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168 hours
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Teaching Practicum
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Nov 16, 2022
Mar 24, 2023
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About Program

Our Combined Level 5 TEFL Certificate (168 hours) is regulated by Ofqual (UK) and approved by the DEAC (US), so has official recognition from 2 government recognized bodies! This makes all the difference when applying for jobs.

This course will give you a strong understanding of what employers are looking for. Complete 10 hours in the classroom as an addition to 158 hours of online study. For certain employers, it is preferable to have some in class experience other that solely online, our combined course gives you exactly that.

You will learn so much from other students in the classroom and have the opportunity to actually teach! The 10-hour weekend class is designed to breakdown the fundamentals of TEFL.

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Program Highlights

  • Ofqual (UK government) regulated & accredited by Qualifi
  • Level 5 qualification
  • Internationally recognised
  • Free access to our international jobs board & help from our dedicated recruitment team
  • Free 30-Hour Top-up Course in Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Business English or Teaching Online & 1:1

Program Reviews

4.91 Rating
based on 70 reviews
  • 5 rating 91.43%
  • 4 rating 8.57%
  • 3 rating 0%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 0%
  • Instruction 4.9
  • Support 4.85
  • Value 4.9
  • Academic Rigor 4.45
  • Job Assistance 4.45
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best teaching course

It was very easy for me to pass. The Tefl Academy was very helpful in helping me in marking my assignments marked on time and giving me great feedback. In return for all this work ive been helped on to pass i get to travel now anywhere i want AND I GET PAID! With accomodation and meet great people all over the world and i am so excited. Tefl helps you with visa, accomodation, getting the job as a teacher with or without a degree. TEFL give you a career to travel with even without a degree. Great

  • Travelling
  • Qualification
  • Socialising
  • Nothing
7 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Level 5 Course

This course was entirely online which was fantastic for me as it allowed me to combine the studying with my full time job. As I am a teacher the classroom practice wasn't important since I do this all day every day, I know there are options for the course to be taken in a format that does allow this though.

The content was challenging and certainly made me think hard about the use of English grammar which I hadn't studied for a long time! Many of the teaching tips and elements of the course are things I recognise from my professional career and the range of resources on offer in the course are certainly appropriate in my expereince.

A key element in my decision process about picking TTA over other providers is the fact that the qualification is OFQUAL accredited. Havng worked in the UK all my career I know this is an importnat factor here, I am confident it will be overseas too.

Overall I am happy to recommend.

  • Flexibility
  • Ofqual approved qualification
  • Access to international job market
  • More challenging content than expected!
6 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I would recommend to someone who likes to teach

Since I enjoy learning on my own and take pedagogy lessons in school, the lessons' underlying theories were extremely similar. Although the curriculum taught in TEFL is often very simple, you still need a place to go through it all so that you can take notes and undertake assignments. I would suggest anyone who is interested in taking this course to just complete it and make notes on your laptop with relevant keywords so you can go back on them later for assignments and make notes on any references they provide you with as well. I recently completed my TEFL course, and I can't wait to start tutoring:)

  • Online teaching
  • Work at your own pace
  • Support from tutors
  • Deadline after six months
  • A lot of material to cover
22 people found this review helpful.
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Molly Anne
Yes, I recommend this program


It was a very enjoyable course with the right amount of vigour. Feedback was very helpful and detailed and my tutor assisted me with any questions I had. Furthermore, I got on with the course well. It was sectioned as 10 different units which all had a test at the end to check your knowledge. Alongside that it also had 3 big written assignments that gave me perspective into the material creation and classroom planning areas of an ESL job. I would definitely recommend this course for others too as i found it very fun and informative.

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Support
  • Certificate Delivery takes long
19 people found this review helpful.
Default avatar
Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL academy review

Very lovely teachers and helpful staff quickly and efficiently answering all questions I had.
The course is straightforward, effective and easy to understand. I did not need to ask my tutor anything at all over the 6 months because everything is very easy to understand. when they gave feedback for my assignment they were very helpful and kind.
At first I had a problem logging on to my account but after a number or quick phone calls to some very friendly customer service members of staff the problem was resolved.
The course

  • great staff
  • straightforward programe
  • well managed
  • course extension is quite expensive
  • not sure
  • not sure
20 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly Recommended TEFL Course with the TEFL Academy

I loved studying with the TEFL Academy. After many internet searches for the right course for me, I decided the TEFL Academy was right to study around my lifestyle with family and work. I have recently moved abroad so it has given me another avenue for work. The course was challenging at times but I did not need to contact tutors for any help due to the resources given, recommended reading and links to research sites. This in turn meant that I learnt more as I read so I referred this option. However, the tutors are there if needed and gave me fabulous and helpful feedback with assignments. The course is easy to navigate and straightforward in moving through each module. The end of unit tests are helpful and the course is well balanced. I am excited to continue with the top up courses!

  • Marking of assignments with in depth feedback
  • Covers teaching listening and speaking in depth, extra webinars
  • Great modules on lesson planning
  • Challenging at times but the extra research helps
  • The opportunity to watch more live lessons would be beneficial
20 people found this review helpful.
Default avatar
Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL academy

The great continuous teacher feedback is essential in this course that delivers the appropriate learning outcomes and student experiences.
The courseware was effective and engaging during my online learning experiences.
Based on my own experience students should also do research whilst doing the assignments and teachers are very helpful.
students are able to find important information or course components, they simply can use them in their classes.
I am very please in completing this course.

  • Expanded knowledge
  • Enjoyed studying
  • Feel accomplished
  • None
  • None
  • None
21 people found this review helpful.
Default avatar
Yes, I recommend this program

The TEFL Academy Level 5 course

During my course I had requested support from the team and the response I received was incredibly kind and hugely supportive. It showed the company truly uphold good values and care about the students that take their course. I would recommend training with this company as they go over and above with their investment in students. The learning materials also challenge you to build your skills and prepare you for being equipped as an English language tutor. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The combined classroom practical helps give you confidence in your skills.

  • Great support
  • Informative material
  • Challenging tasks to help build your skills
24 people found this review helpful.

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