsh. Overall, I loved doing my CELTA at Teaching House Boston and would unequivocally recommend it to anyone who is interested.

Yes, I recommend
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Best investment I ever made!

Taking the CELTA was the best investment I ever made towards advancing my teaching career. The practical knowledge, hands-on activities and in-depth feedback I gained from the course are invaluable. Unlike other courses in which you often just listen to someone lecture about how to teach English, with the CELTA you start teaching within the first couple days, and then almost everyday thereafter FOR A MONTH. It's can be incredibly challenging at times, but I believe it is truly the best way to prepare people to become (better) teachers. Teaching House Boston provided us with an incredibly gifted staff, clean facilities and lots of support throughout our program. I was really impressed by their depth of knowledge and overall concern for the trainees. I didn't feel like a number; just another person taking a course. Rather, our trainers really showed a genuine desire to see us succeed. I think the in-depth feedback we received from our trainers after every lesson was one of the most valuable take-aways from the course. They really honed in on the details of our performance, highlighting both our strengths and our weaknesses. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to take this course with the fantastic staff of TH Boston and recommend everyone else serious about advancing their teaching career to do the same.

How can this program be improved?
Trainers should communicate better with each other about how standard teaching practices are taught so as not to confuse the trainees. Myself and many of my co-trainees found ourselves at a loss at times when, after completing 1-2 weeks with one trainer learning how to drill, model and instruct in one way, found ourselves being criticized for implementing things we learned from the other trainer(s). I think the confusion arose because there was very little differentiation made between was is regarded as standard teaching practice and the personal teaching styles of the trainers. Because of this we received mixed and at times conflicting information from different trainers which caused confusion and anxiety over what was actually expected of us.
Yes, I recommend

Tougher than expected, but well worth it.

Having heard from many others how difficult this course was, I thought I had a good idea of what to expect going into it, but boy, was I wrong! It was very trying, especially weeks two and three, and there were times where many of us felt like we were about to break, but we made it. Honestly though, it was a shock for many of us when it was finished, we couldn't believe it was all over. The knowledge that we gained, and the friendships and connections that we made was well worth it!

Yes, I recommend
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Go hard or go home

This course is tough, whether it taken in a month or three. The workload is intense and especially for those who have never taught, this type of work is very different from typical essays or group presentations from college. This course forces you to think about language and its application in a completely different way and I have truly benefitted from it. Now I feel I can confidently go out into the world and teach.

Yes, I recommend

Stressful but worth it

I didn't believe the CELTA would be as stressful as everyone said it was. Let me assure you, it is TOUGH!

At least three people, including me, were on the verge of quitting at one point. Yeah, that's right: We considered giving up our $2,800 investment due to the stress.

But it's worth it.

You go into the CELTA knowing little but come out with 9 teaching practices and confidence.

The camaraderie developed among fellow trainees was great, as well.

How can this program be improved?
The printers also don't always work.

That said, the tutors treated me really well. They know their stuff and helped me out a lot. (Be sure to get to class early so you can ask lots of questions. That helped A LOT.)

The CELTA course is tough, but it gave me what I needed.
Yes, I recommend

Great class

I really enjoyed this class (looking back on it); there were definitely some stressful moments but our tutors and fellow classmates were really supportive and encouraging. The students were fun too; I enjoyed meeting so many people from all walks of life and from around the globe. Washington D.C. in particular is a great place to be, and I'm glad this course is offered there. I'd love to return someday!

Yes, I recommend
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Best Decision I Ever Made - And A Better Program Than My MA!

CELTA was the hardest, most difficult, most stressful, most exhausting four weeks of my entire life. I had an emotional breakdown in week three, probably got about four hours of sleep total in week two, and legitimately almost upchucked before my first teaching practice. BUT, even with all of that, CELTA was hands down the best decision I have ever made in my ENTIRE life. Teaching House was absolutely phenomenal and I would 150% would do it all over again if I had to.

The two trainers of my course were an absolute godsend. Shannon Felt (the Teaching House general manager), specifically, was a marvel. She was supportive, encouraging, hilarious, engaging, enthusiastic, and genuinely passionate about what she was doing. It was obvious that she loved her job and that she loved teaching English. Because of her energy, I (and many of the other teachers-in-training on the course) felt all the more energized about what we were there to learn and do.

