Since 1993, ITTT has provided industry-leading TEFL Teacher Training to over 150,000 trainees who are now working in over 40 countries around the world. With a large array of TEFL course options, including online, in-class and combined, ITTT TEFL aims to support and educate future teachers who wish to gain paid teaching positions abroad. A member of the prestigious College of Teachers, ITTT caters to the needs of its TEFL students, making sure each individual has the materials they need to grow and learn more about English language education. With over 25 international locations, ITTT boasts one of the largest TEFL programs and job networks in the world and offers its graduates:

- Lifetime job placement assistance.
- The opportunity to support yourself abroad and learn a new language.
- CV and resume preparation.
- Access to a library of teaching resources, lesson plans and teaching points.
- Letter of recommendation for future employers.


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Travis Thomas

I took the ITTT course to advance my life, to press towards a vision I had of myself in the future. My end goal and vision for taking the course was to use English teaching as an opportunity to be self-employed and teach in any country of my choice, to possess my work. I could not have afforded the course on my own, so I used it as a bargaining chip with a prospective employer. In our negotiation for my salary at the school, I added in the cost of furthering my education to teach ESL courses in order to connect with the potential Latin demographic at the school, I would get the job and become the school's Ambassador and teach elective courses. The course not only provided me with the tools necessary to teach my electives when I worked in traditional education it also gave me the independence I desired and envisioned to teach remotely. I now teach English as a Second Language online and I live in Bogota, Colombia. I get to teach students from all around the world and live my dream of being a global citizen while pursuing international business.

The course gave me the confidence to start teaching online, and with this confidence I was able to take the risk of living abroad and being sustained by teaching. For this, I say the course is worth taking, it can provide exponential benefits if you're willing to put it utilize the tools they provide. I loved that there were videos for every Lesson as well as a printable PDF texts I could save and refer back to anytime I needed. The course is full of practical examples, worksheets, and teaching tools to help you start teaching ESL classes immediately. This course has forever changed my life and I hope to gift younger students with this course to hep them create future opportunities for themselves.

How can this program be improved?
This course should provide access to their video library for students who have completed the course. Also a less expensive certificate process would be nice.
Yes, I recommend
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I took the 120-hour coursework and found the units to be simple and easy to digest, with both familiar and new information. It was a nice recap for the bits of information that I was already aware of and an eye opener for the information that was new to me. Having access to the Units should I ever need to go back to them is a lifesaver and a great tool. Overall my experience was pleasant and I could work on my own time during the weekends when I wasn't working. One of the things I most enjoyed out of the course was finding ways to implement some piece of information or new class activity into my day to day classes. I often found the resources found in several Unit chapters to be helpful and a fun way to break up the pace of the classroom. The only thing I would say could improve could be in its human element. I once had a question about the end of course lesson plan. Specifically sections of the lesson plan that had confused me considering it was hypothetical. (Like time and supervisor.) I wanted to be sure that there wasn't some required information that had to be filled in these sections that I might have missed so I asked the customer service about my doubt and was dryly responded with nothing except that I needed to purchase the specific lesson plan support service for my question to be answered. Another bit of friction came when I actually sent the lesson plan. My response listed several mistakes I had made and had to improve upon, but if I'm honest a lot of the recommendations were already in my original lesson plan. It seemed to me that I had to dumb down the lesson plan in order for it to be considered "correct". But besides these singular events, I would recommend the program to anyone who wishes to acquire a TEFL or TESOL certificate.

How can this program be improved?
As mentioned above my biggest problem was the human interaction with the program. So I suppose some employee assessment would help.
Yes, I recommend
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I have completed the online ITTT 120-Hour TEFL course with videos and tutor support. This much I will say, what really impressed me was the lesson methodology from ITTT. I have seen this in action but not in this method, can't wait to try it out now. My only little qualm is after the course, I received my result confirmation, my tutor's comment/advice and the next steps to take... For which I'm truly grateful thank you. However, say for instance I (the teacher) love the content illustrations on the video units and would like to find the whereabouts of this content, I battled. Do you know? I've browsed around the web for sometime now to get my hands on what I consider great illustrations or even for similar ones to no avail he! he! But otherwise I am truly satisfied with this course. Well presented throughout in moderately easy English to comprehend and implement. Thank you again.

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps a member's only ITTT teacher's hub/or forum could be present? We could share ideas, questions and answers, tips, content, etc. But I'm sure this has been requested 'umpty' times already and there'a a perfectly good reasons for not having it up. But hey?! Just trying ;-)
Yes, I recommend
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I completed the 100 hour TEFL course in 2009. It was a unique experience for me because I had the chance to work with a very experienced tutor. It was my first course for improving my working skills as a teacher who teaches English as a foreign language. At first I could not compare it with other courses since it was my first. But later after a few teacher training courses taken in my country, Macedonia, I realized that I definitely need the ITTT TEFL course. It was an online course. There are certain advantages to online training. Firstly, you can work from your home so there are no travelling expenses. Secondly, the working schedule is flexible. You receive an e-mail with materials and instructions and respond with the assignments in your free time. The course itself was very helpful. It covered a lot of topics like classroom management, teaching skills, language awareness, phonology, lesson observation and course materials analysis. It was my first year working as an English teacher when I started the course. It took me three months to complete the course. One of the best things was that I could apply into practice everything I was learning. I noticed how my teaching methods slowly started to change for the better. I became more confident and relaxed. The students, aged six to eighteen, enjoyed their lessons. The good thing about this course is that everything that you learn stays with you. It is present in your practice, when in the classroom, when preparing lessons, basically everywhere all the time. It is not something that you forget. The tutor was very helpful. He was assisting me in every way possible. My favourite part was when I had to make a lesson plan. The tutor did not agree with some of my ideas and he explained why, so I had to make a new one paying more attention to warm up exercises. In the end, of course, I did it well. I would highly recommend the ITTT TEFL course to other teachers. It is an experience that lasts for a lifetime.

Yes, I recommend
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This course was an essential addition to my resume and paired nicely with all of my teaching experience. I took this course in order to build my skill set for a new ESL teaching opportunity I was going to start. I do have a teaching degree as well, so some of the concepts were not new but I was able to receive specific instruction about teaching students learning English as an additional language. The cost of the program was wonderful and my TEFL certification has been valuable with many other teaching experiences I have had after taking this course.

How can this program be improved?
I did have a teaching position lined up after this course so it was not a big concern for me but one improvement I would make would be to provide more support or a network for people so they can look at teaching positions that are available. This would have been beneficial for me if I did not have a teaching position after the course.
Yes, I recommend


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