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Welcome graduates!

Our Teach English in Thailand Programme is the perfect opportunity for graduates looking to experience a different way of life!

We provide extensive support and training to get you fully prepared for your move. We did not want to add a programme that is similar to others, so we have created an authentic experience for you to see the 'real' Thailand, you'll be away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and truly escape the 9 to 5 life!

- Fully accredited 120 Hour Online TEFL Course - completed before you arrive in Thailand
- 24/7 support from your coordinator before and after arrival in Thailand
- Assistance with criminal record check, visa process and authentication of documents
- Teaching placement in a vetted public school
- 31,000 TBH+ per month and 3,000 TBH housing allowance per month
- Private group chat with all applicants

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  • 120 Hour TEFL
  • Guaranteed Teaching Job
  • 1-2 Weeks Orientation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Group chat with all of the other applicants

COVID-19 Positive Notes

Now we know more about the Covid Pandemic, we are seeing more and more countries open up to workers. We are sending teachers out to China and Thailand in the next few weeks!

- China open to workers with correct documentation
- Thailand open to workers with correct documentation
- South Korea open to workers with correct documentation

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best support every step of the way

The Fewer Things (TFT) has undoubtedly given me the opportunity of a lifetime. As a graduate of Law this opportunity excited me as I wanted to be able to explore and immerse myself in a different culture before I had to settle down to the usual 9-5 job. TFT has been incredibly supportive and been in constant contact with me since I first applied at least 9 months ago! In particular, their help became essential when went into a global pandemic, but I was reassured of ever step I had to take and they were there to reply to any queries I had within hours. I am now teaching in a school in Thailand and my colleagues could not be any nicer! The lifestyle here is such a change, but a blessing to me. TFT has really allowed me to appreciate the fewer things in life and has provided me with an unforgettable experience!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Nearly finished my first week!

I am writing this review on my first Thursday at the school. I travelled with my girlfriend to a school in the north-eastern Thailand and it has been everything we expected and more. TheFewerThings have been really helpful to us every step of the way and helped make all the admin much easier!

Support from Jaemi was always available, from initial interview throughout the travelling and in school, and the 2-week quarantine feels like a lifetime ago. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone thinking about travelling or teaching abroad!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Take plenty of pictures! Thai people are always at it so you may as well join in too.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Getting to Thailand During COVID

2020 has been the year to redefine 'normal' for everyone. I was meant to be starting grad school this fall, but due to COVID, elected to defer. Deferring, however, did not mean I wanted to continue working at the same boring job I'd been at, so I set out to find something different, and that's when I stumbled across TFT. Teaching abroad sounded exactly like something I'd love to do and is a fantastic way to round out an otherwise rather awful year. TFT spoke to me more than other programs because it was so small and seemed more personal, and it's hard to beat the cost of the TEFL course you get going through this program!

I managed to sneak in and get one of the last available spots in the program. Jaemi was incredibly responsive as I applied to TFT (reached out within days of having submitted my application), worked with me through the application process, and then worked with me through the visa process that has changed due to COVID. Any questions I had that Jaemi didn't know the immediate answer to, he helped me navigate or found the answer another way. The biggest struggle for me personally was trying to schedule a COVID test that would get me results 72 hours prior to travel (as is now required to fly to Thailand). I'm not from an area with an international airport, so I was worried that the extra travel needed to get to that airport would cut my 72 hour travel window too close, and Jaemi suggested heading to the city I'd fly internationally from a few days early to get tested there. This greatly reduced my stress during the process, and now I'm a week into mandatory quarantine in Thailand!

There's also a group chat for TFT teachers all going to Thailand, and this allowed me to meet and chat with fellow teachers prior to arrival and during the quarantine process. This was also great as you have others you can chat with going through the same things as you, so you can share ideas for how to get through each application checkpoint, what to pack, etc. TFT and Jaemi have continued to check in while here, and I look forward to finally getting out to teach. Could not recommend TFT enough!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best time in Thailand!

I found TFT through Instagram back in 2018, I applied very early on in the year (a year ahead of departure) and was in constant contact with them through out the whole online TEFL course and before arriving here in Thailand. The support I received was excellent and it was great to meet the other teachers in a WhatsApp group before we left, I live close by to lot of the other teachers which is nice.

I was placed in the Northeast of Thailand, where most of the placements are I believe, I was attracted by this placement as I did not want to live in a big city or do a big commute, especially in this heat! I love it here, there is a very nice community of locals and other foreign teachers, It is quiet but it Is not too far from Bangkok, so sometimes we go there on the weekends or if we get a national holiday. The teaching is very fun and relaxed, we play lot of games!

I would recommend this placement to anyone who is wanting a relaxed life and also eased in to living in a new country. TFT answer all of my questions via email or WhatsApp even over a year after signing up.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I lost my phone when I first got here and had to borrow money to get a new one! So make sure you have some extra money aside
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