Teach English in Thailand on a Paid Semester or Summer Contract

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Greenheart Travel’s paid English teaching program in Thailand is your chance to make an incredible impact in the classroom while getting paid to travel. Teaching placements are available in local schools in rural and urban communities throughout Thailand.

We also offer a TEFL certification in either Chiang Mai or Hua Hin before you begin teaching.

-Monthly guaranteed salary of at least 30,000 THB per month
-Placements in kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools
-Monthly start dates, year round
-All inclusive program with add-ons packaged in: airport pickup, extensive emergency medical insurance for 4 months, accommodation for your training period in Hua Hin or Chiang Mai, all orientation excursions, and more.
-Short contracts (6 weeks, 2 months, 6 months) with the ability to extend as many times as you’d like to for free

Program Fee:
- Teaching Placement Only: $1,570
- Teaching Placement + TESOL course: $2,370
- Summer 6 Week Teaching Program: $1550

  • One semester PAID contracts (semesters are around 4 months long but your commitment might be shorter if you arrive in the middle of a semester)
  • 1 week orientation (+ optional 3 week TESOL certification) in either Hua Hin or Chiang Mai
  • Paid summer 6-Week teaching program available
  • Insurance, excursions, and accommodation for your orientation and training period packaged in
  • Full support from Greenheart Travel staff before, during and after your teaching program

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Hi Beth! This is what we found: "Yes, we welcome friends and couples to apply and we can place you you so that you can live together! Every applicant can note in their application who they are applying with. We can guarantee placements together so that you can live together, but you may work at different schools within the same city."
Yes, we have a 6 week program in the summertime!
Yes, you learn how to teach IN Thailand and thank god! I had 0 experience besides babysitting (which doesn't even count) with teaching and the TESOL course prepares you as much as possible for the real thing. However, the real thing is a bit different than the classroom prep you do during the course because every school and every grade is different throughout the country. With that being said, I...


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Review of Teach In Thailand with Greenheart Travel / CCI

My name is Paul Hoffman and I am an English Teacher with Greenheart Travel's Teach In Thailand May 2011 program. The orientation for my 5 month program started on May 8, 2011 in Bangkok and I'll be teaching English here in Suphanburi, Thailand until October 5, 2011. This has been an EXCELLENT adventure! The managers and staff at Greenheart Travel in Chicago have been with me every step of the way starting back in October of 2010. They offered me different teaching programs in different countries and helped me decide on the right program after answering about 150 questions from me! They helped with every step of the application / qualification process and the Thailand Non-Immigrant VISA - which can be a challenge! In fact, I still write to Greenheart Travel every Monday and send them my Blog called 'Chalk Dust' which is posted on their website. Teaching here in Thailand has been an exciting, exhilarating, nerve racking, and 'pushing me to go outside my box' experience. I've never taught in school before. In fact, I've been out of High School for 30 years and now I'm back at school teaching English to 7th and 10th grade students - and these students don't have English as their first launguage! After arriving in Thailand I had to get used to a new culture very quickly, set up my basic living space, and develope lesson plans for class - and that was in the first week and a half. Thailand is known as the 'Land Of Smiles' and the Thai people are very warm and welcoming. As long as I say a few words in Thai and smile, they are willing to help any way they can. I always remember to keep things simple when teaching or developing lesson plans because the Thai students are trying to absorb a new language - English. I remember just trying to learn how to say 'Good Morning' and 'How Are You' and Count from One to Ten in Thai and I got soooooo lost! Since I was lost with those simple words, I just imagine what the Thai students must be going through trying to learn English! So, I keep it simple and adapt the lesson quickly if need be. The weather in Thailand is hot, the food is spicy, and the way of life is laid back and fun! I now wish that I would have signed up for the 10 month program. Who knows, maybe I'll come back next year?? If you come here, always remember to look to the right first when crossing the street! I learned that the hard way - ha!

Yes, I recommend


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