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ITTT’s In-Class Bangkok TEFL course is located in the center of the Thai academic market. There are more teaching jobs in metropolitan Bangkok than all the remaining top ten Thai Cities combined. Bangkok positions typically pay better as its home to Thailand’s most prestigious and innovative language schools.

The ITTT Bangkok course takes place in a language school that is also an authorized Cambridge English examination centre. A 120-hour course with six hours of observed teaching practice, it employs three specialist trainers and covers key areas of teaching methodology and techniques. Our jobs coach spends time one-on-one with all course participants to develop resumes, and offers coaching on effective interview techniques. Also included is a foreign language component by a bilingual teacher trainer.

Also in Bangkok is the ITTT Combined course. After successfully completing all 20 units, the observed teaching practice is in a real Thai classroom with non-English speaking students.

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From an Online Student

I was working full time so I couldn’t take the time off to do a month long course. Instead, I did iTTT’s Combined Course, where you do the book online and then you do your actual teaching practices in a real classroom.

The first part is the online completion of 20 units of the course curriculum as well as doing one lesson plan.

I then traveled to Thailand to do my observed teaching practices over a ten-day period at iTTT’s Bangkok center in the north of the city. This is where I taught in front of non-English speaking students in a real classroom setting. Importantly I got detailed feedback from Vantage’s trainers for each session I taught.
Each of my six teaching practices had to be on a different language topic. That meant I had to formulate a separate language plan for each practice session. Afterward, I got invaluable feedback on before I stepped into the classroom. While I did have to get on approved in the online portion of the Combined Course, it was getting this six approved by Vantage that really honed my talents.

This part of my course—the practicum—was invaluable. While I had a lot of knowledge from doing the course book online, it was really the real teaching where I developed the skills I needed to be successful in a classroom. It was a big help in that Thai students are great to teach as they are attentive and are very polite.

I just wish that I had the time to do the In-Class Course rather than the Combined Course version. After sitting in on some of the center’s lessons—and insights the trainer gave us which wasn't in the book, I realized what I missed by doing only the book on my own.

Overall a really great and fun experience. I highly recommend this course.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Where we did some of our practice teaching was at a volunteer organization that helps resettle refugees. Our Thai students insisted that we (and they) eat before we taught. It was here I got to sample a lot of great Thai curries and the infamous Durian—something I quickly fell in love with.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A new vision

The courses at ITTT gave me a new vision because before I took them,I assumed everything was too simple for anyone to understand.I only began seeing how wrong I was after taking the course at ITTT. I came to be sensitive to the fact that learning a new language can be challenging and if the teacher wasn't kind and patient,it would lead to discouragement and overall surrender on the part of the student.I began making my lessons more fun,and learned new ways of explaining a concept to bring it to the level of the learner.In the process of breaking information down to it's very basic application,I learned more than I expected.Needless to say,my employers are impressed!

What would you improve about this program?
I would love for job placements to be much more efficient for example,sending links to schools which need ESL teachers.
Yes, I recommend this program


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