TEFL Campus Phuket: 120 Hour TEFL/TESOL Certification Course
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TEFL Campus Phuket: 120 Hour TEFL/TESOL Certification Course

Accredited by an American university, moderated by TEFL experts and licensed by Thailand's Ministry of Education, TEFL Campus is Phuket's highest-independently-rated TEFL training and certification course.

TEFL Campus' 120 hours of training include observed teaching practice, guided lesson planning and professionally designed lectures that prepare trainees for the classroom. We also offer meaningful job support that starts before the course begins and continues throughout your career. Our proven job support has helped hundreds of trainees find teaching jobs on Phuket, in Thailand and throughout Asia.

No other course offers the services we provide at the prices we offer. Sign up with TEFL Campus and receive unique discounts and special offers throughout the year.

  • University Accreditation
  • 98% Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Comprehensive Job Support
  • Access to Graduates Community on Facebook
  • Meaningful Pre-arrival Support
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This includes all teaching, training, assessments and materials are paid for. No hidden costs.

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Schools generally hire when they need teachers which is the beginning of the school year but from what I've seen, there are jobs being offered all year round (not as many choices thought). Each school has difference starting dates as a lot of the schools are private and choose their own holidays.
We received job placement information. Throughout the course we were offered to apply for a wide range of jobs from all over Thailand. After you complete the course, you are added onto a Tefl campus graduate Facebook page where jobs are posted all the time. Tefl Campus helped us refine and develop a good cv specific for teaching in Thailand and they prepared us on how to have a good demo lesson in...
I went to Phuket with my wife, and during the course we spent roughly $300 per week. So $150 per week per person should do you well. We mostly spent money on food and drinks, didn't make any tourist purchases. You could spend even less if you wanted to, but we ate at decent restaurants. Street food is incredibly cheap, and some people survive on that, but it is all fried and not particularly...
I checked their website and it looks like both a college degree and teaching experience aren't required! If you want more information take a look: http://www.teflcampus.com/tefl-tesol-courses/requirements/

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  • Benefits 9.5
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 8.2
  • Facilities 8.8
  • Safety 9.3
  • Instruction 9.5
  • Support 9.6
  • Value 8.7
  • Difficulty 8.5
  • Job Assistance 9.2
  • Instruction 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 10
  • Value 10
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The complete package

I had already done my TEFL certification online with a different company, but upon arriving in Thailand I quickly learned that just having the online certification in my back pocket wasn't going to get me hired right away.

I also wasn't sure if I could really get up in front of a class of students and teach. I decided to do some research on the TEFL Campus in Phuket, once I arrived I told the staff of my situation and what I believed I still needed to be able to become a teacher and to secure a job.

All of the staff at the campus were very helpful and they placed me in the program that worked best for me. I now feel comfortable teaching a classroom full of students and I have the tools to create lesson plans from scratch and with a clear strategy of how to go about be being a successful teacher in Thailand with the knowledge to be an English teacher for wherever I may go.

Yes, I recommend
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A fantastic learning experience

I can't recommend this course highly enough. There are lots of TEFL courses out there where you can pick up the qualification relatively easy, but at TEFL Campus you'll be put through your paces and feel fully prepared for a career in teaching English.

Being back in the classroom after a break of nearly twenty years could've been extremely daunting, but thanks to the professionalism and friendliness of the TEFL Campus team, I enjoyed every minute.

Being a native English speaker I thought I knew my native tongue inside out, but I learned more about the English language in four weeks here than I can ever remember picking up at school. Most importantly for me the course allayed any fears I had about standing up in front of a classroom to teach. We were thrust in front of a class on day three - but importantly we were supported fully every step of the way.

The quality of the support throughout was excellent and this was undoubtedly one of the toughest but most rewarding academic experiences of my life. You'll be tested and put through your paces and there's a lot of information to absorb, but you'll feel full of confidence and self-belief by the time you've qualified.

How can this program be improved?

Updated computers and possibly new materials.

Yes, I recommend
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This was a challenging course that helped me become a better teacher.I am glad I took my time to work hard in this course. I recommend all my friends that is going into the teaching career to take this course. Now I will take my knowledge form what I have learn from this course and use it back in Taiwan. I am sure the students that I teach will be very appreciated and not just learn English, but love to learn English. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

How can this program be improved?

Not sure? I needed to have more time to prepare for my lessons. But I understand that the time available pushes us to work and think more efficiently when preparing our lessons. In the teaching field we may have more time to prepare better and quality lessons.

Yes, I recommend
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a different perspective...