The resources provided by Teaching House were top notch and I always felt that I had everything I could possibly need at my disposal. I felt supported, encouraged, and pushed into being the best teacher I could possibly be.

Even better, the students at Teaching House (the ones you, as a teacher-in-training, teach) were amazing. The two groups (upper-intermediate and pre-intermediate) were diverse, helpful, and wanted to learn English just as badly as you wanted to help them learn it.

In the end, I left Teaching House with a CELTA, some truly fantastic friendships, and feeling of confidence that I could and would be able to do something with the certificate I'd earned. That confidence is a feeling I hadn't gained from either my BA or MA and one I will value forever. And, perhaps most importantly, a confidence and a certificate that helped me land a job at Kaplan International just two weeks after graduating from CELTA (without any pre-CELTA teaching experience under my belt).

CELTA will kick your butt and make you work harder than you ever have in your entire life. But if you can buckle down, trudge through, and remember that teaching is kind of freaking awesome then I know you'll come out the other side loving the experience just as much as I did.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching House Chicago

My experience with the part-time 10-week course at Teaching House Chicago was intense. I've encountered "you are set up to fail" from systems and the people that administer them before, but never in my experiences had it been quite so true. My personal schedule was a bit tight, so it was easy for me to fall behind in the early stages of the course. It took a good month-long stretch of fighting and clawing to get back in shape. Luckily the TH center was well-stocked with reference materials and excellent educators to help me straighten myself out.

The Saturday inputs were serious business. Every week a lot of new information is disseminated, with very little time for review. As we were going through these inputs, it all made perfect sense. Once you are planning your lesson at home by yourself, however, that illusion can quickly fade. I found that at least 12-13 hours was required to effectively put together a lesson plan with a reasonable expectation of success. This, of course, is best accomplished over the span of a couple of days. One my major follies as the course started to heat up is that I would force myself to do it all just one or two days ahead of the lesson. There wasn't much time for rehearsal, editing, editing and editing. Eventually I got the hang of the preparation process and I became prepared and eager for my lessons.

If you are someone with a busy schedule or hectic lifestyle, this course can be a challenge. Time management is of supreme importance both in class and wherever you spend your time outside of it. This is a rewarding challenge, nevertheless.

Yes, I recommend
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CELTA: LONDON @ TEACHING HOUSE oxford house college

Really enjoyed the course, it was very intensive for full-time but it is really worth it. I would definitely recommend it to others. Started off being unknown to it with a vague idea about the course but as the days goes on very quickly, no day was wasted. Everyday was learning something new and discovering something exciting. It was very challenging and motivating. From student to teacher in 4 weeks!

Yes, I recommend
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Be determined and focused, a lot is expected but you will gain even more from this experience

To be honest with you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I did have breaking points and moments when I just thought I would quit the Course because yes- it is that hard!
When you don't have extensive lesson plans to work on you will have even more comprehensive written assignments where you will be expected to quote from certain authors and at least gist the books to get an idea on what you are supposed to write about.
Your typical day starts with a morning input where you get an insight of teaching methodology that you will be expected to apply the next day, if not that same afternoon. Inputs are fun and educational and super interactive so no dozing off in the back of the classroom, participate and engage yourself in debates, you will need it later! After the input, you will have a Guided Lesson Planning if you're teaching the next day while those teaching the same day will be running around the school preparing lesson materials.
Teaching Practice happens every day between 2 and 4 pm. Your tutors and fellow trainers are sitting in the back evaluating your teaching methods and efficacy which they will later present in the most crucial part of your day- Feedback! That's where all the juicy stuff happens, where you get constructive criticism and key points to work on for your next lesson. Be open to constructive criticism, be humble and ready to change the way you think about teaching.
Your day ends at around 5.15 pm and don't think now you can have some dinner and coffee with your friends because chances are-you can't! You have tons of work to do on your lesson plan and assignments which will extend to stupid o'clock, sometimes even pulling an all-nighter.
So eat well, sleep as much as you can, try and get some rest over the weekends if you don't have assignment re-subs and be super determined to do the best you can.
Work with your classmates because you will often have connected lessons and make sure students come first- they deserve an awesome class that I assure you- you can deliver.

