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BASE has over 100 vacancies at the beginning of the school term in Thailand (16 May and 1st November each year) as well as paid teaching jobs every month. Our jobs are all around Thailand and our staff have experience working with many organizations and schools for the past ten years.

When you work with BASE you become part of the BASE family. We know it's hard being away from home and so we are here for whatever you need in terms of support. We also make sure the schools we work with provide support. BASE only works with good schools because we know if the teacher is happy, they are more likely to stay and it means less work for us finding a replacement!

Job contracts can be for either one or two school terms.

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Yes, I recommend this program

All about that Base

I'm placed in a private school teaching kindergarten around 45 minutes from Bangkok, and Base have provided exceptional support and genuine care throughout my time here. From the start of my placement, where I received regular messages from both Mike and Kate asking whether I feel settled within my school and my accommodation, to asking for regular updates on my visa process, and even to delivering a Christmas present to my school straight from the HQ itself, which is exactly the kind of surprise you need when you're spending your first Christmas away from home.

The school is great, I have a good support network and the school manager is always available for any queries I may have. I'm also very close to Bangkok so it's easy to travel around on weekends and after completing the TEFL Heaven course, I've made amazing friends that I can regularly meet with.

Mike and Kate are amazing and they will go above and beyond to ensure you feel settled within your school, and Thailand itself. They're always a text message away when I have any queries and I know I will always receive a quick and responsive reply, nothing is too much trouble. I'm honoured to be a part of the Base family and I'm definitely all about that Base

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Yes, I recommend this program

BASE is amazing

BASE is truly a great agency to work for. The school that I got placed with through BASE is a great school, and I have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to stay for a second term! Working through agencies can stressful, and I have heard my fair share of horror stories but this is definitely not the case with BASE. They truly treat their teachers with respect and kindness, always willing to help if there is such a need. Other agencies often have little contact with their teachers, but BASE staff are very personable, and provide you with information on your school that really helps in adjusting to the local area.

What would you improve about this program?
I really don't have any suggestions! BASE goes above and beyond in every way!
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Yes, I recommend this program

All About That BASE!

I'm All About That BASE!

I have been working in a private school in the province of Nakhon Pathom (just outside of Bangkok) after being placed there through BASE and I have been very happy with everything they have provided, especially after hearing horror stories from other TEFL teachers under different agencies.

The main positives from my experience with BASE have been:

- communication -
long before i arrived in Thailand, BASE provided me with a list of all the necessary documents I would require to assist me with the visa application process they were even quick to get documents from my school that i needed. Whenever I had problems I never felt bad about contacting Mike or the team as they would always respond swiftly and seemed genuinely happy to help.

- the placement -
BASE use schools with a good reputation with a history of looking after their foreign teachers. In addition, my school is one of the best in the province and has air con and motivated children.

Admin was completed very quickly by the school and we all received our non b visas and work permits so we were working legally and without the need for constant border runs which is sadly the case through other agencies. In addition, the admin staff took us out of school to set up bank accounts and for hospital visits as required for health checks for work permits.

I am also happy with the fact that the school provides opportunities to earn extra money on top of my salary with the option of after-school tutoring.

- the family feel -
You get a real family feel with BASE as they are a small team with a small amount of teachers on their roster which means they know everybody personally and you are not just a number on a sheet. The 6 of us were even allowed to stay overnight at the BASE offices in Bangkok before they took us to our placement school!

Mike and his team are easy to reach and are pretty much available at all times through the LINE app and have been quick to respond to any problems no matter how big or small. It was also a nice gesture that Mike came to see us and we all received Christmas gifts from the BASE staff in the mail!

- to conclude -
My TEFL experience in Thailand has been amazing thus far! Although teaching can be tough, there is ample time during the day (four free periods per day) to sort all lessons and marking during school so that evenings and weekends are reserved purely for downtime and exploring the rest of this incredible country!

In fact, since working here, I have camped in the Erawan national park in Kanachanaburi, visited a monkey festival in Lopburi, spent Christmas eve at a pool party in Bangkok, spent New Years in Krabi and on Phi Phi island, explored the markets and temples of Nakhon Pathom, and celebrated my Birthday on a beach in Hua Hin! And all of this with the incredible friends I have
made through the 'TEFL Heaven' course, which Mike is also the director of (if you haven't already got your TEFL certificate then these are definitely the guys to go through).

I wish the same on any of you that want to come over to Thailand and teach and would recommend BASE as the agency to ensure your dreams become a reality! Enjoy!

What would you improve about this program?
The only gripes that I have had during my teaching time have been to do with the Thai system as opposed to anything that BASE has control over - BASE has done everything within their power to make this a fantastic experience for me. Thanks!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic agency.

Having been placed at a Private school in Bangkok through BASE has been a true blessing. Mike and Kate have gone above and beyond to ensure that I feel safe, comfortable and happy at my job. They even paid me a visit at work and I was very proud to tell them all about how I was getting on. They have been part of securing my interview, driving me around to view apartments and helping me out with my Visa situation. I couldn't ask for a better team to work with. They are extremely helpful and responsive, exactly what you need when you're in a foreign country! BASE offers a very trustworthy and loyal service, if you are thinking of joining them, know one thing for sure: it's all about YOU and your future. They don't want anything but the best for you and I'm glad to be part of it! I can't thank them enough, living in Thailand without their support wouldn't be the same.

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Yes, I recommend this program

BASE English Teachers

I currently work at a Kindergarten School in north Bangkok provided through BASE English Teachers and they have been extremely helpful from the start. Mike and Kate helped me find an apartment near to the school and also took us to visit the school and the local area before we started there which was very beneficial. They are both very responsive to my emails and texts and have been really helpful throughout the non b visa and work permit process. I know I can call them or email them at any time and will get a response in good time and they are very understanding and help to resolve any issues professionally and promptly which is great! I love living in Bangkok and having done the TEFL Heaven programme as well, I have a number of friends to socialise with in the week and at weekends. I also signed up to the meetup app which has lots of social and other events going on in and around Bangkok. I would definitely recommend signing up to BASE because they provide a fantastic service!

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