TEFL Heaven: Kick Start Cambodia with Guaranteed Paid Job!

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Fun games in the classroom
Fun games in the classroom
Teaching outside
Teaching outside
Discovering temples
Discovering temples
Cambodia students
Cambodia students
Face to face training
Face to face training


Cambodia is the perfect place to start teaching and gain experience. With low costs of living and a great starting salary, it is the perfect destination to start in! If you want to wander off the beaten path and discover a rich culture and beautiful temples.

TEFL Heaven's Kick Start Cambodia program will get you ready to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) while you get TEFL certified in Phnom Penh. The Kick Start Cambodia program comes with a GUARANTEED paid job in Cambodia after the course. Hands on, face-to face learning experience with teaching practice giving you the confidence and all the tools you need to be a successful teacher!

Continuous support from our team including lifetime, worldwide, job assistance.

  • Fully Accredited TEFL/ TESOL Certificate qualifying you to teach English anywhere in the world
  • Guaranteed paid job placement in Cambodia within 30 days of finishing the course
  • Pre-departure guidance on visas, accommodation choices, costs of living and salary guides and connections with previous teachers.
  • Complimentary private accommodation during the 4 week training course
  • Lifetime worldwide job assistance from our team

Currently offering a special reduced rate for our Mexico Program (Summer months only) check out the website for more info!

Experience 3 weeks fully immersive TEFL/ TESOL training in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico with a guaranteed paid work placement within 30 days of your course ending and a lifetime, worldwide job assistance guarantee!

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Claire Sally
Yes, I recommend this program

Holiday in Cambodia with a Difference

I loved the fact that this is a course that offers in-country training. If you are serious about TEACHING abroad as opposed to teaching ABROAD, it is the best way to go! It also made the whole transition process less scary and, I believe, helped facilitate it. I could experience the people and the culture, as well as how it feels to teach different grades, before setting foot in an official post, and with the support of like-minded people in the same boat as I was. Training in a group setting was also a motivation for me to keep going and not give up or let it slide. It was super focused and intentional, much better than studying alone online, which I have done once before. There's no comparison.
I also loved that our trainer was passionate about teaching and he really caused us to learn, as opposed to just throwing information at us. The way he taught us superbly modeled the way he was training us to teach! It was also clear that each one of us was more than just a number to him.

I loved the peer teaching practice. It was great to be able to practice what I had learned to do - classroom management, lesson planning, teaching aids - on people who could give me honest, objective feedback and encourage me. Nobody knew me well enough to like or dislike me, so I could take their input and great ideas and put it all to good use!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Teaching practice!! Especially since I was up first for peer teaching practice! But trying to teach a roomful of 3-year-olds... I have never felt so disillusioned about my own abilities before!! Haha!! Interestingly, it served as a huge wake up call to me to be more than prepared and not wing anything, but still be able to think on my feet! So even that was a positive experience and one that I am truly grateful for!