It's been, by far, the best four weeks of my life and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is serious about EFL career.
I met a whole heap of amazing people and I honestly miss working with them and going through all of that together.

So my advice is don't hesitate and do it! And while doing it, take it step by step, work with your classmates, believe in yourself, work hard and enjoy it, and if you're not a coffee drinker-now might be the time to reconsider that because you will need caffeine in unlimited amounts :)

How can this program be improved?
Resources seem to be less reliable at some points such as the printer which malfunctions almost every day!
Yes, I recommend
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I studied harder here than I did in college

9am - Be at Teaching House. Begin morning lessons.
12pm - Lunch break for one hour.
5pm - End observations and teaching demonstrations.
12am - Finish preparing/homework.

A month might not seem like a long time, it is when you have a daily schedule that lasts this long. You get crammed full of experience and you're genuinely prepared for your first classroom when you step into your first job abroad.

Because you will get a job abroad. And pack your bags as soon as your done with this course because you'll get a job quickly. And barring any novice mistakes when you're job searching, you'll get a good job. CELTAs are world-renowned for producing quality teachers and that's what you'll be when you step outside this course. Some countries/jobs even hold CELTAs almost as high as teaching certificates in your home country (which means you could be working at a high-paying public/private school job, like me). You can also work at an international school, which would be otherwise closed to you with just a regular TEFL certificate.

You'll do a lot of paperwork for each teaching demonstration you do, not because you'll have to do that on your job, but because it is all good things you should be thinking about before you step into the classroom.

And you're working with genuine ESL/EFL students which is great because you get to know them, but not as well as you'll get to know your fellow classmates. I'm still friends with many of them and almost all of them are teaching abroad somewhere.

The staff, towards the end of the course, will have a day that you choose where in the world you want to teach and you'll have a sit down with a staff member who has been to that part of the world and you'll talk to them specifically about what kind of work you want to do and where you can begin looking for jobs. The staff is also there to bounce ideas off of when you're planning your lessons, which is a lot like the real world (teachers are kind of like blobs that roll around and stick to other things from other teachers and then the things become a part of them).

It's expensive. Yup. But if you look at it like you'll be getting paid higher with this certification than friends that don't have it, then it evens out. Ya know, like what a college education used to be.

Take the course. Study hard. Drink lots of coffee. And get a job abroad.

How can this program be improved?
I think if the staff would a bit more specific in what kind of jobs I should have been looking for when I first went abroad, that would have been really helpful. They didn't tell me "Most buxibans (an after school school in China, but they have them in Japan and Korea although I'm not sure what the words for them are) are going to pay below what you should be paid with a CELTA and you should be looking at international schools." Yeah, that would have been really helpful.
Yes, I recommend
Jessie Beck

Great CELTA course

It's been a few years, but when I decided that I wanted to teach abroad, I went to Teaching House New York to get CELTA certified. Overall, the program was rigorous and intense, but it really helped prepare me for teaching abroad. They gave great instruction in methodology, and integrated practice teaching into every day of our program. Support was great, and they have a job search engine exclusive to Teaching House alumni that later helped me find a substitute position.

How can this program be improved?
Kind of expensive.
Yes, I recommend
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amazing course

The course is the best thing I've done! The tutors are super helpful and the staff was incredibly nice and available.
The input sessions are very good and as a trainee you receive one to one feedback in every point of your lessons, and suggestions on how to prepare your lessons effectively.
Looking forward to the DELTA.

How can this program be improved?
Some language analysis could be better exploited in the input sessions, such as functions.
Yes, I recommend
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Overall experience was rewarding as I felt that I left prepared to teach English effectively and professionally. It was also quite revealing in bringing out the good and bad in both my teaching style and methods so I left confident of my ability yet well aware of where I needed to polish things up. Considerable tedious homework and detailed class plans make things very hectic so long days, very long nights and full-time weekends are prerequisite and even then good time management is essential to keep up. Teaching theory given in the mornings is well presented and expected to be applied in the observed practice teaching sessions in the afternoons. Pre-course reading of textbooks by Jim Scrivener (Learning Teaching) and Jeremy Harmer (The Practice of English Language Teaching) are definitely recommended. Lastly, having 24/7 internet access is helpful.

Yes, I recommend


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