I ended up at TEFL Campus by chance. I was just lucky! But for those who are interested in this course, I hope you make a more informed decision and I hope you choose TEFL Campus.
I took this course in January '16, with a small group of people. Though I have nothing to compare this course with, I can't imagine anyone doing it better than Eric and Simon. Both of them are simply fantastic! They are available for you with their help, answers and suggestions from the very beginning, until after the end. The course is no joke, its not a breeze in the park. Its challenging and creative. Its 4 weeks of pure hard work!
I wont get into the details of the course and the schedule, but I would just like to say that TEFL Campus prepares you to start teaching and it gives you the confidence to say "I am a teacher." It has a good reputation in Thailand. I have met a few people and they take your certificate more seriously once they see who it's coming from.
To summarize, if given an option to do it again, I would do it just that way I did. I had an amazing experience, and I met some amazing and unique people from all around the world!

How can this program be improved?

I believe, providing the trainees with useful stationary such as a binder, pencils, pens, notebooks at the beginning of the course would be very useful. Also, a free-to-use printer would be much appreciated by all future trainees.

Yes, I recommend

Better than I ever hoped to imagine.

Like most people interested in TEFL, I had done a ton of research but still didn't exactly know what to expect. From the first time I spoke to Eric about TEFL Campus 3 months prior to coming to Thailand I knew he was a genuine person who really enjoyed teaching. We spoke for over an hour and answered all of the MANY questions I had.

Once I signed up Eric sent me regular emails letting me know things about travel, our accommodations, the visa process, where to eat, exchanging money, you name it, he covered it. The whole process was really simple, I was pretty nervous about moving to a new country but Eric and Simon were so welcoming and took time between classes to help each and every one of the students.

I felt really prepared by the course. Even after our course was over and Eric was beginning the next class, he gave his valuable time to my girlfriend and I to help us with the interview process. One week after graduating we had great jobs that we both still love. We owe it all to Eric and Simon at TEFL Campus Phuket.

How can this program be improved?

Get a real coffee maker!

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience - Would do it again!

It was such a great experience to do the course at the TEFL Campus Phuket. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are keen to tailor support to each student’s individual needs.
The course was very well structured and the feedback was detailed and extremely helpful.
Keep in mind that this course is not easy. Teaching practice, lesson planning, projects and the exam are definitely a challenge in which your own ambitions will be put to the test. Nevertheless, the instructors do try to answer all questions and give you all the necessary support.
During the course, you get to teach Thai students 6 times, which is perfect to get some hands on teaching experience and learn your primary flaws which you might have to work on in the future. The Thai students are all adults and it would have been nice to teach kids as well, since Phuket is big on mainstream education. TEFL-certificate holder will go on and get a job teaching kids. So, it would have been nice to get a glimpse of what that’s like. That is the only little minus, though.

Other than that, I feel fully equipped to go out and find a teaching job after this course. Eric continues to offer job support even after the course is done, which is great.

All in all, I highly recommend to take this course! You’ll have a blast and you’ll learn something useful in the meantime and meet pretty cool folks.

Yes, I recommend
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TEFL Campus Pkuket. Thank you.

The TEFL Campus Phuket was a huge benefit to me. They helped me from beginning to end. Helped me set up my accommodations all the way to giving me plenty of resources in finding employment after the graduation. It was challenging for me, I have been out of school for years. Being an older guy in class was a little overwhelming however the trainers helped me at every stage in the process. The grammar and phonetics were very challenging. With proper help I was able to pass and understand the English language better. Being a native speaker it is easy to take for granted your native language. The trainers helped me understand how to teach a non native speaker my language. I am thankful for my experience here at TEFL Campus in Phuket. I suggest anyone who wants an adventure to take the plunge.

Yes, I recommend
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Employers recognise this TESOL course

I studied here on the 4 week TESOL course in August 2015. The most important thing to say is that unlike many similar courses, this one as a 120 hour course with a significant part dedicated to teaching practice with real students, is recognised by Thai employers.

The course is well taught with two friendly and experienced instructors, Simon and Eric. It is intense, but well worth the effort.

On my course there were 10 fellow students and we all stayed locally and had a great time on days off exploring Phuket.

How can this program be improved?

Not sure I would suggest any changes. The course is quite intense, but it needs to be as you only have 4 weeks to prepare for teaching!

Yes, I recommend
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Quality course - highly recommend

I highly recommend TEFL campus in Phuket. Eric and his staff are extremely helpful with teaching you how to plan and teach lessons to non-native speakers. Furthermore, they went above and beyond when it came time for me to find a job - one of the employees even took me to an interview! I've been working in Thailand for two years now, and I still use the school as a resource for any strange questions I might have about living and teaching abroad, and the staff is happy to help in any way possible. If you want to get certified to teach abroad, go here!

How can this program be improved?

