The island nation of Ireland is known for its spirited and friendly people, love of sports, and less commonly, its range of TEFL course options! Whether you are looking to move permanently to Ireland, or travel abroad for a short time, you’ll find no shortage of excitement in this accessible country. With this, savor these moments and enjoy the time you spend in Ireland, as you discover the tools to pass on your own experiences and teachings to others.

In Ireland, there are a number of TEFL providers who advertise not one, not two, but dozens of different course options. However, take some time to filter through the many choices of teacher training courses. Note that the courses that seem too good to be true might just be too good to be true! Be wary of those that fall below the universal standard of a 120-hour course.

120-Hour TEFL Courses:

An intensive, 4-week course in Ireland allows for teacher trainees to receive the support and education they need to take on their own classroom. For those living in Ireland, or simply looking to take their TEFL course abroad, the 120-hour option is incredibly popular and offered almost every month through large, reputable providers. In addition to covering basic course materials, some hours will be reserved for both classroom observation and teaching practice, allowing you to employ your recently-acquired skills with actual students present.

140-Hour TEFL Courses:

Covering the same basic materials as the 120-hour course, the 140-hour course explores various mediums for teaching even further. Additional topics might include teaching online, teaching larger groups/class sizes, and narrower focuses, such as teaching children or teaching Business English. The additional 20 hours may not seem like much, but for the inexperienced or shy teacher, the extra practice will go a long way.

When and Where to Look:

While the majority of TEFL courses are offered in Dublin, check out Galway or Cork if you are a fan of smaller cities. In addition, Ireland is a great place to earn your TEFL certificate (if you are a resident or simply passing through), as courses are offered year-round. Most providers will have course start dates at the beginning of each month, offering a bit of flexibility for when you wish to take your course during the whole job-hunting process.


Since Ireland is an English-speaking nation, most teachers will receive their TEFL certificate in-country and then teach at a school overseas. Typically schools or recruiters will expect that you are a native speaker at minimum; some will require that you have either a bachelor’s degree or some experience in the ESL classroom.

Post-TEFL Resources:

After you’ve completed a TEFL course in Ireland, you will need to decide on a career path, as well as a place of employment. How deep is your interest in English and/or international education? Is teaching English in your long-term plans or do you want to teach temporarily? Do you want to work in Ireland, or would you prefer to move abroad and teach? Consider these questions as you choose to work domestically or internationally.

If you are a beginner teacher, and looking to do a bit of traveling while you work, consider a teaching job overseas. In Asia and South America, many recruiters hire native English speakers to teach young learners in public or private schools. If you are looking to work and live in Ireland, you can find employment at a private language school. There, you may teach General English courses, or take on specialized ones such as Business English or instruct summer courses for children and teens. Another way to teach is to provide private tutoring sessions; you can set your own hourly rates and earn some extra money teaching on the side.

Cost of Living:

Generally, the cost of living in Ireland is high, but lower in comparison to costs in England or other parts of the EU. In Dublin, monthly rent ranges from about $370 to $530 USD; rent prices are slightly lower in cities such as Cork and Galway. Your TEFL course fees will likely include accommodation, but if they do not, take a look at homestay options. There are some families that offer homestays in exchange for a bit of housework - this is a fantastic way to meet some local friends and save money!


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