Recommend talking more about classroom management skills.

Yes, I recommend
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Well worth the investment!

I researched many TEFL providers, however, TEFL Campus Phuket really stood out. The trainers were excellent and I must admit that the course was harder than I anticipated, however, it was worth it. I currently live and work in Thailand and I have an amazing job. This would not have been possible without the assistance of TEFL Campus Phuket. I strongly recommend this course provider.

How can this program be improved?

Patience is the key.

Yes, I recommend
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Great course and wonderful staff

I was very pleased by the staff and the entire course structure. They were very helpful all alog the course and they guided me torwards success. I am now a certified teacher and love my job. They madde it so easy to go through all the different steps of the process. They have great knowledge of the actual business and support you all along the way to get the job you dreamed of.

Yes, I recommend
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Day one of arriving in Thailand to begin my TEFL course was a book in itself. Upon arriving in Bangkok, I realized that the flight that I had booked to Phuket, was from a different airport than the one that I had landed in. Now, I have an hour and a half to get to the other airport on the opposite side of Bangkok and catch my connecting flight. As I leave the airport and get to the bus terminal, I reach in my backpack to grab my money/connecting flight information for the bus driver, only to realize that I had left my folder with my passport, flight ticket, money, and all of my other important papers somewhere in the airport. I went to Airport security and they wouldn't allow me to go back in. They told me they would send one of their guys in to go and find it. At this moment I thought all hope was lost. It was my first day out of the U.S. and I had already lost everything important to me. As I waited in the security room, nearly biting my fingers off from stress, to my surprise one of the workers came back, and to sure enough, he had my folder. Not a single dollar nor paper was missing. The travel gods had my back as a newbie traveler. I have been much more cautious with my important stuff from that day on, lesson learned.

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing, it would be to put the training center a wii bit closer to the beach. But hey, a 15 minute motor bike ride isn't that bad...

Yes, I recommend
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A good course and a wonderful location

There are 3 good reasons why I would recommend doing a TEFL course at TEFL campus Phuket:

1. Phuket is a topical paradise - literally! It is a beautiful destination with all the offerings of a dream island - beautiful beaches, perfect weather all year round, a welcoming and friendly local population, amazingly fascinating cultural sights, added with probably the best cuisine in the world and a very low cost of living! However, as Phuket town is conveniently located, about 30 mins away from the beaches and the touristy areas, it gives students a safe zone of protection from the distractions of the endless excitements, allowing them to strike a good balance between leisure time and homework!

2. Good quality tuition - There is a lot of work that needs to be done for a TESOL certificate which was far beyond my expectation. The two instructors at TEFL campus (Eric and Simon) are highly experienced and very professional in their approach. They deliver a very effective syllabus that ensures students can successfully go through the course within the four week period. The Thai lessons they provide are probably unique to the school which gives an excellent perspective of the challenges of learning a foreign language. I also found the Teaching Practice very rewarding as I was teaching real Thai students from the local community. As well as giving me a real life teaching experience, it also game me the opportunity to connect with Thai people and learn more about their culture.

3. The course is accredited by Fort Hayes State University in Kansas - This is a useful attribute which gives the course a wider recognition. When I searched to enrol on a TEFL course, I realised that there were a limited number of courses on the market that were externally accredited by a recognised Educational authority and this was one of them. Employers value this feature of a TEFL certificate as it gives them the confidence they seek about the quality standards of the school.

Yes, I recommend
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A campus that keeps on assisting you after you've finished the course!

I learnt a lot during my course and found the course content and methods of explaining and coaching it very effective. The facilities were excellent and the instructors were very well experienced. I received very thorough support prior to arrival and during my course. But what makes TEFL Campus and the team there stand out for me is their excellent efforts to help you secure work afterwards! I received a full time position with work permit from a local employer through their recommendation. Throughout the year I was offered additional work opportunities through them (including at their own campus) and even over a year after I completed the course, they still continue to help me find additional work.

Yes, I recommend
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TEFL Course

I really enjoyed this course, although very intense and sometimes challenging I believe this is the right way to become certified as a teacher. Doing an online course wouldn't have provided the intimate experience of teaching classes of all different varying language skills to students. I am thankful for the experience and would recommend it to anyone interested in teaching english.

How can this program be improved?

Only to tell trainees to get a binder or an organizer in the beginning of the course for all the important handouts you receive, I waited till the 3rd week and wish I would have been more prepared.

Yes, I recommend

About TEFL Campus Phuket

TEFL Campus is Phuket's highest-independently-rated TEFL training and certification course. Accredited by an American university, moderated by established TEFL professionals, licensed by Thailand's Ministry of Education, TEFL Campus prepares trainees...